Top 5 Factors that Affects the Success of Data Recovery

Do you know why experts highly recommend having a backup of crucial data? It is because data loss can be distressing. It can put your reputation at risk and in the worst scenario; your business may come to a halt. No, doubt the data recovery option is always available, but what’s difficult in staying at the top of your backup schedules? It doesn’t even cost much. So, to prevent yourself from the damaging consequences of data loss, take backups whenever and wherever you can.

Nowadays, data is the blood of the consumer and business. Storage solutions continue to be a top priority in the company’s lifecycle, precisely because the integrity, availability, and protection of data are vital to business productivity and success. Still, the most important point to remember is that every space is unique. This means that deploying storage ecosystems must be done with careful consideration.

Backup & recovery of your valuable data


However, even after knowing the importance of data, many people don’t consider taking backups. They presume that their data is all safe and nothing can happen to it. But, remember no technology is risk-free. A data disaster can happen anywhere and anytime, leading to data loss. It can occur because of several reasons, such as system failure, hard drive corruption, virus attack, disk formatting, and accidental deletion.

And when data loss occurs, you try several ways out of anxiety and stress to get back the data. But do you know that the success rate of data recovery is dependent on several factors? Your single wrong step can make things more serious, and you may lose your data permanently. If the data is crucial and you cannot afford to lose it, then it is highly suggested to not to perform any kind of activity on the laptop as soon as you realize that the important data is lost. Instead, contact a data recovery professional to recover data from the hard drive.

Probing further, let us discuss the factors that affect the success of data recovery.

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1. Have you overwritten the data?

number-rank-rating-point-order-1Many people hold the misconception in their minds that data once lost is deleted from the drive permanently. But it is not so. Systems are designed in such a way that they can retain the data stored on the hardware. Thus, the file is not deleted from the system but is moved to some different location maybe with a different name. And it can be recovered using a reliable data recovery tool, only if you didn’t perform any operation after the file is deleted.

Saving new files in the same hard drive after data loss can reduce the chances of data recovery as the deleted file gets overwritten by the new file. So, it is highly advised to not to overwrite the lost data if you wish for successful data recovery.


2. Have you defragmented the storage?

number-rank-rating-point-order-2If yes, then sadly, the chances of data recovery are very less. It’s time to rush to the experienced data recovery expert for consultation. Defragmented hard drives are really hard to recover. In general, if you re-partition the computer or your computer’s partition table gets corrupt, data disasters will occur at random.

3. What is the size of the file deleted?

number-rank-rating-point-order-3You may be surprised to know this, but yes to some extent data recovery success depends on the size of the file deleted. If the size is small, then the possibilities of the favorable outcome of the data recovery process are more. But, in case the corrupted, deleted or formatted file is large in sizes like video or large database, be ready to face data recovery failure. The likelihood of data recovery can only be increased by contacting professionals at the right time.

4. Is there any physical damage to the hard drive?

number-rank-rating-point-order-4The health of your hard drive is one of the most important factors that decide the odds of data recovery. If the drive from which you lost your data is physically damaged or have bad sectors, then the chances of retrieving data from it are generally less. So, hard drives should be taken care of in a nicer way if the data and files stores on them are of great value to you.

5. When did you lose the file?

“The success rate of data recovery depends highly on the time gap between data loss and data recovery.” – as mentioned by David Green, the data recovery expert, and the Senior Engineer at Platinum Data Recovery.

number-rank-rating-point-order-5Usually, under such circumstances, you tend to select the very first company that pops up on your online research without even gaining knowledge about that particular company. Also, you might follow the data recovery software’s present that promises full recovery but in reality, such software only caters to partial recovery, not full recovery. If you lost your data recently or a few hours before, then the chance of data recovery is higher.

On the other hand, if you lost your data a long time ago, then it might be difficult and even impossible in some situations to recover the files. So, never delay recovering the data if it is crucial and reach out for a data recovery expert’s help. Selecting a worthy data recovery company is very important because when you search online you might see millions of results and choosing the right one is a great deal since you want to recover your data fully. Also, looking for reputable companies is very necessary. Because promises from such companies are trustable and worthy in terms of data recovery.

Recovering your data


Choosing the wrong company will lead you to huge data losses instead of recovery. Many such websites look professional and claim full data recovery. But, just relying on those claims might result in trouble until the provider meets your needs. In order to make the right choice, one needs to ask the right questions. Because there might be only one chance at data recovery and you need to make full use of it. Also, you must review if the company you choose supports the device and operating system in the requirement of data recovery. Do read its reviews and take into consideration its experiences. Selecting the right company will ensure more chances of data recovery.

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We recommend that you try to avoid DIY data recovery methods and bring it to the experts. This will decrease the chance of failure. And hope that there is no mechanical malfunction as that may just never get you your data back.

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