7 Best On-Demand iOS App Ideas to Start Business in 2023

Which type of app is trending right now? How can I convert my app idea into money? Which app idea is unique of all or in high demand? If you are trying to find answers to all these questions, then this post will navigate you through some of the profit-making iOS app ideas that will help your startup to grow!

Making a startup successful was already a major challenge that became even tougher when the pandemic hit the entire world. Things are not as easy as it was earlier people look for doorstep delivery for almost everything. This is the biggest reason why the demand for apps is hype. When we talk about starting a new business, then coming up with unique yet successful iOS app ideas is a tricky job. Conceptualization is the primary and most vital aspect of creating a million-dollar app.

The level of competition is getting ferocious with each passing day. We have seen several new companies plummet even after offering exclusive apps to their audience. Don’t worry! This will not happen to you as we have dug out some of the most influential and trending app ideas that will help you reach your financial goals this year. Since every startup is in the race to become the best, we will help you out in standing out from the crowd and becoming successful with the best iOS app ideas.

Which are the top trending iOS apps for budding entrepreneurs?


For every business having a mobile presence is a synonym for prosperity. Businesses that lack this attribute are less likely to see success in the future. We have entered into an era where people look for speed, simplicity, and convenience more than anything else. To cater to these needs they use apps to help them out in every facet of their life. Looking at this digitization shift on-demand startup ideas are lucrative notions to earn high rewards.

Since Apple has already announced the latest version of its operating system i.e., iOS 15 which has numerous novel features. Applications like FaceTime, Photos, Weather, and Apple Wallet have received a major update.  You must be wondering what type of iOS apps is in demand this year. Let us discuss some detailed iOS app ideas that complement its latest operating system and prove to be money-spinning for your business.

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1. Text recognition app

A text recognition app can inspect an image and provides the written content in a text format. This kind of app has made taking notes very easy. This app is advantageous for students and employees. They can just click a picture of a presentation or whiteboard and the Apple device will easily convert the photo into text.

You can develop a great performing text recognition application as it has a higher user base. From students and teachers to employees and managers everyone will download this type of app to bring more convenience to their daily life. There are a lot of businesses offering such apps in the Apple store, but you can make yours stand out if you incorporate the following features in it.

  • Support scientific symbols and mathematical equations.
  • It should support all the formats like .docx, .txt, and .doc.
  • Use different types of fonts plus hand-written.
  • Highlighting, searching, and editing should be facilitated in the doc.

2. Translation app

Advancement in technology has given birth to new modes of connectivity. In such a digitized world, apps that can translate into various languages are more than necessary. This type of app helps in bridging the gap between several regions. Apple Translate has added a novel live feature in this app that helps its users to translate text in any type of app. You can write in any language on social media platforms, notes, text editing, and more.

This live translation feature in Apple iOS 15 is a great opportunity for various businesses to monetize translation apps by developing it.  Many developers are using its inbuilt translation functionality to create apps for students, international companies, and travelers. As there are already many developers monetizing this opportunity, you can add the below features to your app to add uniqueness to yours.

  • It should support as many languages as possible.
  • Capable of translating text, camera, and voice.
  • Should work seamlessly without an internet connection.
  • Built-in language keyboards.
  • Provide suggestions for synonyms.
  • Spelling and grammar checks should be included.
  • Ability to save favorite words.

3. Video calling app

Video chat apps became more prominent after the pandemic when people were away from their loved ones amidst several lockdowns. From then till now video calling apps are high in demand. Now with improved links, FaceTime has become very simple and clear.

Developing a video chat app is a fruitful opportunity to gain a huge customer base and make profits. We know that there are numerous video chatting apps online but there is always a scope for innovation. You can add distinctive features that are lacking in other apps such as long hours chatting or binge-watching a favorite series together. Users should be able to share and synchronize their screens while video chatting. You can incorporate the following features to make your video app better.

  • Funny live video filters.
  • Live chatting that supports GIFs or Emoji reactions.
  • Call scheduling and auto-generating captions.
  • Sound and screen sharing like Instagram call.
  • Convenient gaming calls.

4. Image recognition app

The image recognition app idea is another lucrative investment in iOS. Searching documents with images, recreating photos, and shopping online are some of the useful features of an image recognition app. This type of app is in very high demand these days. Image recognition apps use high-tech like artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect people, text, objects, and locations in a picture. Your application should be personalized for a specific field. For example, many fitness apps help users to know the duration they should dedicate to a particular exercise just by analyzing the picture.

To make your image recognition app exclusive from other competitors then consider including the following functionalities in your app.

  • Should be able to add personalized tags to images for improving search.
  • Face and other object recognition in videos.
  • Supports internet search for images.
  • Easy incorporation with online stores.
  • Different categorizations of the photo should be included like location, scenery, time, and food.

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5. Digital wallet app

Security is the most important factor while paying online. Apple is one of the leaders when it comes to user privacy and safety. Apple Wallet is among the safest digital wallet to use. You can build a digital wallet for Apple’s latest operating system that complements its wallet. Including credit cards or debit cards is a common feature. You can add a unique feature that supports the utilization of cash for instant funds transfer.

There is a huge shift towards paying online rather than cash as most people prefer safety and simplicity while handling money. You can help these people to manage their Apple cash while ensuring the safety of contactless transactions. You can implement the following features in your digital wallet app to stand out in the lot.

  • Supports multiple payment options—bank transfers, debit cards, credit cards, and Cryptocurrency.
  • Offer various gift cards, loyalty cards, or discounts on usage.
  • Supports multiple platforms.
  • Easy integration with other apps.
  • Payment scheduling.
  • Users should be able to access transaction history easily.

6. Budgeting app

People love shopping and sometimes impulsive spending can jiggle their monthly budget. A budgeting app can help users in bifurcating their expenses both essential and non-essential. Money is important and this type of app help in monitoring spending habit and planning out a feasible budget for every month, so users don’t fall short on the monetary front.

You can add these functionalities to your budgeting app to make your offering exclusive.

  • Records financial activities.
  • Suggest controlling spending and increasing savings.
  • Allows users to pre-set their spending limit and send notifications on that basis.
  • Tells about credit scores (both good and bad).

7. Tax management app

Managing taxes and their filling is one daunting task for many individuals. You can make this job easy for them. Instead of calculating and doing so much manual work to sidestep penalization, come up with an app that makes this chore easy for tax savers. You can include the following functionalities in your app for making it successful:

  • Able to generate invoices.
  • Suggest and track investments for tax exemptions.
  • Easy to comprehend.
  • Hassle-free document upload.

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Final thoughts


Apps are undeniably dominating the mobile market. Whether the business is big or small everyone is focusing to lure more customers with dedicated mobile applications. Now is the perfect time to refine your app development plans with the best app ideas. If you use any of the above-mentioned iOS app ideas, then you can take your startup to another level.

Keep in mind that your iOS app idea should be unique to survive in this cutthroat competition. An innovative idea creates a strong base for a lucrative application. Also, to validate your chosen idea you need to do thorough market research to check if you are copying others. Even if your idea is already in the market focus on making it different so that it can stand out in the crowd.

Author-Image-Naveen-KumarThis article is written by Naveen Kumar. Naveen is the marketing and product head at JoomDev. He loves to convert his ideas into reality by developing products to make your online business successful with his WordPress plugins and mobile app development services.

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