How to Get More Clients by Using Your Website? The Tips & Tricks!

Have you recently started your own consulting business? Are you finding it hard to build a network of contacts and expand your customer base? Is your website getting little to no traffic? Not to worry, you aren’t alone as most people who start their own business go through the exact same issues and search for the most effective and fastest way to grow and increase the traffic and interest on their website.

The Role of a Consultant

There are consultants in just about every field you can think of, and while the content will be different, the role of a consultant remains the same. A consultant is hired by a company or business to come in, share their knowledge and their experience and solve the problems that are plaguing the business (client). A consultant is seen as an expert in their field, and there is a lot of trusts that is placed in them by the client.

How to Get Clients Using Website - Consultant

Companies will turn to a consultant to get a fresh approach to a problem, get more in-depth insight, and provide knowledge and expertise that the company lacks.

This means as a consultant you need to portray this level of specialization, knowledge, and ability so that the client has trust that you can fix the problem. Your website is, of course, a perfect place to do this.

Building your Brand

Even though you are an independent consultant, it’s still important you build your own brand. One person who is an absolute expert when it comes to building a career in consulting is New Zealand entrepreneur Sam Ovens. This millionaire was not only successful in being a consultant himself but has now gone on to teach others all around the world how to become successful in the business. His e-learning content has become the gold standard among those in the field.

How to Get Clients Using Website - Brand

While working as a consultant Ovens quickly came to realize that the biggest problem that small-business owners seemed to complain of was a lack of clients, and how hard it was to get more. That same idea can be applied to new consultants who are just starting out and who are trying to get clients. It’s never an easy task at the beginning.

If you are to ask Sam Ovens what one of the keys to finding clients is, he’ll be quick to respond that it’s about building self-image. Your website is a great place to work on this self-image.

How to Improve Your Website – Tips to Use

While there is no fix-all solution to increasing your website traffic, there are a number of tips you can use that will help to boost the visitors. Now keep in mind that when it comes to website traffic, it’s not all equal.

So, what’s the first thing you should be doing – well that’s pretty simple – you need to embrace social networks. Nowadays it’s all about social media, so rather than fight it you can take advantage of it. You can advertise on such channels as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. People spend an incredible amount of time each and every day on their social media channels, so this is a way to get in front of clients daily. Of course, in your posts, you need to be linking back to your website.

How to Get Clients Using Website - Web Design

While still on the topic of social networks, it’s also important you are present on them. This means you answer questions in a timely manner and post on a regular basis.

Be sure that your website is SEO optimized so that the search engines are finding you and ranking you high. This is something you may want a little expert help on. It’s amazing how just a few keywords or phrases can totally change your rankings.

Another tip is to start a blog on your website. Since consultants are seen as experts, here’s your chance to show off your expertise. You can even bring in guest bloggers and others in the industry. This will help to build your credibility.

Take Advantage of Your Website

How to Get Clients Using Website - Website Advantage

Your website shouldn’t just be seen as a way for people to contact you. Instead look at it as a tool to get the word out, market yourself, and connect with new clients. It’s a way to build your brand and your credibility in the field.

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