How to Buy an Audio Receiver: Stepping Up the Home Theatre Experience

It’s the beginning of a new year, and some us want better ways to listen to our music or watch TV. While many will consider getting a new plasma TV or buying that speaker they have been eyeing for months now – stereo receiver stays to be one of the critical components of making the quality of your media consumption better. So here are some DO’S and DON’TS for buying your next stereo receiver:

1. DO’S => HDMI

How to Buy an Audio Receiver - Point 1HDMI feature is one of the most important features of an A/V receiver. Nowadays all the living rooms are being infiltrated with HDMI, and we suggest you look out for the new tech products you might use in the next five years before you buy your receiver. If you cannot predict that, purchase a receiver with at least one more input point than what you currently need.

2. DO’S => Wireless Technology

How to Buy an Audio Receiver - Point 2If you are willing to invest a modest amount of money behind your receiver, we suggest that you go for wireless technology. Many of us browse through new music on the road, which is why apps like Spotify, SoundHound are so popular nowadays. A receiver with built-in wireless capabilities (such as Bluetooth, multi-room audio) will automatically sync your collection from your mobile device to your receiver when you get back home. This is one of the defining features of receivers of the present day.

3. DO’S => Review the Reviews

How to Buy an Audio Receiver - Point 3Before deciding to buy any particular model of receiver, do a thorough study of the reviews that model has. To do this properly, you can shortlist four to five models which fulfill your requirements, then do the research on each of them. Compare the pros and cons. It’s preferable to not purchase first generation receivers, due to the higher risks of glitches in their system. Look out for user ratings, expert ratings and manufacturers’ opinions to have a better understanding of the usability of your product. This will help you to sort out the best stereo receiver from your shortlist.

1. DON’TS => Counting Watts as Brownie Points

How to Buy an Audio Receiver - Point 1Power does not translate into volume directly. This is why one needs to understand the role of watts when they are about to buy a new A/V receiver. The speakers with lower sensitivity require more power. The size of the room in which the entertainment system is set up affects the power requirement as well. You need to be careful while taking into account the watts or the amplifier rating, as it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Find out what power requirement you have for your specific system. And then get the receiver which actually fulfills your requirements.

2. DON’TS => Latest Features Bandwagon

How to Buy an Audio Receiver - Point 2Like the Japanese car models of 1970s, A/V receivers get upgraded very frequently and come with newer features each time. Some people will always hype the newer model of the current receiver that you have- but before jumping on that bandwagon of “latest equals to must have”, do some research of your own. Evaluate whether or not you need the new features of the latest version, how the latest model is different from the receiver you own and how much money you are willing to spend on new features. If you already own an A/V receiver, there is a high probability that your receiver already fulfills your needs. So you need to focus on the must-have features in your receiver. It’s best not get too enthusiastic about spending money behind little nuances which may not create any difference in your experience.

3. DON’TS => Fretting Over the Inaudible

How to Buy an Audio Receiver - Point 3Most of the customers report that they don’t understand the difference from one A/V receiver to another (after using the same receiver with different speakers). The job of an A/V receiver is to make the sound quality of your entertainment system better, giving it that home-theatre quality. But if you aren’t a geek who notes the slightest of differences among various receivers, you should refrain from fretting over the quality of the sound. Quite certainly, almost all the receivers will give your ears the same treats.

4. DON’TS => The Trap of Gears

How to Buy an Audio Receiver - Point 4The last point is probably the most important one. You have to measure the inputs and outputs of your entertainment system. Many receivers come with cool features, sleek body, and heavy-weight brand names. At this point, it’s important to understand that not all the receivers work for all customers. You might be a hard-core gamer. You might be a movie geek. Or you might be an avid follower of live videos. It’s you who has the information of the numbers and types of gears you are going to connect your receiver with, the kind of material source your receiver will be dealing with and the output type you want. Do not forget to take caution while buying receivers. Make sure the receiver fulfills all your necessities.

Final Words

How to Buy an Audio Receiver - conclusion-thumbs-up-final-thoughtsAlways make sure you are aware of the techniques to follow while buying the perfect receiver. Beat the winter winds by snuggling up in your comforters and enjoying your favorite movies, music and other media. Have a blast!

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