Hybrid, Private and Automation – Cloud Computing Forecast for 2016

Cloud Computing Forecast in the year 2016 will primarily include the domination of Hybrid, end of shadow IT and Cloud automation. In this blog post, we will take a look at all key Cloud predictions for 2016 that will shape the future of businesses relying on Cloud in the coming time.

Private Cloud is Almost Gone

Cloud Computing Forecast - Cloud Security - Public Private Hybrid

The profound failure of Private Cloud has become one of the biggest stories of the previous year. However, that was not the scene at all earlier as Private Cloud used to be the perfect IT solution for a business to operate seamlessly.

Self-managed private Cloud was the preference of a wide range of global businesses as such businesses were fairly convinced of its inevitability. However, Public Cloud too, by that time had witnessed several innovations and that lead to somewhat a disarray in Private Cloud.

So, this year, private Cloud will no longer be the primary strategy for businesses. Accordingly, there will be shakeups in Private Cloud, especially in regard to OpenStack community. Industry experts suggest that there is only one way in which Private Cloud can regain its lost honor and that is by changing the pace of its innovation substantially.

Google’s Vision on Public Cloud Not Clear

Cloud Computing Forecast - Google-public-cloud

There has been a buzz lately that if there was to be some company that can own the Public Cloud, Google would be the only one. While the rest of tech corporate world was focusing on type 1 hypervisors, Google was busy creating cutting-edge cloud infrastructure.

However, Google could not hold the ground firm enough and it seems like it will lose more ground this year too. No doubt, Google being a highly reputed tech giant has the capability, technical expertise, and financial resources to become a top Cloud service provider.

However, it almost lost the edge to leading industry competitors like Microsoft and Amazon.

The Hype of Hybrid Cloud

Cloud Computing Forecast - Hybrid-Cloud

As per the most recent industry news, anyone would not find it hard to believe that 2016 will be the year hybrid Cloud will rule. We can though be quite affirmative of the fact but need to take a step back into the history too when the wave of hybrid Cloud was rising high and good in the year 2012.

At that point of time too, industry experts suggested that hybrid would be the future of enterprise cloud computing that even forced Cloud hosting service providers to frame strategies accordingly. While hybrid was considered the future, private Cloud was being considered the public Cloud’s foundation to be deployed for new workloads.

In the year 2016, when products rebrand themselves enabling the hybrid Cloud while container hype attains newer heights, it can be said that it would be a year of hybrid for sure. So, we can expect two things:

  • Legacy data centers and virtualization products will try giving a new life to their aging product lines using the term hybrid Cloud
  • Current public Cloud vendors would try reaching the data center to seek a bit of hybrid shine.
And why not? Hybrid Cloud has proved to be the virtual toll booth located on the way to Public Cloud.

The Journey of Shadow IT Terminates

Cloud Computing Forecast - Cyber Threats Attacks Hacking

To a fairly large extent, shadow IT positively influenced the public Cloud adoption in enterprises. Shadow IT allowed enterprises to embrace high amount of innovation in SaaS, cloud computing, open source, and mobile.

However, this innovation came at a specific cost for businesses as it worked around various IT business policies that were brought in place to keep away risks. But lately, there have been two big changes and these include:

  • IT has gained leadership in several disruptive changes that they had been ignoring for long over the years
  • Businesses are desperately in need of an agile IT that can propel their businesses safely through the existing technology turmoil
It’s on account of these changes that 2016 can be said to be the year when shadow IT will finally see its end. As enterprise IT resurgence grows, there may be favorable changes in the functionality of products and the manner in which services are priced and delivered.

The Rise of Cloud Automation

Cloud Computing Forecast - Cloud-Automation

Few companies have worked hard on Cloud’s business-level automation that has made it emerge successfully to some extent. It has fast become an emerging market driven by complexity gap. Business level automation will indeed be the future rather than DevOps engineers automating various parts of infrastructure by writing low-level scripts.

It would also include enterprises intelligently giving input of the policies which they want as the base of their business systems and smart software efficiently executing these policies. So, without a shadow of a doubt, it can be said that in 2016, business level Cloud automation would go mainstream.

This article is written by Deepak Nautiyal. He is the chief editor at Techarex Networks. Using his vast experience in business and technology domains, he has produced several articles and blogs on a variety of subjects related to business and QuickBooks Cloud Hosting. In his free time, he loves surfing the web and exploring interesting places around the world.

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