IoT App Development: Why Security for IoT Devices is so Critical?

The present scenario is more favorable for IoT app development and why not? Starting from self-driving cars to connected homes and also towards the smart building, IoT devices rule the world. As per the research of top American advisory firm Gartner, IoT-based connecting devices will number around 25 billion by 2020. It will, in turn, will benefit $2 trillion to the global economy.

To solve age-old business issues, connected devices are gradually arriving into operating environments. Imagine the sensor that shall be used to track the jet engine automatically predicts the pressing points to prevent interruption? For an insurer, just focusing on the driver speed activity knowledge will be useful?

Data got from such IoT devices has turned out to be important enough to modify whole business models. Nothing less than groundbreaking is the phenomenon. It is highly useful to use data for making better business decisions and using automation tools to enhance efficiency. All the given aspect will then form the origin for business trends such as Industries 4.0.

The “protection of stuff” is the key to unlocking the future and also improving the performance of the IoT. How do we maintain data integrity? How then we can assure people that the automated operating systems are managed as intended? In traditional Enterprise IT, they have learned many of the hard lessons within a few decades.

IoT App and Device Security


However, the biggest question that has some concern among its consumers is: “Is the IoT app solution capable enough in offering high-tech security features to protect devices from online threats?”

Just a few years back, if one said that mobile phones can be hacked to steal crucial information, one couldn’t hold their laughter. But today, if someone tells that hackers can intrude in their smartphones with malicious intents, it will then become a serious issue.

What does it imply? It reveals the sorry state of the IoT security that is creating a headache for enterprises across the globe. As more and more devices are on the verge of getting interconnected with each other, it has become a bigger challenge to offer security to all of them.

In terms of IoT devices, software, hardware, and connectivity need to ensure great security. If IoT application development companies fail in their endeavor, then it will offer a golden opportunity to the hackers to gain control over the device and steal user’s data secretly.

There is a positive thing in the fact that now doing things is more accurate than no one has imagined before. But there is a flip side, as with any positive thing: it is becoming a breeding ground for cybercriminals. If there is the presence of a large number of connected devices, it means there are malicious vectors to attack. It then offers more opportunities for hackers to threaten us; until the developers rush immediately to fix this growing security problem, an imminent catastrophe will soon be facing us.

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1. For Every Individual, Nothing is Important than “The Data”

advertising analytics analysis tools business chart data statistics technology

There is a phrase: A wide knowledge is essential to get access to power. The given meaning is taken to the new heights all thanks to IoT. They have been successfully adopted by numerous sectors, and even the government utilizes them. Moreover, they have also found usage in healthcare services and military operations via drones. Also, various IoT-based biosensors are fit in clothes to identify cancer in its early stages.

Nevertheless, it needs the storage of a large amount of data that results in becoming more prone to cyber-attack. The data is shared among different IoT devices that generate wider interest among the fraudsters or unethical users to steal such crucial data.

If the given data falls in the wrong hand, then not only it will compromise on the faith shown by customers in the company, but also their image. So, IoT device security is essential to protect the user’s data at any cost.

2. With More IoT Vulnerabilities, New Possibilities Open Up for Hackers


Some of the more frightening vulnerabilities discovered on IoT devices have further increased the stack of problems that need to be solved quickly with IoT protection.

In a wide range of IoT baby monitors, researchers discovered critical vulnerabilities earlier this month. Online intruders can exploit this to perform a number of unethical functionalities. It includes proper monitoring of live inputs, setting of changes done in the camera, and allowing another person to have control of the monitor in a remote fashion.

Moreover, hackers have not spared even the internet-connected smart cars. Moreover, in some cases, they have taken the control of the whole entertainment system thus causing the automatic shutting of the car door.

Wearables also have the potential to become a privacy threat, as hackers may take the help of motion sensors (that comes with smartwatches) to steal precise information you type or collect health information from such apps or fitness tracking devices that you may be using.

In short, if there is more interconnection between the devices, there will be high opportunities for hackers to target that individual or group using IoT-based devices manifold.

3. IoT Still in the Hand of Inexperience Persons


Most of the breaches of security are the result of human errors; someone can get sloppy and cause a big error somewhere inside your business. And it is shocking how small loopholes can invite major security threats.

Due to widespread appreciation for IoT application development and its increasing popularity among manufacturers and customers alike, many inexperienced persons are also jumping on the IoT bandwagon. Result? They are compromising with the security to offer the product at an affordable price. Simply speaking, security is off their radar. Shocking fact but it’s true!

Many experts are comparing the lack of security aspect to the early days of the computers when manufacturers focus only on large scale production without looking into their technical flaws. Besides, IoT devices are proving to be a challenge to program as effectively as traditional software.

To offer better security to the IoT devices, it is essential for the developers that are new in the given field to have more knowledge about OS systems and kernel much more than the regular programmers require.

4. Failure of Successful IoT Implementation due to Attack from Hackers


The main objective of the IoT device is to offer a full integration facility across multiple sectors. It includes medical health care providers, businessmen, and government agencies, and so on. However, there is no specific law (like privacy data protection laws) to govern data related vulnerabilities.

Due to such a loophole, hackers are in an advantageous position and continue to exploit it resulting in the loss of revenue for the organization. Until the international body does not create a global online privacy law, the creation of secure and safer IoT devices will always remain a distant dream.

5. Security Doesn’t Feature in Market Priority


Why IoT security has become a cause of concern now? The answer is that it has been always ignored as it does not come on the priority list of the market. It is a harsh reality that no one can deny!

The design of IoT devices in the current market is such that the main emphasis is laid on reaching the market as fast as possible before being captured by the rivals. What does it mean?

It reveals that security is not a selling point for most of the manufacturers who develop IoT apps and devices. Due to it, IoT devices have become an easy target to get access to essential data and infect them through their malicious content successfully.

Thus, it becomes extremely important for enterprises to understand and work to provide security features to the IoT devices and make them more secure-proof from online intruders.

6. Evading Detection

Digital Security

The fact that such tiny IoT attacks can potentially evade detection is another tricky problem to solve. This makes them extremely hazardous.

In order to secure IoT computers, IoT micro-breaches easily slip through many of the simplistic protection networks we use. Instead of pouring massive quantities of documents into their hands at one time, cybercriminals will slowly leak information to themselves.

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Last Words


No one can deny the fact that the future of the world lies in IoT. However, it will be interesting to see how the software developers and manufacturers shed their inhibition towards the security of IoT apps and give more prominence to it.

What is obvious is that very soon the IoT will become an important part of our lives, and its security is one of the main issues that must be addressed through the active involvement of the entire global tech community. Will we be able to take advantage of this most hyped, emerging technology that will undoubtedly revolutionize the world, or will we end up opening a Pandora’s Box to spiral the world into a new age of chaos and chaos?

At last, IoT technology will become successful only if people involved in it take a serious note towards the security of the devices. Only then, the IoT app solution will become a safer, efficient, and smarter way to interconnect between different devices with no data loss.

This article is written by Abhinav Shrivastava from Emorphis. Abhinav is a marketer who is in love with technology. Over the years, he has been part of many technology products/projects and he is excited to see the human impact of technology in our day to day life. He has deep knowledge & understanding of the mobility domain and is happy to see the way smartphones and apps are being used for the betterment of our health, lifestyle, and knowledge. Abhinav is a believer; he believes in God, he believes in himself, he believes in people and he believes in prosperity. You can follow him on LinkedIn.

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