9 Ideas to Boost Your eCommerce Sales Using Discount

As a website owner, you wake up agitated in the morning, grab a cup of tea, and the first thought to hit you is, ‘how can I increase my online sales?’ After a few more sips, your next thought is, ‘how can I get prospects to stay in the funnel?’

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

The truth is that today’s online consumers are tech-savvier than ever. Combine that with the fact that there are more online stores today than ever before, and the pressure to get your visitors to click on the checkout button automatically increases. No wonder, your eCommerce discounts are one of the most valuable persuasion tools you have to lure more visitors to your site.

Your next sales promotion

offer sale discount

Sales promotions play a crucial role in attracting potential customers. However, for some eCommerce teams, deciding which items to mark down and publicize is a time-consuming task.

A current study found that up to half of buyer purchasing choice is subject to advancement. Customers want a decent arrangement of reassurance before they put resources into your items. In addition, your business may, as well, need the extra income.

Emily Weisberg, a content marketing manager at ThriveHive, states,

“Sales promotions can give you the edge you’re looking for when it comes to revenue. Successful companies know that sales promotions are among the most effective methods of increasing sales and building customer satisfaction.”

Boosting sales with discounts


Now that we know the importance of special offers and discounts for an online business let’s move on to some significantly powerful promotional tactics that can possibly work wonders for your clients.

No two sites are identical, of course, and what works in one domain may not work in another. Therefore, before using any of these ideas, make sure you collect any data needed to confirm their effectiveness.

This way, you will have tangible information to back up your decisions which will enable you to make permanent alterations to your business with confidence. Listed below are 9 such tactics which can give an instant boost to the eCommerce sales on your website:

1) Select special incentives

9 Ideas to Boost Your eCommerce Sales Using Discount - Point 1Promotional deals can take various forms where you can easily make your incentives fit consumer needs. Hence, you can begin by using customer analytics. Social media updates like visitors’ comments can provide details first-hand about the products on your site.

You can then match your results with a sales initiative. From purchase-based discounts to mystery discounts to bundled ads, there is a wide range of options.

A research by Monetate found that “56% of businesses agree that flash-sale campaigns being is better than regular campaigns.” Limiting the time frame compels customers to take quick action.

Ever thought about free offers? Lisa Hephner, PaySimple’s Vice President of Knowledge, explains the power of free incentives: everyone loves free stuff; whether it is free service segments, refills or gifts.

A market-standout amongst the most capable free offers for online buys is free delivery, as featured by different examinations where respondents think of it as a basic factor in settling on a purchasing choice. Along these lines, make sense of the best special administration for your customers and audit information before continuing.

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2) Free shipping

9 Ideas to Boost Your eCommerce Sales Using Discount - Point 2One noteworthy motivation behind why customers don’t finish their buys is a direct result of the extra transporting costs. Offer your buyer base free delivering when they, at last, continue to checkout on your site.

Additionally, consider your request limits. For instance, in the event that you have a normal request of $40, at that point offer free transporting on buys of $60 or more. An investigation by Harris Interactive and UPS proposes that around 39% of clients would purchase enough to get free delivering. Through this administration, you can support changes and additionally the extent of your requests.

With the advancements in online business as appeared above, PetJoy offers its guests free sending with no base cost. You can look at their marvelous custom tab and fabulous rebates on dog apparel and different items on their site.

product parcel package shipment

3) Gift with purchase

9 Ideas to Boost Your eCommerce Sales Using Discount - Point 3A gift with buy could be another advancement you can run, offering your clients a free thing – a Free Pipeline Template on a tech site for instance – upon the finishing of their exchange.

You could likewise take a stab at giving your clients some marked stock like a container opener or cord. This is a stupendous approach to create significant client connections, advancing your organization past the site and disposing it of some promotional items that have been closeted for a really long time.

4) Arrange contests

9 Ideas to Boost Your eCommerce Sales Using Discount - Point 4In the case that you need to help the email list, at that point, this markdown thought is for you. Have your guests share their email addresses in return for the section in a challenge for a significant ticketed item. By arranging on the web challenges, you can radically manufacture a rundown without offering deals that are eating into your edges. Since you need to have quality messages for ideal retargeting, the key is to have an item that you’re returning clients will be keen on. The building list advancement is vital particularly for organizations wanting to extend their scope and hence, visibility.

Isle Surfboards, for instance, runs contests where visitors can enter to win an inflatable stand up paddleboard. Since the application of this offer, Isle has been able to increase their email subscribers by 660%.

5) Upsell products

9 Ideas to Boost Your eCommerce Sales Using Discount - Point 5The vast majority of us have heard this question: “May I help you with this update?”

It’s a case of upselling or the exertion of retailers to offer you a somewhat more costly item when you consider acquiring it. What’s more, prepare to be blown away. It really works. Upselling is 20 times more powerful than online strategically pitching, as revealed by Econsultancy. Now and then, your clients may not know about the accessibility of a superior item, or they may surmise that an alternate item fits their necessities better.

There are two fundamental essentialities for upselling:

  • Making your upsells relatable to the first item
  • Understanding the value scope of your clients

Keep in mind that the new item should be superior to anything the first since the buyer might possibly be exceptionally eager about a higher item cost once they have a grapple cost as the main priority.

Consider the case of Apple offering iPads. Practically every alternative in the red box above features is a push to convince clients to change to an iPad that gives Apple marginally better edges.

How to Bring and Hold Customers to Increase Online Sale

6) Offer reward points

9 Ideas to Boost Your eCommerce Sales Using Discount - Point 6Offering your visitors reward points on each dollar spent is an effective way to encourage consumers to become loyal customers. These reward points can either be expressed in dollars or ‘point value’, depending on what you think makes more sense for the target group. Keep the consumer psychology in mind when determining how to name your points system.

Being creative with naming your reward points system also presents an opportunity to strengthen your brand. For example ‘Airplane Ticket Rewards Points System’ doesn’t have the same ring to it as ‘Frequent Flyer Miles’.

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7) Micro-target customers

9 Ideas to Boost Your eCommerce Sales Using Discount - Point 7While microtargeting isn’t another strategy for your group, you might neglect to try it. Compartmentalizing your demographic enables your image to offer the correct advancements to the ideal consumer base. Customization talks straightforwardly to clients while boosting eCommerce link building third-party referencing; telling them that you’re very much aware of their prerequisites.

Melissa Jenkins of Mel Jens Designs trusts that running an effective markdown program is tied in with finding that ‘fragile adjust’ or ‘delicate balance’ between customer division and setting the ideal time, cost and place for the offer.

Therefore, try to look at your information to section it suitably. Take a stab at purchasing propensities, salary levels, geological areas, or even past buying conduct. Merchants at the United Auto Group made taunt promotions, focusing on auto customers inside 25 miles of the dealership who likewise had an enthusiasm for pets.

Specificity is fundamental for successful miniaturized targeting.


8) Encourage engagement

9 Ideas to Boost Your eCommerce Sales Using Discount - Point 8Following the quick progression in online networking, you can without much of a stretch attract engagement regarding your business advancements by means of email junctures. This sort of advancement can earn intrigued customers for your business motivators.

On a normal, Facebook clients burn through 50 minutes every day on its different stages. Work with your group to advance deals on social pages, or enroll the assistance of industry influencers to get the message out.

Client created content (UGC) is another approach to draw customers towards your business. A real client making the most of your items validates the incentive for reluctant purchasers.

The status was retweeted by the big box retailer from their loyal shopper who had made a funny video in one of its stores:

When @Target is having a sale pic.twitter.com/RIUu6p3zLs

— spooky addie |-/ (@blurrytylerjosh) October 15, 2016

Also, encourage customers to submit UGC of them unboxing your products.

9) Think of ways to retain customers

9 Ideas to Boost Your eCommerce Sales Using Discount - Point 9Since returning clients invest 67% more than first time consumers, by and large, consider advancements as a street to holding clients. Allow your customers to find your brand’s culture. Client steadfastness relies upon building and managing advantageous connections, be that as it may, purchasers may just be keen on your discount offers.

According to Zhorna Ali, a sales and marketing assistant at M3, “the use of sales promotion can definitely encourage brand loyalty, but there is a chance of consumers becoming loyal to the offers rather than a brand.”

Thus, to avoid consumers from switching brands, companies must think about personalizing their promotions strategy. Focus on targeted products to remain competitive within the market.

All in all


Planning on your next discount event involves a lot of decision making. Therefore, opt for incentives that are customer-centric, attracting people, thinking beyond the promotions and focusing on client loyalty initiatives.

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