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Top Most Popular Free Joomla Templates by JoomForest in 2020

If you are using Joomla CMS, then it will be very difficult to choose the best free Joomla template for your website when there are many templates on the market. A lot of Joomla template designers offer free templates as well as premium ones too. By figuring out what is the type of your website where your new template will be used – that is the main and the best way to choose the perfect Joomla template. For example, a …

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Best Free Joomla Templates

21 Best Free Joomla Templates for Your Next Joomla Site

As a web resource library previously, we always tried to provide you best possible information on latest web trends. So here again we decided to provide a good list of 21 best free Joomla templates currently available on the market. Joomla is getting more popular day by day as a Content Management System (CMS). So, users of Joomla are also increasing hugely. Now when someone decides to build a website in Joomla, the second task is always being to look …

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20 Best Selling Joomla Templates Spring 2017 from TemplateMonster

If you are still puzzled over mysterious skills needed to build up a website, you’ll be amazed how easy it is in fact. Just keep on reading and learn how to be up and racing on the information superhighway these days. Most people think a website should be a miracle of a modern science. In truth, a great website design means simple yet effective layout, available product information and your contact details. It is a part of modern day life. …

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Jumerix Template Review - A Multipurpose Joomla Template by Template Monster

Jumerix Review – A Multipurpose Joomla Template by Template Monster

In this article, I am about to review a multipurpose Joomla template designed by the well-known template developer, Template Monster. The name of the template is Jumerix. As a multipurpose Joomla template, Jumerix can be ideal for all types of websites. It is also enriched with lots of useful Joomla extensions for making your experiences smoother and easier. Let’s check all its features and capabilities. 1. Responsive Design: Nowadays, all modern and feature-rich templates come with a responsive design. This …

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10 Best Free Joomla Templates of 2016 for Your Next Joomla Project

In the last days of this summer, we would like to suggest you to look through our handy collection of 10 Best Free Joomla Templates for keeping your website contemporary and updated. Being the second most popular and flexible CMS platform nowadays, Joomla enables you to build up dynamic websites and powerful online applications with ease. In fact, Joomla is the easiest way to set up and manage your website without deep coding skills. What do you expect to get …

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Get More with Wegy - A Regularly Updatable Multipurpose Joomla Template

Get More with Wegy – A Regularly Updatable Multipurpose Joomla Template

No doubt, today you can find a lot of ready-made Joomla templates of decent quality and suitable for different website types and business niches. There are many reputed template marketplace like TemplateMonster or , RocketTheme or others where you can search for your desired template. Unfortunately, many of them are limited solely to a standard pack of features, which forces users to do things themselves or resort to the third-party help. And it seems unfair to pay for a ready-made …

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14 Free Joomla Templates for Different Types of Projects

If you choose Joomla for your projects, like millions of other users and developers all over the world, this blog post is exactly what you need to look through now. It will provide you with a wonderful opportunity to save on design cost without any quality loss. Here you will find 14 Joomla templates for different types of projects available for free download. First of all, let us calm down the skeptics. All of the templates, through which you’ll browse …

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Car Dealer Website with Joomla 3 Template – A Complex and Professional Solution

As an auto dealer, it’s all about sales! You need a website easy to use, designed to present appealing photos of your cars and attract the attention of potential new buyers. Are you searching an idea for earning money or for business? I will tell you how to do it using a Joomla 3 template example to help you to get into right direction. The greatest solution to buy or sell any type of vehicle can be in your hands. …

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EF4 Framework for Joomla 3 by Joomla-Monster

EF4 Framework: It’s free Joomla! 3 framework for everyone! Web developers find it as the perfect solution to customize the template quickly as well as everyone who is familiar with Joomla but don’t want to dive in the template code to change its appearance. Thanks to tons of handy settings you will be able to configure the template with ease and modify the template scheme in a minute! Template based on EF4 framework are highly adjustable that’s why they may …

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Best Free Joomla 3.x Templates as of May 2013

Now Joomla 3.x stable release is available to download along with lots of possibilities. Bootstrap framework, Joomla User Interface (JUI) library, Icomoon Font Icon along with jQuery & Mootools – the new Joomla 3.x is much more user friendly than previous. Also it’s design is fully ready for mobile phones, not only the front-end but also the newly designed back-end. Joomla template developers also started to release templates of Joomla 3.x. But currently it is very limited. Many developers and …

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