A Comprehensive Guide on How to Setup a Limited Company in UK

Aside from the sole trader option, the most popular business structure in the UK is forming a limited liability company. Setting up your own limited company is actually one of the smartest ways for you to get paid to work. Having your own limited company gives you the power to own everything, define your brand, run your business efficiently and be able to try things you couldn’t do as a sole trader. When you decide to set up a limited …

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Creative Writing is Essential – Here’s How to Improve it

If you think that creative writing is just a fun thing and irrelevant to most jobs, you’d be wrong. Creative writing is a skill that can be applied to many different tasks in modern business, such as social media – and any sensible business knows that social media is a vital way of promoting their services or products. A clever marketing campaign can reach a vast pool of potential clients, but a team will need creative writing skills to draw …

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Responsive Mobile Web Designing

6 Considerations and Questions before Hiring Web Designing Services

Just a simple search for ‘web designing firms’ on Google can give you hundreds of results, and probably, a huge chunk of those are potential and viable options. As a customer/startup/growing business, there are many things to comprehend before you finally hire a team for the job. So, how do you start? In this post, you will find a step-by-step guide that will tell about all the considerations and things that you should be concerned about. 1. Local or offshore? …

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Niche Highlight Focus Stand Out

What Makes Your Brand Stand Out in 2016?

A brand is the direct reflection of your business, its purpose and its existence. Yes, definitely it’s existence. Imagine an Adidas shoe, preferably a high-end one. Now picture it without the Adidas logo or the name. Are you going to be convinced by the built-quality, shape and fabric of the shoe and make a purchase with mere confidence? Most probably no, you won’t. This means even though the shoe is exactly the same; instead of grabbing your interest, it is …

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7 Tips to Write a Better & Effective Essay

Writing an effective essay is not always an easy job. It is true that writing an essay requires some technique or rather good tips which if followed can bring a better result at the end. Especially, when you are writing the essay for an educational reason, is a must case. Let’s know 7 techniques that can help you to improve the quality of your essay to the next level. 1) Selection of Topic: Before starting to write something, you will …

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Business Facebook Fan Page

Smart Ideas to Create a Happening Business Facebook Page

The power of social media can hardly be ignored in today’s time. No matter whether you are a company, a blogger or any kind of service, social media can work as the most genuine and extensive marketing platform in more ways than one. While there are platforms like Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Instagram, the most genuine and big platform for marketing is Facebook. Having an active page on Facebook makes a big difference for any business, and along with …

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5 Guidelines to Attaching the Perfect Picture to Your Content

5 Guidelines to Attaching the Perfect Picture to Your Content

Remember the lines you read from your favorite children’s book? You probably don’t. But what about the cover picture of that book? Still clicks huh?! Yeah, I know. Our brain is wired to respond more when viewing visual content rather than written. When was the last time you read an online article without a picture attached? Yes, it’s hard to remember. This phenomenon clearly shows how important imagery has become in content selling. This article is all about it. It …

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5 Psychological Strategies You Can Use That Should Boost Your Sales

Hello, there marketer! Are you in a place where you are unsure of what to price for your product? How to advertise your next sales discount? How to get your product tagged as the best selling in the market among several alternatives? In other words, increase SALES? Well, you have come to the right place that should help your business achieve the month end sales figure your company has desired since forever. In today’s world of advanced sales strategies, your …

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A Great Upsurge to be Seen in 2016 for Web Developer and Related Profiles

The year 2016 has brought numerous opportunities for the young-aged developing nation like India. I have been a constant reader of some reputed magazines, newspapers and a regular follower of the job sites. In India, every year thousands and lakhs of students complete their graduation and begin their hunt for a relevant job. In last December 2015, nearly a month ago, I had read useful information published by Wisdomjobs.com, which says that the year 2016 is going to be the …

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Four Bygone Technological Trends that Happened in this Decade

4 Bygone Technological Trends that Happened in this Decade

The world that we live in is far more complicated and fast compared to the previous half centuries or decades. The development in this world is so fascinating and lightening quick that we hardly get time to recover and learn from the previous decade or so. The age that we live in is all about technology and this is why the focus on innovations is so high due to all the possibilities that we have with the support and facilitation …

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