Explore These Job Boards to Land Your First Developer Job

You have devoted time, money and energy in becoming a web developer in the hope that you will soon start earning big bucks. If you find yourself standing at crossroads, not knowing what to do, take heart. There are plenty of avenues open for you in the form of niche job boards on the internet.

Whether you want junior or entry-level jobs or want to switch your current job, you can now find them online on employment websites. With that in mind, it is a good idea to check your online presence first just to be on the safe side.

Below, we give you some of the best job boards under the following categories – general job sites, mobile development, jobs at startups, Ruby on Rails development jobs, WordPress positions and remote work.

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#1 WordPress positions

wordpress employment plugin

  • WordPress Jobs: WordPress has its own job board, which doesn’t require any account creation. You can sort by position for specific fields, such as website development, migration, plugin development, performance and many more. The jobs are both full time and project-based. It offers international listings for those living outside the United States.
  • WPhired: This is one of the best sites to find WordPress jobs. It allows posting of resume on the site. You can find some good programmer resume examples on the web. However, most of the jobs listed are based in the United States and the United Kingdom.

#2 General job sites


  • Stack Overflow: It not only has a thriving job board but allows people to post programming-related questions. There is also an option of search, based on visa sponsorship!
  • Jobbatical: When you take a sabbatical from your paid job, you can browse paid international tech-based job placements for a short period on this website.
  • GitHub: This site allows you to search by keywords, such as ‘Ruby on Rails,’ ‘front end,’ ‘entry level,’ etc. The site mostly features full-time jobs related to web development and related placements.
  • Indeed: Largest and most popular website that is not only related to web development, but to other job openings too. It is easy to use and entails typing in your preferred location and keyword of the job title.
  • Krop: This site is for web creatives, including web developers, for full-time employment. Unlike other employment websites, this site allows you to build a portfolio and display your jobs.

#3 Mobile development


  • Android jobs: If you are interested in Android-related jobs, this is the site for you. It has all the aggregated listings that are updated every hour.

#4 Jobs at startups


  • StartUpHire: You don’t need a personal account on this site to apply for positions. It allows you to even save listings as ‘favorites’ to be revisited later. You also have the option to create your profile to make it easy for employers to find you.
  • AngelList: This site is ideal for searching developer positions, but requires an account and your profile to find jobs at startups.
  • Y Combinator: This site only features Y Combinator companies, both new and old ones. Although the list provided is not exhaustive, it provides an opportunity to apply at selective Y Combinator-backed companies.
  • Startupers: Although this site is all-encompassing, offering jobs from marketing to data analysis, it also lays heavy emphasis on openings in development and engineering placements. No account is needed to search jobs, but creating one will help your potential employers in finding you.
  • Product Hunt: This site offers lesser job openings, but it is updated on a regular basis (once a day).

#5 Ruby on Rails developer jobs

Ruby Programming Language

  • RubyNow: It offers only Ruby on Rails listings. Although the listing offered is small, it has a built-in job alert system that notifies you when a new Ruby on Rails listing comes to your preferred location.
  • Ruby Inside: This is a popular blog that also doubles as a job site with Ruby on Rails jobs. The jobs listed in this site are aggregated from SimplyHired and comes with several filters to help you choose the best position you are aiming for. It has filters even for those who have zero to two-year experience.

#6 Remote work


  • Working Nomads: This site aggregates remote listing from across the web and displays it in several categories, such as design, marketing, etc. It directly delivers job updates via its daily or weekly newsletter directly to your inbox.
  • FlexJobs: It only offers remote job openings, but the jobs range from entry-level to executive positions. What’s more, it screens their job listings. However, you need to open an account and pay a monthly or yearly subscription.
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Explore These Job Boards to Land Your First Developer Job - conclusion

This is just a splattering of employment websites and niche job boards; there are many more. With such developer-friendly job boards on the internet, you don’t have to run around finding that perfect opening. Why not start browsing now?

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