FAQ – RSMonials (Getting 404 Error)

Extension Name: RS-Monials | From: Joe Roberts

Subject: Getting 404 Error

Joe Roberts: Hi, I have been trying to get RSMonials working for some time now. When i install the component it works ok, however after a few days of using it, when going to the page i get Error 404 component not found. The rsmonials scroller continues to work, and if i add an rsmonials module in, it works ok, I just get the error when using it as a menu item (which is really what i need more than anything)… upon reinstalling rsmonials, it works again, but a few days later i get error 404. if i create a new menu item, it doesn’t resolve the issue also. I have had a good look around the internet and can’t really find any one else that gets this error. I am currently talking with my hosting also, and they have advised it isn’t an issue at their end… i hope you could help me, as what i have seen from rsmonials is amazing, and i would really like to get this resolved and start using it on my sites. Thanks

Support Team: Thanks for your email. We think Search engine friendly url is enabled in your website. And if so, there there should be a duplicate menu item with same name/alias. So please check all of your menu and make sure there are no duplicate menu item (published or unpublished).

Joe Roberts: I have checked this and made sure there are no duplicates. There weren’t. Also the user friendly url’s are not enabled on this site. I have just reinstalled rsmonials into joomla, and it is working again as expected so will test foor a few days and see if it breaks again.

Fyi, the site is ###—HIDDEN LINK—### and the rsmonials menu is on the right hand side and called ‘testimonials-test’ like I say, it is working at the moment, however from previous experience, this will start giving the 404 error in a few days, so I will let you know.

Support Team: In that case we think as in our component files there are some encrypted code, sometimes hosting server’s antivirus program treats the files as virus and delete. So if you again see the same problem within in few days the you need to do one of the following:

  • Either you need to contact you hosting and need to add our component in the save list of the antivirus program.
  • or you need to purchase a un-encrypted “powered by” link free copy of our component.

Joe Roberts: OK, thank you.

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32 thoughts on “FAQ – RSMonials (Getting 404 Error)

  1. Hello.

    I’ve upgraded from J1.5 to J3 and transferred articles, etc., but the transfer does not allow 3rd party components. Is there a way to installed RSmonial for J3 and not loose all the testimonials please?


    • Unfortunately there is no option in “RSMonials Admin Panel” to export testimonials. However if you have some basic knowledge of database you can export data from database table easily. The database table name is “#__rsmonials”. And “#__” can be any prefix as per your database configuration.

      If you need our assistance to export & import data from old database to new one, you can purchase our premium support. If you wish so, you can contact our support team from here: https://www.rswebsols.com/support

  2. Hello.
    I am very happy with RSMonials component and I have been using it for some time but I am currently having a problem I can not seem to understand. I have had my testimonials
    ‘in words” and I have just realized they are no longer there. I am failing to understand the reason which is the reason why I am writing to you to seek for some help, or information about such a situation

    • Can you please let us know more clearly about the problem? Also please send us the URL so we can review.

  3. Installed on joomla 3 and after a test testimonial is submitted it goes to a 404 error. it is running on NGINX and the message is “The requested URL was not found on this server.” Thanks for any possible help!

    • If you are using search engine friendly url in your website, may be 404 error is coming for misconfiguration of that. Sometimes it is happened, when the actual non-sef url not maps correctly with the sef url.

      If this is not your case then please provide the URL of your website so we can review the problem.

      • Thanks! I tested and it only happens when SEO is enabled but it works fine with the whole site besides the RSMonials component. When disabled the component works great! I’ve been investing time with it mostly because I couldn’t have come up with such a great component. Really good job there. If there is a way to give me a hint regarding to this, I’d very much appreciate! The url http://www.noah-inc.com

  4. Love the program.

    The problem I am having is in the administrator side not the front end. I get “404 Component not found ” and I turned off all thing above.. But I do have Joomla 3.0… Any help??

  5. Hi,

    Love the great work you have done with the software! Keep it up. I have the same problem as a few others here. I am getting an error when I got to the RSMonials on the backend. It gives me an error saying that the page can’t be displayed. I checked for and even replaced the rsmonials.php file. I even update to the latest version. Still nothing. You can see on the front end that it works and displays the one active and ask for you to put in a new one. But I cannot get to the admin part to confirm and release the new ones that have been sitting out there. I sure would like some help and suggestions on how to fix this.
    Site is poolcarespecialists.com



    • If you are in Joomla 2.5 then you can just re-install the component. If you are in Joomla 1.5 then uninstall the old one and install the new version. You will not loose any testimonials.

  6. hi Souvik,
    In Rs Monial( Scroller Module) How can i display 2 scrolling testimonials at a time on page.

    Thank You.

  7. Hello,

    I am having a similar problem, I continue to get the 404: component not found page, even though it is installed correctly and I get it in the backend. Ive installed the RSMonials module, and that works fine in my sidebar… for some reason I cant access the main rsmonials page from a menu item, any fixes? Ive checked for duplicate menu items and I run my own server, so I don’t believe encrypted files should have an affect, all other components Ive installed and used work fine.


        • Please unzip the installer of RSMonials component in your local computer. Under the unzipped files you can find one file called “site/rsmonials.php”. Upload this file to “/JoomlaRoot/components/com_rsmonials” folder using FTP. Then test your website again.

          As our RSMonials free version is contains some encrypted code, your server’s security system may be treating it as a security vulnerability and deleting the main file of our component. But actually there is no security issue. So if you again get same problem after few days, to get a permanent solution if it is possible by you to add RSMonials in the safe list in your server’s antivirus program please do that. Otherwise you can purchase a un-encrypted powered by link free copy of RSMonials from our website.

  8. Notice: Undefined index: page in C:xampphtdocsHARIYANTOcomponentscom_rsmonialsrouter.php on line 20. i have find this matter in my localhost after i install rsmonials testimony. may you give me solution for this my matter. what can i do for this problem,

    • Please edit your server’s php.ini file and set “display_errors” to “Off”. This configuration is also recommended by Joomla itself.

  9. Hi, There is a bug with RS Monials 1.5.3I get an e-mail every time someone writes a testimonial, UNLESS it is junk!I want to get these e-mails so that I can delete all the junk ones (v1agra & co), but these are the only ones that get posted WITHOUT me getting an e-mail about it.The comments look like this: rddykibxpt, ybsrckiiyg , [url=]avlzetuxfm[/url], ybsrckiiygPlease fix this.PS: When will the 2.5 Version come out? It was expected to be released about 1 month ago. Thanks

    • The captcha page is returning 500-internal server error. May be this is happening due to folder permission issue. Can you please set the folder permission of this folder ” /components/com_rsmonials/includes ” to “755” or “777”? Also try to set file permission of ” /components/com_rsmonials/includes/rscaptcha.php ” to “644”. Try it and let us know the status.