Alfawise N816 IP Camera Review – A 1080P Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Home Security System

Today, technology has helped us to achieve standards where we can think about living a highly safe and peaceful life. A home security camera is one such gadget which has played an important role in adding a sense of comfort and safety in our life. Recently, one of the reputed brands in the security camera industry, Alfawise has launched a product in the name of Alfawise N816 IP Camera. It has already started creating a lot of buzz in the market and people are saying mixed things about it. Do you want to unravel what Alfawise N816 IP Camera has got? Then simply go through the following review to know everything about it.

Main Features of Alfawise N816 IP Camera:

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  • Alfawise N816 IP Camera offers a resolution of 1080p that makes sure you get high-quality video recording. The camera is 100 degrees wide which means it doesn’t miss any details within its range. The camera comes with a night vision of 8-15m distance. It features LED infrared lights that make sure you get extremely bright and crystal clear images even during the night.
  • It is equipped with modern AI Humanoid Detection that makes sure you will not get disturbed by unwanted alarms. The overall algorithm is designed in such a way that it pushes alarm only when the human element is observed. It means there will be high accuracy in alarm alerts as invalid alarms will be automatically filtered.
  • This amazing security camera offers a vertical view of 90 degrees and a horizontal view of 355 degrees. It monitors every single corner and direction of your home premises using the ‘iCSee’ application. The camera also supports real-time monitoring and motion tracking.
  • Alfawise N816 IP Camera can easily track areas in which the user decides for motion tracking. It helps you to monitor direction and places you want to watch thereby offering highly accurate surveillance.
  • The security camera features H.265 video encoding. That means the storage space is reduced to 50% when compared with conventional H.264. The overall bandwidth is also saved by 50% while storage time is boosted by 100%. The camera features a memory card of 128G that makes sure you get a recording of around 30 days. The camera offers you two choices of storage. Either you can store everything in a micro SD card or use cloud storage to make things convenient.
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Other Features of Alfawise N816 IP Camera:

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  • The real-time two-way talk is one of the unique features that you will only find in security cameras like Alfawise N816 IP. It lets you get in touch with your family members and you can also prevent your pets from doing any weird things. All this is easily possible from your Smartphone device no matter where the user is located.
  • Alfawise N816 IP camera comes with a lot of flexibility. You can give access to five people to facilitate group sharing. It also brags about a built-in speaker and microphone that allows you to communicate with other people through the camera.
  • This security camera is so convenient that you can easily set up it on the ceiling without facing any kind of installation trouble. You only need to play with few settings in the app to get going.
  • The camera comes with an intelligent tracking feature; you can set the target by moving it up, down, right or left. However, the set target needs to be at the center part of the picture.
  • Alfawise N816 IP Camera is a compact device. It comes with a size of 4.53 x 2.95 x 2.95 inches and weighs only 0.1900 kg. In the whole package, you will get the main camera, a bag of screws, a power cable and an English manual. The camera requires a power supply of 5V/1A to keep running smoothly.

Price & Availability:

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Alfawise N816 AI Camera is available on GearBest at a price of only $31.99. You can grab this device at an amazing discount of 16% for a limited time period. The camera is available only in one color variant which is white.

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The Bottom Line:

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Alfawise N816 AI security camera is your third eye at home. This WiFi-enabled camera is equipped with enhanced functionality that you can expect at the price of $32. The camera also boasts about several smart features that you will hardly see in other cameras available in a similar price range. Overall, it is worth investing such a small amount of money for the safety of your home which is priceless.

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Alfawise N816 AI security camera is your third eye at home. Overall, it is worth investing such a small amount of money for the safety of your home which is priceless.

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