How to Use Business Text Messaging to Boost Your Sales?

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The most effective way to sell is still a face-to-face meeting. But, if you have hundreds of clients all over the country or are developing an online business, it is often impossible or even economically unjustified to get a meeting with a buyer.

The next most effective method is a phone call. But here also there are difficulties. Getting through to the customer has become a problem: he’s already too overwhelmed with the information he doesn’t want to waste time on. Even if you manage to reach the customer, you may lose the sale just because you got caught in an awkward moment to talk.

It used to be that many customers preferred to communicate with sales through an email newsletter. Today, email marketing has seen a huge drop in the opening rate. Besides, marketers often had to turn to the best proxy services to bypass spam filters and email protection systems.

Therefore, these methods are gradually becoming a thing of the past, and the most relevant marketing tool is the sale by correspondence. However, this does not mean pigeon mail or letters in envelopes, but communication using modern instant business text messaging systems – messengers.

What is a Sales Funnel in Messengers?


Sales funnels in messengers are the sequential lead of a potential customer from the point of contact to the purchase. The mechanism can be as follows:

  1. You offer the customer on any platform to download a checklist or get a discount on a product or service by going to the messenger in which they feel more comfortable. This can be Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or any other application.
  2. Then the whole process of communication is built into the selected program. You can send the client information about the schedule and working conditions, information about the product, and any useful content – invitations to webinars, meetings, or events.
  3. You can place lead forms in your messages so that the client can leave a request, which would go directly into the sales manager’s CRM system. It’s much more convenient to work with a deal in the database: you can create tasks, change status, and assign tags. It also helps to keep track of where the customer came from in the funnel.

Working in messengers with services that allow it to be optimized is a new substitute for web pages and websites. The sales algorithm in messengers is much more effective and convenient. It allows you to gradually tell the client about the business, choosing the information that is interesting for him. One-page sites give out a large amount of information at once. Even if a person stays on the site for a few minutes, it still may not be enough to interest and retain a client.

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Instruction for Building Work in Correspondence


The mechanism of communication with the client using applications is a complex step-by-step work.

Step 1


Identify the needs of the customer. It is difficult to interest a potential client in correspondence, so it is important to outline his benefits right away. Answer the question – Why do you need to buy your product, what features and qualities of the product can attract customers? At this stage fully think through a unique selling proposition and differences from competitors.

Step 2


Create a sales funnel. Marketers use the AIDA formula to create an automatic funnel. It stands for attention, interest, desire, and action.

Create a sales plan with this model in mind. Use the lead magnet in the welcome message after the client has moved from your site to the messenger. This is a gift, a discount, and useful content that you offer in exchange for targeted action. For example, to grant access to a free webinar after subscribing to the newsletter.

In this way, you inform the customer about products and services, build your level of expertise and increase trust.

In the second message, you need to consolidate the success of the first one by answering the questions: What causes the client’s interest? Why does he need it? What result will he get? If the message holds the attention of the buyer, then at this stage he should already give feedback. For example, to name the characteristics of the product size, style, and material; for what purposes he needs a specific service – for his own development or business creation?

Step 3


Make a competent script. Depending on the buyer’s responses, the text of the messages should change. The algorithm for the conversation resembles scripts for phone calls. As a result, you get a chain that allows you to segment customers at different stages.

On low checks and impulse purchases, you can use a chatbot or other automated services that allow you to do without a live person. On sales above the impulse purchase check, a manager will only be needed at the end of the correspondence to bring the sale to its logical conclusion.

To create scripts, use questions that can be answered in a single-word way, or choose one of the suggested options.

To start a conversation, you can use the open script. This is the first message that is sent automatically by the system immediately after the start of the dialog. For example, “Hello, I’m a personal assistant, let me tell you more about our company. Do you agree?”. If the user answers “yes”, then at this stage it can be considered a lead and accepted into the work.

Next, the script takes the customer from a desire to buy a product or service to targeted action, such as filling out a lead form to contact a manager.

Step 4


Analyze performance. Since sales by correspondence are divided into stages, it is important to consider the conversion rate of each customer transition. This is necessary to track the effectiveness of the scripts.

If the action did not lead to a purchase, then you can try using another tool. For example, you can ask a person to sign up for a trial class of a foreign language course. Then track the number of applications submitted. And then change this offer to the ability to download a free phrasebook and track which tool works more effectively, and in which case it leads to increased sales.

You can carry out analytical work with the help of the Google Data Studio service. The program will help to track the dynamics of important indicators – budget, conversion rate, and cost of attracting a lead. With the help of this service, it is possible to present all the data coming from the CRM system in the form of reports.

The Pros of Building a Sales Funnel in Messengers

  1. It is possible to work with a large number of buyers at the same time. Practice shows that a manager in one working day can process up to 400 new requests and perform about 300 tasks to process already received requests. True, only if all processes are automated and properly configured.
  2. The client can perform the target action at a convenient time for him. This allows the customer to delve into the issue and make the best-informed decision.
  3. The information you want to convey to the customer is sure to reach the recipient and remain in his phone or computer memory – you can always return to it if necessary.
  4. You can set up tunnels for different target audiences. For example, if your customers are entrepreneurs, you can create a separate channel for those who do retail business and wholesalers.
  5. You’re scaling yourself as a salesperson. Communication can take place on behalf of the brand. This increases trust in the company’s products and services.

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Features of Sales in Correspondence


How do the stages of working with a client in the messenger differ from calling customers?

  1. If a person is silent, then it is impossible to understand and work out his objection. Therefore, it is important to think through the algorithms for receiving feedback. There are several popular techniques: for example, people respond better to calls by name. Humor works well.
  2. The sale in the correspondence does not end with the rejection of the purchase. If one method does not work, then you can use other tools – create a special offer, offer a discount, or a gift.

Manager Motivation


The effectiveness of the process largely depends on the manager’s performance. This is why detailed planning and tying the salesperson to it is important in building the tunnel.

For each period the company creates a sales plan and sets KPIs for the manager.

Another good way to motivate an employee is to allow him to track his salary in real time. In this way, he can trace the connection between his actions and the growth of his earnings.

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What Kind of Business is Suitable for Text Messaging?


Text Messaging can work not only for online trading but also for any business and often leads to better customer service. These can be companies from:

  1. B2C segment: Online stores, travel agencies, etc. Business focused on mass customer service. Through messengers, you can inform consumers about new offers.
  2. B2B segment: Companies that work with expensive goods and provide complex services. For example, business process automation. The clients of any business usually need time to make a decision, so text messaging is a good way to constantly remind them of themselves.
  3. Sellers of educational services: Training, courses, seminars. This is a good way to contact the buyer directly.
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