Things You Must Do When Changing the WordPress Theme

When you revisit some WordPress sites, then you may note some change in the appearance of the site since your last visit. This change has been made by changing the WordPress theme of the site. It is very easy to change the blog design completely thorough WordPress. Before changing the design of your blog it is necessary to do some tasks so that the change works smoothly. Here are the tasks which you must do when changing the theme of WordPress. 1. Saving sidebar codes before changing WordPress Theme: Most of the times people make changes in the sidebars on … Continue Reading…


Why WordPress Is the Most Utilized Website Platform in the World?

Almost the instant that WordPress became available online it was labeled as “blogging” software. Since then, millions of website owners have come to know the unlimited power that WordPress provides. While it is true it has phenomenal blogging capabilities, it represents only a small portion of what the platform can do. WordPress offers significant SEO benefits and creative custom abilities in its web design. With more than 75 million sites already utilizing its benefits, it provides greater accessibility, faster communication speed and better time management, all while saving the website owner money. Social Media Friendly In recent years, WordPress has … Continue Reading…

Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins

8 Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins for Your Website

Introduction (Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins): Most eCommerce WordPress site owners will opt to optimize them by the addition of plugins. These plugins ease the access of various services for the users. They will also enable the owner to make transactions directly on their site. The comfort that a visitor finds on-site will determine their willingness to return. There are basic necessities which go together with specific services which a site offers. This makes provision of plugins to connect to these secondary services an essential role of the site owner. They may range from online selling, finances, downloads and social connections. … Continue Reading…


How to add your Custom Default Avatar in WordPress

Here in this article I will show you how you can implement a “Custom Default Avatar” in your WordPress installation. If you are an owner of a WordPress website then there is a 95% chance that you are already enabled the Avatar option. Although who do not know about this, can easily check this option by going to your “WordPress Admin Panel” => “Settings” => “Discussion”. Here you can find one option to enable “Avatar Display” along with some other options. Please check the image below (Picture 1), you can find similar options in your admin panel also: WordPress currently … Continue Reading…

Boosting The Loading Speed Of Your WordPress Blog

Many people have a blog that is not optimized for loading speed. One of the problems of a WordPress blog is – the more plugins you install the worse the loading speed will get. To prevent loss of your blog’s loading speed you can use plugins that will help you combining and minifying your CSS and JavaScript.


WordPress Caching: What’s the best Caching Plugin?

Your WordPress blog getting sluggish? Caching is a great technique for speeding up your blog and the WordPress community has a lot of caching plugins to choose from. Lets review each one and find out which caching solution will work best for your WordPress blog. Newer versions of these plugins may be available. These benchmarks may not accurately reflect the current version of any of the plugins listed below. From this post, you should take away some important abilities of these plugins, but attempt to do some testing of your own. Quick Nav: What Is Caching? Benchmarking? WordPress Caching Plugins … Continue Reading…