How Healthy is Your Magento Store? (Infographic)

Magento is all about offering and maintaining a complete solution for your open source e-commerce requirements by fitting in the nuts & bolts of dynamic shopping cart experience, effective management of functionality and content.

Magento includes the concoction of an effortless & user-friendly architecture that not only attracts the customers but it also comprises of all essentials that bind together into a comprehensive online store. No wonder why Magento is the potential solution for an optimum online store, primary reason being the ability to add plugins conveniently.

No matter how brilliant a system is, it’s your maintenance and imperative accountability that is needed to keep an account of its health, security, and privacy. Along with an effective management, a safe, sustained and protracted focus is required to keep your Magento store healthy.

To mark the success of any business, the customer relationship is extremely important because it is determined by the customer’s experience on how well your business delivers. Be vigilant and keep an eye on various symptoms that would help you to evaluate your store performance from time to time.

You need to watch out for things like SQL queries, session management attack, breaking websites and remote command execution. All these add to slowness and poor performance of store by adding malicious files, exploiting weaknesses in the authentication process, inserting the script into site pages and allowing attackers to attain control.


The user experience can be amplified by following some simple & vital tips. Your Magento store may need some add-ons to enhance its performance. Add caching, limit the number of product on overview, add compilation to promote swift functioning, and monitor your store constantly. Make your site W3C compliant to avoid any errors. Optimize images, add power content, use a strong password, deploy genuine extensions and upgrade to latest Magento version to add value to your site.

Build a user-friendly shopping cart to decrease time consumption. A simple and less complicated cart would spare your users more time to spend on valuable content. A fully hosted and subscription-based cart would shed off the copious amount of burden from your shoulders.

Another useful tip is to keep your sign-up process simple and do not irritate customers by asking heaps of information and consuming a lot of time. Forced sign-up tool and registration locks in their customers but this tool can sometimes lead to abandonment. Make one with an email address, password, login, forgot password link and register buttons.

Show up your products to customers through search engine optimization. Add a good title tag, good content, and unique product descriptions to direct searches to your e-commerce site.

Make your payment process secure and scam free to retain customers. Provide preferred payment methods which would give flexibility to your customers and render success. Add an automatic currency switch feature to your Magento store to acquire viable sales. Social media marketing tools can never fail you; it directs a good amount of traffic to your site. Magento can also add applications to direct positive reviews to your site to optimize sales.

Let’s take a look on how to evaluate your Magento store for its overall health and efficacy.

How Healthy is Your Magento Store? (Infographic):

How Healthy is Your Magento Store? (Infographic)

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