13 Don’t Miss Chrome Extensions / Add-ons for Productivity

Install a few Chrome add-ons that will help you become more productive. Chrome Extensions are easy to install scripts that are made specifically for your browser, and many are completely free of charge. Chrome is the most widely used web browser, and popularity only seems to be growing which might have something to do with the fact that this browser comes with many great add-ons, like these 13:

1) Don’t waste time on the wrong sites, use Web of Trust!

13 Chrome Extensions for Productivity - Point 1How many times have you surfed into a site just to find out that it is a waste of time? You can avoid this by using Web of Trust which is a Chrome add-on that lets millions of users share information in order to prevent sites that can be dangerous.

2) Don’t waste time on ads!

13 Chrome Extensions for Productivity - Point 2One of the most popular Chrome add-ons is the Adblock Plus which lets you remove ads from sidebars and other parts of the page. The plugin is free and will block all sorts of ads while also protecting your computer from certain malware and tracking.

3) Don’t waste time looking for passwords

13 Chrome Extensions for Productivity - Point 3It can be very annoying to realize that you have lost a password when you need to log into a service right away and start doing your work. LastPass will help you organize the many passwords you need to keep track of. With this tool, all you need is a master password!

4) Make fast notes to return to later

13 Chrome Extensions for Productivity - Point 4You can also use the Chrome add-on Evernote Web Clipper to collect articles, pictures, and other items online that you know that you will need for later projects. Instead of having to track back and find the original page with the information you will have it readily available in your browser.

5) What did that word mean again?

13 Chrome Extensions for Productivity - Point 5For those who work a lot with foreign languages, it is always great to have a dictionary ready when running into words and expressions that aren’t familiar. The Google Dictionary add-on is easy to use, just double click on the word that you want an explanation of.


6) Send tomorrow’s emails today

13 Chrome Extensions for Productivity - Point 6Boomerang is a script for your mailbox. This will let you postpone emails to a certain date and time. Write your answer today but program it to be sent at a later point.

7) Stay focused and does what you are supposed to do

13 Chrome Extensions for Productivity - Point 7StayFocused is a great add-on for productivity. An average Facebook user is on Facebook 20% of the online time; this is a disaster when you need to get work done! StayFocused lets you set limits for the time you spend on specific sites.

8) Click and Erase Your Internet Activities

13 Chrome Extensions for Productivity - Point 8Click & Clean is a Chrome add-on that allows you to click a single button to delete all your cache and tracks of your internet activities when you want to quit the browser. You can select what cookies you want to keep and remove.

9) Save Time Typing Text You Frequently Repeat

13 Chrome Extensions for Productivity - Point 9Auto Text Expander allows you to set up shortcuts for text that you often repeat so that you can save time in typing. You can backup or import the shortcut’s text into the database. The keystroke that you enter for setting up the custom shortcuts will not be sent to the servers.

10) Improve Your Web Surfing by Browsing in HTTPS mode

13 Chrome Extensions for Productivity - Point 10HTTPS everywhere can turn website on non-secure HTTP URL into a secure HTTPS URL so that you can be protected from online threats. It features the SSL Observatory which can check the public key certificate to find out if someone has managed to hack the certificate authorities.

11) Bookmark Articles and Videos in One Click

13 Chrome Extensions for Productivity - Point 11Save to Pocket is a bookmarking add-on that allows you to save web pages in just a single click conveniently. You can quickly bookmark articles and videos by clicking on a button in the toolbar or pressing a keyboard shortcut. It can work with other apps such as flip board and pulse.

12) Organize Your Open Tabs into a List

13 Chrome Extensions for Productivity - Point 12OneTab can make a list of all the open tabs in your browser. You have the option of reopening the tabs that you need individually or opening all the tabs at one time. Organizing your tabs in a list in OneTab allow your browser to perform faster by allowing lesser tabs to be opened.

13) Organize Your To-Do List in One Place

13 Chrome Extensions for Productivity - Point 13Todoist is a to-do list manager add-on on Chrome that lets you add your chores and keep track of them for up to 7 days. You can set priority on important tasks and add a due date. Todoist supports more than 20 languages, and it can work on a broad range of devices.

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