5 Things Ed-tech Companies Can Learn from BYJU’S Success

Technology has changed the modes and means of education. From regular to distance education courses, online education has impacted every facet of learning. And with the rise in virtual education, we also see more and more ed-tech companies entering the competition.

Ed-tech companies are basically platforms that offer learning services to students. And BYJU’S is a household name, controlling more than half the market share. And if you want to achieve the same success as BYJU’S then these are some things that you need to follow.

Change in education and classroom techniques


As mentioned before, the switch in the mode of education has led to many changes. The online education platform provides many more courses than college where students can do specialization courses to study more. Online education is the process of learning in which the participants learn using the latest means of devices and the internet. Whereas students will be assessed based on the factors on par with the classroom assessment, online education companies promote online education by providing quality education at reasonable fees. 

Students need a new face of education as schools didn’t satisfy the requirement of their learning. Now, coming to the different classroom assessment techniques, Ed-Tech has the responsibility of giving students complete satisfaction. One of the factors for completing such a target is to provide an assessment technique for the students, similar to a classroom assessment done by teachers. The classroom assessment needs a lot of expertise in the subjects to offer the students a correct remark.

5 PR strategies to learn from BYJU’S


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Generating SEO contents

Generating SEO may look like a simple task, but it requires a lot of work in creating SEO keywords to bring the websites to the first page of results. People have a general tendency to go for the first result instead of searching for more in the following pages. This is an innovative idea where investment is less in terms of the advertisement process; BYJU’S uses this technique to promote themselves through SEO as it is an additional benefit for them. SEO optimization can help Ed-Tech companies generate leads even during the COVID-19 pandemic, based on promoting their firms. 

Generating needs expertise as the right keyword for the website matters a lot while promoting as there is only one SEO strategy. The same is used by everyone to increase their keyword index. Keyword Ranking Index in Google can be referred to know the search request made by users to get the specified contents.

Reaching out to learners

“If you can’t explain a six-year old’s concept, then there is no purpose of learning.” This was said by Einstein when he lived. The statement may seem inconsistent, but it is a relevant one. The information applies to business communities as well. For most of the Ed-Tech start-ups, the main lead of sales is from the overall customer proportion. This task is an important one, as learner’s enrolment will increase through this strategy.

One of the reasons BYJU’S is so successful is because of its promotional strategies. The official BYJU’S website is user-friendly, dynamic, easy to navigate, and interactive. Anyone who visits the website can learn all about their classes, facilities, and more.

There are many reasons why you should have a website– the most important one being- it gives your brand an online presence and helps you reach more people. Now creating an accurate description of the education product is essential as the buyers will always move on based on the description of the education product. 

This kind of solution-based marketing approach towards the customer will save the company from going down in the market. But creating a solution-based methodology is not an easy task as many educational problems are there in the country. To choose the right issue for every learner is a difficult task and after selecting the right problem to have to create a solution for the problem which is more accessible and affordable in acquiring is an even more significant challenge. This solution-based content must be comfortable in terms of language for everyone to read. The results create an unerasable positive impression for the readers to approach the companies. 

BYJU’S does this pretty well, it has a target demographic focused on school kids and aims all its contents, lessons, and services to this audience-base.


Participating in Student Conferences

For many Ed-Tech companies, their source of customers comes from students. Attracting students is not easy to perform because there must be direct interaction between the start-up and the students through some events before they proceed with visiting the official business website and choosing their package.

An effective way to move towards a direct customer approach requires an expert in those fields; therefore, there is a separate designation for that task known as SDR. Sales Development Representative (SDR) is a person appointed by the company to attend the conferences and meetings. The SDR has a job in the PR strategy of interacting with the students in twisting and convincing them to move with the proposal. The Sales Development Representative acts on behalf of the company at conferences and engage in the task

For a company to see constant growth, the Sales Development Representative meetings with the institutes must be targeted in higher numbers. Hence, inviting the students as customers through this approach is a risky task, but a result provider for all the Ed-Tech companies to generate leads.

BYJU’S has a strong PR team for the same. And other than that, the ad campaigns run by this platform are also engaging and attractive. The ads feature popular celebrity figures interacting with kids and parents.

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Find your niche


Every action in the business has an equal and opposite reaction. But every effort has a root cause to support it. The root cause must be the reason for the transformation of a particular aspect.

For example, things can get a little difficult in the virtual classroom environment since students aren’t able to complete their assignments on time. The classroom environment needs to be upgraded from time to time. Students are also fed up with the task of bearing the everyday normal as reading and learning don’t match their requirements.

Subsequently, before the Ed-Tech generation, the quality and system of education failed in schools, and even the evaluation methods in the classroom were below the average. 

BYJU’S solves this problem effectively by making the lessons more interactive and intuitive. Each lesson is more visual-oriented than text-based. And students learn better with visual learning, unique engaging methods, and DIY self-learning techniques.

Providing free samples

Since giving education based on some valuation makes the learner come into the picture of customers. Every customer will test the product to know its productive capacity and quality for users.

The chance of evaluating the educational product must also be provided to learners. Allowing inspection to the customers means a lot to them. They think that they are considered to be an essential person through which they will ultimately believe the products; however, there are some ways to increase customer valuations. One such method is providing a sample to the learner who approaches the platform to know about the education quality and affordability.

The sample data must be provided free of cost. Free samples will make the learners comfortable to approach the institution, and this can help reduce the slowness in the market. The free sample products make the relationship even thicker as the learners will have a high mindset towards the start-up.

Free value services must be useful to the learners as the strategy adds even more credibility to the Ed-Tech start-up. Because free value products will gain prominence, help Ed-Tech firms generate leads, and invite a lot of learners to approach the platform. One easy way for this is to do this task with the help of the Sales Development Representative to make the product samples reach the learners. 

BYJU’S successfully incorporates this in its PR strategy as well; anyone can visit the website, register, and browse through free sample lessons. In fact, BYJU’S students can even take demo classes with a teacher of their choice!


Using other platforms to promote the product

As the name implies, the Ed-Tech companies can use this idea to generate leads sales in the funnel chart. Other platforms in this context include the platform inconsistent with the sector. Ed-Tech companies can advertise the product by promoting it on various platforms. The general task is to create relevant content as an advertisement on different web platforms.

The main idea behind this approach is that the necessary and essentiality of the educational product can reach the customers. This promotes the Ed-Tech web and other web platforms as well, but this kind of strategy needs some investment.

Spreading out the importance of Ed-Tech must be in that advertisement. In this context, the other platforms include advertising through social media on the list. Social media is a high performing platform for companies. Another main advantage is that approaching social media reduces investment in launching the advertisement. 

We’re all familiar with BYJU’S social media game! The platform leaves no stone unturned to spread the word. Be it on Facebook ads, an Instagram business account, Twitter, or even the plain old TV ads.

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Necessary steps are there to see the magic of the PR strategies. PR strategies for Ed-Tech companies are made possible with due accreditation obtained by the Ed-Tech company to place them first in the educational sector. Nowadays, the Ed-Tech way of learning is even welcomed by many companies and organizations because the additional education will give extra earning.

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