Why Daytime Running Lamps (DRLs) Are Needed in Your Car?

Daytime running lamp/light also known as DRL can be described as a relatively new feature on vehicles. DRLs are being installed in pairs on the front area of a car, and they emit yellow, amber or white light. It is being used as a car safety device while driving during the daytime. Every car makes uses of lights in the night. Do cars need lights in the daytime? This was a major concern for many people when it was first introduced. The primary purpose of DRLs is to enhance the visibility of your car during daylight hours, and various research studies have shown that these types of lamps have played a major role in reducing accidents on the road.

Less consumption of energy and improved visibility

Generally speaking, DRLs automatically turn on when you start up the engine. When you compare daytime running lights with other lighting options such as dipped beam headlights, they consume less energy. Most importantly, they increase the visibility of all moving vehicles for other road users. Although there were some serious apprehensions during the early stages, most countries have started advocating the use of DRL as a critical safety feature in a car.

Other prominent advantages of daytime running lights

This concept was first introduced during 1970’s, and within 10 to 12 years, the popularity of DRLs gained significant momentum. Today, they have been widely used as an important safety feature all around the world. The most prominent advantage of using DRLs is the enhanced visibility during the daytime, and it improves your car’s visibility to reduce the possibility of accidents. As mentioned above, these lights come with low energy consumption and the reaction time increases because other road users can easily detect cars. They are safer than low beams, and all advanced DRLs come with an extended lifespan of 15000 hours or more.

Enhance the aesthetic appeal and style of your car

The functional benefits of LEDs are proven fact these days, and most vehicle owners unanimously agree with this fact based on their own experience. If you can increase your safety while being on the road, why shouldn’t you use these lights? You can also add a stylish edge to your vehicle with the help of these lights. Today, you can come across a wide range of DRL options to choose from and advanced versions like LED DRLs can be a great addition to your car. When you fit these types of lights, you can easily achieve a sleek look for your car. If your car does not have daytime running lamps fitted as standard, you can fit them using a DRL kit.

Learn about advanced DRL installations

When you use daytime running lights during night time, they may easily cause dazzle due to their extra brightness. DRLs should go off automatically when headlights start to function. In order not to have a separate light for DRL, some car manufacturers blend them with the side lights or front position lamps and the daytime running lights will go to the dim mode when the headlights are switched on. If your DRLs are fitted very near to the indicator lights, they automatically turn off while the indicator is being used to avoid masking its signal.

How to install DRLs?

You should not take DRL installation taken for granted because it is a bit trickier than installing a headlight bulb. It is not at all advisable to depend on do-it-yourself methods, and you have to seek the help of an experienced auto mechanic or electrician to install DRLs on your car.

Do not worry about the fuel consumption

It is a fact that fuel consumption gets a bit higher when you use DRLs. If you use LED DRLs, they keep the energy consumption at minimal levels. These types of lamps consume only a fraction of the electricity used by standard headlights. This reason makes LED DRLs the most popular choice among car rental services and other groups of people all around the world.

Final Words

When you use dedicated daytime running lamps without making use of headlights or sidelights during the daytime, you can save a lot on fuel consumption. Although the car engine drives the alternator and spins all the time; it does not eat up the same amount of power from the engine. When you use headlamps, around 110 watts of power is consumed and highly advanced LED DRLs only consume around 10 watts. The bottom line is that top quality DRLs offer enhanced safety, reduced power consumption and improved aesthetic appeal for your car.

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