5 Awesome Gadgets to Enhance your Home Theater Experience

It will be my pleasure to share with you some gadgets which can improve your home theater experience to make it much more exciting and enjoyable.

In the market there is lots of equipment’s are available, out of them I will try to bring before you 5 best and different types of devices. And believe me, all the 5 gadgets which I am sharing are really doing well and I believe after knowing about them you will also agree with my choice of selections.

1. EasyCast OTA:

EasyCast OTA - Home Theater Gadgets

EasyCast OTA TV Stick is introduced in the market for making the possibility of watching small screens activities into the big screen. With the help of this product, you can enjoy your favorite online games, videos to big screens like TV or projector from a small screen gadget like a tablet, laptop, smartphones, or even PCs.

Usability of this product is also very easy, just plug it into any HDMI port and just enjoy watching your favorite shows and games on your big screen size TV, LCD or even in the projector. Also, you can use it in your working place for presenting any sort of presentation or something like that. So it is a very helpful gadget to be considered.

EasyCast OTA supports 2.4G WiFi wireless connectivity and it is also having the strong anti-jamming capability. By just pushing up one button you can enable multi-screen interactive. It can support 1080P Full HD video output. The firmware upgrade is totally free for lifetime and it will automatically upgrade from the cloud. It supports both the Android and iOS. The wireless audios and video transmission are quite good without any disturbance.

The overall features and build quality of this EasyCast OTA are very much impressive. The price of this gadget is just $11.99.

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2. Mini M8S TV Box:

Mini M8S TV Box - Home Theater Gadgets

Mini M8S TV Box can really bring to us the best and the most multi-entertaining home media watching experience without even going out for any multiplex and without spending lots of bucks in theaters. With the help of this TV box, we can enjoy watching plenty numbers of HD movies, TV serials and many more entertaining videos on our own time.

The GPU used in this TV box is Mali-450 which will give you the experience of good and high-quality pictures and videos. The CPU used in this box is Amlogic S905 which will definitely give you the experience of a smooth and high-speed response. The RAM and the ROM of this box are 2GB and 8GB respectively. You can extend the storage capacity up to 32GB. The operating system of this box is for Android 5.1. The Bluetooth version implemented is 4.0.

More or less it will be a very good choice for any TV box buyer. The price of this product is just $37.29.

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3. YG – 300 LCD Projector:

YG - 300 LCD Projector - Home Theater Gadgets

The third one is a projector. YG – 300 LCD Projector will give you the option to project your favorite videos, pictures or even your work related presentation in large screen. It is a very small portable projector but the output of it is really impressive. It has a brightness of 400 – 600 lumens and a contrast ratio of 800:1. It can output a bright, clear and good-quality image with the help of its native 320×240 pixels resolution. It can give you the satisfactions that you generally get from any big and even more costly projectors. The price of this projector is just $30.99.

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4. UCVR VIEW 3D VR Glasses:

UCVR VIEW 3D VR Glasses - Home Theater Gadgets

UCVR VIEW 3D Virtual Reality Glasses is the most interesting product till now among lots of people. As this is a 3D VR glass, you can enjoy your games and videos just like you are watching it sitting it in any IMAX theater. This particular VR glass will give you the experience of 360 degrees full view, with full three-dimensional gaming and video watching experiences. This can fit with any 5 to 5.7 inches smartphones. In addition, it is very light weight to wear and very portable to carry anywhere. It is a very good entertaining gadget, which will surely enhance your home theater experience to the next level. The price kept for this super awesome gadget is just $34.92.

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5. Xiaomi Mi Capsule Earphones:

Xiaomi-Mi-Capsule-In-ear-Earphones - Home Theater Gadgets

The last gadget is an earphone from Xiaomi. The Xiaomi Mi Capsule Earphones is designed just like a capsule. The design is very much trendy and at the same time very much ornamental. The ear bud of this earphone is given a slight 45 degrees bevel shape to make it more comfortable and at the same time more stable while you wear it on your ear. The material used for this earbud is very soft silicone, so you will get a very gentle and soft wearing experience, even if you wear this for a long time.

To provide their users a more hassle free sounding experience Xiaomi used a spiral damping balance system in it. The built-in microphone facility will give you the experience of hands-free calls. The cable length is 1.25 meter, which is quite comfortable to handle. The total weight of this earphone is just 14 grams. The price of this earphone is just $14.49. You will get two color options, White, and Black.

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Home Theater Gadgets - conclusion

Hope you like my selections of gadgets, which according to me will perform very well to enhance your home theater experience a heaven full. If you like any of them, it will make my opinion for those gadgets successful.

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