How to Colorize Black & White Photos using RetouchMe App?

There is no doubt that technology in the photography industry has gone to a whole new level. From powerful cameras to unbeatable editing tools, no stone had been left unturned to make things real for photographers.

A few centuries ago, photography was introduced with black and white cameras. The cameras were larger and required a lot of power and light to function.

In the 19th Century, B/W photos were very popular. There were now colored cameras, and the process took longer to complete.

Even more, photographs were only taken by professionals. People who understood well how to operate photo machines.

It took about half a century for things to start lightening up as the world switched from B/W to color photography. Throughout the 20th century, people have used colored photos in their activities.

And today, they are very popular. The technology in the photography industry has been taken a notch higher. Photo taking devices are more portable today as editing apps help create better finishes. Anyone can take a photo.

The funny part is, vintage photos are still favorite even today. You can find a few black and white photos still in our lives. You may wish to change such a photo to become colored. Even the colored photos also fade with time. Photos a few years ago may seem a little out of color even in softcopy.

But the world cannot only exist in black and white. Color brings out the story in the photos. It makes things become real and present their true form. Through color, people share and communicate their ideas. For experts, you can use cloud-hosted deep learning on algorithms to understand how the process works.

What will you Require to Colorize Black & White Photos using RetouchMe App?

B/W photos can make the image look cold and pale. Using color is an important skill for adding life to the image. At RetouchMe for instance, you can use the available ideas to retouch any type of photo.

But before you do that, it is vital to understand what you will need for success.

Here is your checklist.

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Technical ability

The best part of coloring photos is that you don’t even require a lot of skills. Even a child can be able to do this if they know the right app.

However, to edit photos in any mode, there are basic things you need to know. For a start, you have to understand how to operate your camera. You should have basic skills like opening and saving files and to edit your pictures very easily. You should also know copy and pasting components.

How long does it take?

Most starters take about 20 minutes to finish the process. This is if they have mastered the steps. Take for instance you color an old photo of your grandma. Those who see it will be surprised without a doubt. Other people may be inspired that you managed to use RetouchMe app to color face or body of someone they love.

And with practice, it begins to grow even easier. Practicing makes you get to understand how the tools work. It cannot take longer than 10 minutes for those who already know how it works.

It is nice if you can try different editing tools just in case you use a device that is incompatible. Even so, the steps are almost the same.

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Here are the parts you will need to succeed here.

  • A black and white photo. An old faded photograph is still ok.
  • Coloring app, in this case, RetouchMe.
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Required tools:

It is important that you have a device that is compatible with the tool you are going to use. RetouchMe can work with most phones. Just make sure you are getting it from the right site.

The user interface of the tool is quite simple. Anyone with basic photography skills can understand how it works with a little practice.

Every app has requirements for the user. In this case, you need to download RetouchMe App for your phone. With this App, it can be easier to edit color black and white pictures. Just make sure to get a nice vintage black and white photo.

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