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Do you love photography? Are you fed up of those blurred photographs captured because of shaking? Then opt for a stabilizer that will not only allow you to do flawless photography but it will also make your photography experience interesting. A recently launched Cinepeer C11 3-axis Gimbal Stabilizer is making a lot of buzz in the market, courtesy to its modern features and high-end functionality. If you want to know what Cinepeer C11 3-axis Gimbal Stabilizer offers then here is a review that covers all important details about this product:


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Cinepeer C11 3-axis Gimbal brags about the latest stabilization algorithm that allows it to stand out in the competition. It is a highly portable device making it easy to carry wherever you want. The size of 118mm*105mm*285mm inches and 200g weight makes it a highly compact device of today’s time. It is manufactured from high-quality material of polymer compound and comes with ergonomic design to offer the user a perfect grip.  Cinepeer C11 3-axis Gimbal features extremely smart clip design that allows the user to grip and release his Smartphone with total perfection. The bottom of the grip comes with a screw thread fitting that lets you attach this stabilizer with any other extension rod or tripod. It is highly flexible and you can attach other accessories with it to achieve better performance.

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Battery Life:

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Cinepeer C11 is popular for its superior capacity in a tiny package. The built-in battery of the device offers runtime of approximately 12 hours which is sufficient enough to finish your all photography sessions comfortably. You can take it for outdoor shooting without worrying about the battery getting drained off. It even comes with a USB port that lets you charge your Smartphone at the time of the shooting.

Key features:

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  • Cinepeer C11 3-axis Gimbal will be recognized for its steady shots as it provides flawless shooting experience for Smartphone users. It lets you get rid of those shaky frames thereby offering you steady footage while running, walking or doing any kind of adventurous activities.
  • The device comes with both Portrait and Landscape modes that cater to the diverse needs of users. The convenient control panel facilitates intuitive operation and it offers you smooth user experience regardless of your destination.
  • Cinepeer C11 brags about zoom capability and smooth controls. The four-way joystick and zoom slider in the control panel allows the user to manage the directions very easily. Simply connect this device to the app and you will get an enhanced functionality to achieve high precision during photography. You also have the luxury to adjust focus in real-time with C11 which other stabilizers fail to offer.
  • Cinepeer C11 3-axis Gimbal makes your shooting sessions totally exciting by offering you different modes such as POV, Lock, Full Following and Pan following. You can easily switch from one mode to another and add an element of fun to your photography experience.
  • If you want to get a cinematic style experience then don’t forget to explore several creative features of C11. These features mainly include object tracking, motion lapse, timelapse, panorama, daily zoon and many more.
  • Cinepeer C11 3-axis Gimbal comes with a support of the ZY play application. You can use this app to access several premium features and enhance the performance of your device. The application also allows you to share your videos on the Laita community where several users add their creative videos and do thoughtful discussion.
  • C11 also comes with the support of remote control. You can easily connect it to other devices using WiFi and Bluetooth.

Price & Availability:

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Cinepeer C11 3-axis Gimbal is available for purchase on GearBest at a price of $89 with 25% off. The discount is available under the flash sale which will last for a limited time period. The regular price is around $119.00.

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The Bottom Line:

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Cinepeer C11 3-axis Gimbal is a highly versatile Stabilizer. It is suitable for different occasions such as live interviews, vlogging, event shooting and much more. Though it comes with several modern and high-end features, beginners will find it extremely comfortable to use. All in all, it is an ideal device for amateurs as well as professional photographers. It will help them to push all the limits and go any extreme.

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Cinepeer C11 - Review Breakdown

Ease of Use


Cinepeer C11 3-axis Gimbal is a highly versatile stabilizer suitable for different occasions such as vlogging, event shooting and much more. It is an ideal device for amateurs as well as professional photographers.

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