7 Best Tools for Web Designers and Developers

Web designers are well aware of their job’s difficulty, so they know that taking advantage of the newest tools and services are the key to success. However, most web designers are completely devoted to their job, so they rarely have time to search & find different tools and applications that can help them be better at what they do. Thankfully, they can rely on people like us to bring them the latest news from the world of web designing – tips, tools, tricks, services, etc.

In this post we’ll tell you about 7 best tools for web designers and developers, and how they can help you improve your work performance and add interesting final touches to your projects.

01 – InVision (Visit)

invision - Best Tools for Web Designers and DevelopersGood web designers and developers know that using a prototyping tool is highly recommended. Thanks to these tools you can quickly create the prototype of your website and see how it will look in the end. However, many tools don’t support interactive prototypes, but thankfully we are here to offer you a solution – InVision.

This is a great & free mock-up tool that you can use to create an interactive version of your website and show it to team members and testers who’ll interact with it and provide you with feedback. The tool has other interesting features such as task management, version control, etc. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention that you won’t have to write a single line of code while using InVision.

02 – LayerVault (Visit)

layervault - Best Tools for Web Designers and DevelopersDesigners who use LayerVault say that this is one of the best services you can use to organize your work. LayerVault is a simple website that gives you the ability to organize, share and save your work. It also saves an unlimited number of versions of all your files, so you can save as many edits as you wish. The automatic intelligent sync allows you to quickly organize your files & folders even while sharing an account with co-workers.

Every piece of design you share can be commented on, so you’ll be able to get feedback from thousands of other professional designers who’ll gladly help you improve your skills. By using LayerVault you’ll be one step closer to professionalism.

03 – Icebergs (Visit)

icebergs - Best Tools for Web Designers and DevelopersIf you are looking for a more private version of Pinterest, then take a look at Icebergs. This website is the best place to store, organize and collaborate on your latest projects. You can save text, videos images from all around the web and arrange them into separate folders.

Thanks to your Icebergs account you can save your projects or save other media from the web and use it for inspiration later. The collaboration feature is pretty great as well and team of designers often take advantage of Icebergs’ features.

04 – Adobe Kuler (Visit)

adobe_kuler - Best Tools for Web Designers and DevelopersPicking a color scheme may seem like an easy job, but every web designer with a few projects behind their back can tell you that this is one of the most important stages of any project. In order to make the right choice you need to use the right color picker and what better choice than Adobe Kuler?

This free tool developed by Adobe serves one simple purpose – providing the user with a flexible and absolutely perfect color palate. You can use the color wheel to carefully adjust different colors or you can browse the community area and choose from tens of thousands of pre-configured color schemes.

05 – Flywheel (Visit)

flywheel - Best Tools for Web Designers and DevelopersFlywheel is the one stop solution for all web designers and developers. In short, this is a WordPress hosting that has been specifically built and configured for individual designers & agencies. Thanks to its simple administrator dashboard you can quickly collect all your projects, show them to your customers and collaborate on them with your co-workers.

One of Flywheel’s most interesting features is the ability to directly transfer billing to clients. Basically, this platform can help you completely re-organize your work and dramatically improve your workflow.

06 – Skeleton (Visit)

skeleton - Best Tools for Web Designers and DevelopersResponsiveness is an important part of any modern web design project. However, creating a responsive layout can be tricky if you try doing it from scratch. But why should you do it from scratch when you can use a free online service such as Skeleton?

Skeleton is a neat website that gives you access to a carefully crafted collection of CSS files that will help you add responsiveness to each one of your websites. It includes CSS files for mobile devices, different resolutions, different screen sizes, etc.

07 – Google Fonts (Visit)

google-fonts - Best Tools for Web Designers and DevelopersUsing different font-faces is easy with Google Fonts. Browse the rich library of fonts and include them in your website with a single line of code. The process is incredibly simple and Google Fonts is undoubtedly one of the best ways to find & implement new fonts in your projects.

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