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4th Quarter of the year is very important especially if you are in the eCommerce business. This is the time of the year when customers are ready to buy a different kind of stuff and there are more chances of huge sales and big profits.

This is the time when businesses are willing to invest a serious amount of money on things that will allow their holiday campaigns to get flourish and help them convert more potential people into paying customers.

If you are one of those business owners who are worried about your holiday sales and will you be able to hit the new record or not, then you should be reading and bookmarking this post.

But before I share my secret tools of conversion success, let’s first discuss how exactly conversion improve in general.

Science of Conversion Improvement:

Science of Conversion Improvement

There are 4 clear stages of buying cycle and in each cycle the physiology of a potential customer is different and if website/brand manages to offer the kind of content that is needed at every step the chances are that potential customer will more likely to convert.

In general conversion rate of a company or brand improve when people tend to trust them more than others and they become the number one choice for customers. I mean think about why people like and buy from Amazon? There may be many reasons, but few of the top reasons will include trust.

One reason why you mention trust as one of the goals in your business plan! It’s easy to establish the fact now that if a brand manages to build trust on their potential audience, they can defiantly increase their conversion rate.

Note: There are other ways as well like increase your order value, cross-sell and upsell but that all will work once the potential customer will trust you.

How to gain the trust of potential audience as a brand?

There are multiple ways and ideas you can use to build trust on your potential audience. Here are some of them listed below:

  1. Social Proof: People tend to trust you more when they see other people who have tried your product or service is happy. The best idea is to add testimonials or product reviews (in the case of eCommerce) on the website. In the case of services Case Studies works best. Check out how Neil Patel use a case study to grow his sales by 185%.
  2. Answer all basic Questions: When a user is on the page of a website, he must have few questions popping up in his mind. If you manage to answer all their questions, they will not only continue their journey on the website but also convert into customers.
  3. Authority Endorsement: Audience will trust you more when you get the product/service endorsement from someone who is an authority figure within that niche. This will drive more referral conversions as well as a trust to the brand.

There must be more ideas, but above there are the most important one and a website having these they can simply build trust on their customers.

Tool that can help:

Tools are really very important for business as this have two major impacts on businesses.

  1. It opens new doors to provide better service to customers which have a direct impact on conversions.
  2. It saves time which help business owner do more work in less time without any error.

There are quite a few tools that not many people know but if you integrate them within your website, your online business will increase its conversion like anything.

Note: Here I am not talking about techniques that you can implement on your website to increase conversions ie. A/B testing, but tools that will encourage a potential customer to convert!



This tool is mainly targeted to eCommerce businesses only. According to the study, most of the people who abandon from the website are abandoning from the cart page. People use many techniques to stop and engage those potential customers and try to convert them into customers. is a tool that works best for the people who add items in the shopping cart and later bounce from the website. Call it a shopping cart recovery tool. The concept is very simple, this tool will help you capture the information (especially email) or visitors abandoning from the cart after adding products to it and send them emails later reminding about it.

You can always set multiple times and dates to send multiple reminder emails. The tool is available with all major eCommerce platforms so you can integrate it easily but if it’s not there they have a developer documentation that your webmaster can use to integrate the system within your website.

The people who bounce after adding the product to the shopping cart are more likely to convert into customers if you remind them with general emails and not really spamming them about it. If you play it right you can expect a great amount of conversion bump out of it.


Above we talked about the 3 ways that you can use to build trust on your customers and targeted audience. One of them was answering their questions on that page only. One thing you can do is to design your page in such a way that visitors get their answers but what if they are different kind of question or what if they need your detailed assistance in order to convert?


ClickDesk is the answer of this “what if”. ClickDesk enables the live chat on the website so that you can hire a customer service representative to talk to the visitors that are on the website. Once you will be able to talk, you probably can answer all their questions and clear their confusions which lead to better conversions.

The best part is that it’s available for all major platforms available so doesn’t matter what CMS you use if you have a service or a product website, you can talk to your customers in their own language.

When you will answer their questions and make them feel personal they will not only convert into paying customer but they will also become the brand advocate which leads to more conversions for your business.

Conversion on Demand

Conversion on Demand

Previously we talked about Rejoiner and how it can bring back potential customers to the website and encourage them to convert into customers but what if there is a tool that never lets the users bounce from the website and encourage them into customers?

Yes, Conversion on Demand does the same! It simply prevents the visitor to abandon from the cart, motivate customers to place orders and more.  The best feature though is cart closer. Once the system detects any possible cart abandonment candidate, it shows an eye-catching but unobtrusive popup that hold the customers from moving away. Here is how it looks at the user end.

Conversion on Demand Popup

At the backend, you will not only find the easy to use system to turn on and off cart closer feature but it also give you the analytics that you can see and find out the effectiveness of this tool on your conversions.



There must be more tools, but I tend to focus on the tool that not most people talk about in general and I see many eCommerce websites are missing these tools. Just add the 3 tools we talked above and play them right and you will witness a great increase in your business conversions.

This article is written by Marry Warner. She is a blogger, a business plan writer and a Startup enthusiast who write about startup marketing especially in the e-commerce side of the things.

Disclosure: Some of our articles may contain affiliate links; this means each time you make a purchase, we get a small commission. However, the input we produce is reliable; we always handpick and review all information before publishing it on our website. We can ensure you will always get genuine as well as valuable knowledge and resources.
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