30 Proven Ideas to Increase eCommerce Conversion (Infographic)

Are your marketing efforts failing to deliver proper conversions? You might be going out of your way to find out the reason for this, and here’s an infographic to help you with that. You’ll be able to get a clear picture of where you could be going wrong and how you can go about fixing that. You’ll also get a good idea of what successful internet marketers are doing to drive conversions. Let me give you a brief idea about what you could learn from this infographic.

Improve customer experience

If users have a pleasant experience when they visit your website, chances are they will take that purchase decision. Many eCommerce websites are chasing away prospective customers with bad landing page designs and complicated checkout processes. Some websites aren’t getting enough conversions because their website loads too slowly. Walmart.com, for instance, found that there was a sharp decline in conversions when page load time increased from 1 second to 4 seconds.

Improving all aspects of your website to ensure that visitors have a positive experience can help you in boosting conversions rapidly. Anything from adding high-quality images to using a responsive web design could help you in improving how users feel when they visit your website.

Prove your credibility

People generally want to buy from those they trust. By proving your credibility and authenticity, you could improve conversions by 107%. There are a number of ways for eCommerce websites to display their credibility. For instance, you could display a badge guaranteeing a safe purchase for all items on your site and add security seals to product pages.

Additionally, you could add customer reviews to show users that people who have bought your products are happy with them. Providing real-time support to your website visitors is another way to instantly boost your conversions. This will show users that you provide good customer service, which helps you in proving to them that you are to be trusted.

Although I’ve only highlighted a few important points on conversion optimization, you can check out the full eCommerce conversion infographic to get more of these tips. If you have any questions regarding these points or if you have any issues, feel free to leave a comment below.

30 Proven Ideas to Increase eCommerce Conversion (Infographic)

30 Proven Ideas to Increase eCommerce Conversion (Infographic)

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