20 Best Selling Joomla Templates Spring 2017 from TemplateMonster

If you are still puzzled over mysterious skills needed to build up a website, you’ll be amazed how easy it is in fact. Just keep on reading and learn how to be up and racing on the information superhighway these days. Most people think a website should be a miracle of a modern science. In truth, a great website design means simple yet effective layout, available product information and your contact details. It is a part of modern day life. Today we present you a cost-effective way to build up a website. TemplateMonster is second to none to offer practical solutions in sight. To give you some inspiration, here are 20 Best Selling Joomla Templates worth your attention. A gifted team has walked an extra mile for your project to deliver the right website design for your needs.

So, you’ve decided to build up a website. Congrats! There is no time like the present to seize the opportunity to thrive. A website quick to download and easy to navigate encourages users to return. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. Joomla is second to none among all CMS platforms giving that kind of control over the layout of a website. What does it mean to you? Case in point that Joomla gives you more flexibility and freedom to customize the design of your page. Once you choose the prefect template, you can create a professional-looking site without having to know even a thing about coding.

More and more people have changed the way they enter the Internet. With a responsive website, your prospects can reach you anytime of the day. No opening and closing hours. Free access all the time. There is no time like the present to seize the opportunity to get only best-selling Joomla templates for your needs. Contact a TM Service Center to get a worry-free website at no extra cost.

Best Selling Joomla Templates Spring 2017 from TemplateMonster

It is very important to design your site with personality. Do not overload it with animation, graphics and images. Customers are increasingly impatient these days. They will abandon within seconds if your web page doesn’t load quickly. Give your clients a reason to choose you over many others offering similar products, services and prices. A quick and engaging website helps you showcase what your offering are and why to choose you over the other businesses. Keep your website constantly updated. Give the visitors a good speedy response to encourage them to visit your site on a regular basis. While you are here, check out for more beautiful Joomla templates provided by TemplateMonster to create a positive impression on the visitors.

Well, that’s all about it for now. Go ahead, skim through the list of 20 best-selling Joomla templates for Spring 2017 and make your pick. Feel inspired!

SoftApp – Software Solutions Joomla Theme

If you want to promote your software company build a leading-edge website. Get this premium Joomla template and reflect the essence of your brand. It features a responsive design, cross-browser compatibility, 24/7 support, and more. Enjoy its live demo. Have an efficient browsing.


>> SoftApp – Software Company Responsive Joomla Template

Handmade and Gifts Store Joomla Template

Here is a nice and modern Joomla template well-suited for handmade craft blog or gifts store website. A huge range of customization tools will help you match your business requirements. In addition, the template comes with Parallax scrolling, social Login integration, TM Ajax Contact form, and more.


>> Handmade & Gifts – Crafts Blog and Gift Store Joomla Template

Wegy Business Joomla Theme

Get this responsive and nice Joomla template to build up a solid online business site. A full compatibility with VirtueMart gives you the opportunity to sell products online. The design is clean and easy to navigate. Edit and manage your website with ease. Change the overall look to fit your business needs.


>> Wegy Joomla Template

Fine Art Gallery Joomla Theme

A nice and modern website is a necessity these days. This SEO-friendly Joomla template is a great choice to build art and culture gallery sites. Create a visual masterpiece and impress your visitors with a truly responsive and elegant design. Enjoy more features on the live demo now.


>> Fine Art – Art & Culture Gallery Responsive Joomla Template

Perfect Rent Joomla Theme

If you need a clean and good working template for your website, end your search here. You can install and customize it even with a skill gap. The template comes with all essential features you may need for your renting site. In addition, it includes Parallax effect, Google web fonts, dropdown menu and SEO-optimization.


>> Perfect Rent Joomla Template

School Portal – Education Joomla Theme

Looking for a nice and modern template for your educational website? Great! Grab this Joomla template today and build a website that converts visitors. Focus on your target audience and give them a reason to come back for more. The responsive design ensures the correct look of your site on all last generation gadgets and screen sizes.


>> School Portal – Educational School Portal Responsive Joomla Template

Bon Voyage – Travel Agency Joomla Theme

Here is another responsive and nice Joomla template intended for travel and vacation operating websites. Showcase your travel images with a cool TM Gallery portfolio and website slider. A number of pre-made pages will save you a bundle of both time and money. Give it a try.


>> Bon Voyage – Travel Agency & Vacation planning Responsive Joomla Template

Cellular – Repair Center Responsive Joomla Template

A clean Joomla template can help you build up a repair service website. Deliver the best-in-class design to convert visitors. View the live demo to learn more. Really, it’s that simple.


>> Mobile Repair Service Responsive Joomla Template

Diving Club Joomla Template

Take a look at this bright-colored Joomla template well-suited for sport club websites. It’s a cunning way to showcase your diving club in the most creative way. Impress your visitors with a gorgeous look, rich functionality, and credibility.


>> Diving Club – Sports & Outdoors & Diving Responsive Joomla Template

Advertising Agency Online Joomla Template

Need a clean and modern template for your advertising agency website? We have something for you here. An impressive Joomla template is a great choice to build trust and loyalty to your site. Enjoy the live demo to learn more features included in the pack.


>> Advertising Agency Joomla Template

Holiday Homes – Real Estate Joomla Template

An attractive and responsive Joomla template gives you the power to createa leading-edge website. It can be a perfect fit for real estate agencies, realtors, and rental services websites. Enjoy its sleek and beautiful design, rich UI kit and a clear structure. Keep your visitors engaged and boost conversion rates.


>> Holiday Homes – Real Estate & Rental Services Joomla Template

Rentallo – Farm Equipment Joomla Template

Feast your eyes on this modern and nice Joomla solution to build your own site. Intended for farming equipment and machinery rentals websites, you can tweak the layout to fit your particular needs the best. Whatever the reason to build a website, impress your visitors with a gentle design and intuitive navigation. Wondering what to do now? Grab this Joomla template today and create the stuff that works.


>> Rentallo – Farm Equipment Joomla Template

Ironmass – Fitness Joomla Template

Here is a black colored Joomla template tailored for the sport industry websites. It features responsive design, cross-browser compatibility, commenting system, Lazy Load effect, and more. Give your visitors a reason to come back to your site for more. Have an efficient browsing.


>> IronMass – Fitness Joomla Template

S2 Business Company Joomla Template

A high-quality Joomla template with great effects is a perfect choice for business and service companies. It comes with all essential features to create a website you’ve always wanted. The modern and awesome design works perfectly on all digital devices and screen sizes. Get all the fancy bells and whistles from it today.


>> S2 Business Company Joomla Template

Djuci – Design Agency Joomla Template

You want to increase chances people will land on your site and spend a little time there. Here’s why a beautiful and responsive Joomla template is the way forward. Enjoy the sticky navigation panel. Enhanced with a carousel slider and page-width backgrounds, the template will help you create a positive impression.


>> Djuci – Web Design Agency Joomla Template

Prima – Furniture Store Joomla Template

Want to differentiate your brand or company from the pack? There is no time like the present to make your dreams come true. Grab this modern and powerful Joomla template and build a website without breaking a sweat. Compatible across modern browsers and devices. Give it a try.


>> Interior design & furniture Joomla Template

Harvest – Agriculture Joomla Theme

Do not let your competitors grab your prospects away from you. Build up a solid website and keep the visitors engaged. A modern and responsive Joomla template will fit the needs of agricultural companies. It comes with a theme color switcher, Lazy Load effect, Parallax scrolling and social Login functionality. View the live demo to learn more.


>> Harvest – Agriculture company Joomla Template

Diagnostic – Medical Center Joomla Theme

A clean and beautiful Joomla template is a great way to build medical centers websites. The nice and responsive layout adjust perfectly to all screen sizes and devices. With the help of social Login help your visitors enter your site with comfort. Take advantages of this cutting-edge solution and increase “word of mouse” by customers.


>> Diagnostic – Medical diagnostic center Joomla Template

Ian Peterson – Artist Portfolio Joomla Template

A classy and easy to use Joomla template crafted with care to build a portfolio website. There is no shortage of customization options to choose from. Grab this modern template today and shape it into a fascinating portfolio page. With the help of awesome typography and geometric shapes, you can deliver the best-in-class design to your visitors.


>> Ian Peterson Joomla Template

Jessica Bennett – Photographer Portfolio Responsive Joomla Template

Designed in elegant black-and-white colors, this modern Joomla template can help express yourself in a unique way. Build an eye-catching portfolio page to survive in the sea of competitors. The clean and minimalist design is perfect for lending credibility to your business or brand. Are you ready to make your pick?


>> Photographer Portfolio Responsive Joomla Template

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