5 Great Tools Every Content Marketer Needs in its Arsenal

Being a content marketer, especially if you are working hard to become a great one, also assumes having the right tools in hand. Working with proper tools does not mean that you are cheating, as they will only make you more efficient. And efficiency is highly appreciated these days, because time is a precious commodity for most people, especially for business owners. So, if you want what tools are the best to use when wishing to be a reliable and appreciated content marketer, here is a list of the 5 best tools in this domain.

1) Moz Content

Content Marketer Tools - Point 1Moz Content was created so that you will take guessing out from your work, not needing to go by chance when putting together your marketing strategy. It offers great features you can use to create high-quality and result-driven strategies for marketing online content. For instance, with Moz Content, it is easy to see which one of the tactics you have in mind will actually work. This means that you will get to compare results and see which one are most relevant to your case.

Also, you can track the performance of your strategy in time, keeping an eye on its progress at all times. You practically get to see how the content you optimized manages to bring in clicks, views, and shares. But, above all, Moz Content will find sites of the competition that manage to thrive in the business, helping you see what they are doing to be so successful. It is definitely a tool to have around.

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2) ClearVoice

Content Marketer Tools - Point 2ClearVoice is another amazing tool that has a set of valuable features designed for content marketers. To start with, you will have a large database at your disposal, where you will be able to find information like ideas, concepts, editorial calendars, and much more. This will help you to see the most recent trends, being a great place for brainstorming.

With the help of this tool, you will also be able to hire the best freelancers to help you out at different stages of your strategy. You will stop losing time with some parts of the process, being able to focus on the things that actually matter. Enjoy the possibility of creating content and collaborating at the same time, and in the same place, without the need to use more than one tracking system. This time, one single tool will do them all.

And this is not all, because, with the help of ClearVoice, you will be able to get content on WordPress directly, without using any intermediary methods, and on other important content management systems.


3) Feedly

Content Marketer Tools - Point 3There are very high chances that you will love Feedly, due to its great features and clean, but user-friendly, interface. You will be able to personalize the content in very many ways, this tool being very aware that creating a unique online presence is a must these days.

Also, you will be able to track your favorite publications, blogs, and even media networks, while searching for the latest news and fresh information. You will also enjoy a wide range of tools that will make the organization of your work easier to manage. Arrange your content with the help of the web, read the desired information in the cleanest way possible, save bits of information for later, and even find voices with high authority in your preferred domain.

Feedly is even great for teams, having features that will enable a more efficient collaboration among team members. If you find a piece of information you consider relevant, you can easily share it with the rest of your colleagues. You can even sort the stories you find online, and comment on the things you find, working together at all times. And these are only a few features provided by this complex tool.

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4) Outbrain

Content Marketer Tools - Point 4If you need something to promote your content, Outbrain may be just the tool for you. This tool is an efficient one for presenting website links that are sponsored, or paid.

At this point, you may think that this will be quite expensive, as you don’t plan to spend your budget this way. Well, before drawing any conclusions, do take a look at what this tool as to offer. For instance, you can choose the budget you would like to spend on promoting your links. Also, from this set budget, you will get to pay only for the actual visits made on your site, and nothing else. Thus, your budget will be consumed gradually and efficiently, as you are going to spend it only on real results.

Of course, your links will be advertised only where your target audience will be, for maximum efficiency. And you will have, as well, a set of tools for testing and conversion, which is developed to help you reach the best results and performances.

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5) Hootsuite

Content Marketer Tools - Point 5Hootsuite is the tool that will allow you to get your content connected with the most appreciated social networks out there. If you ended up getting so far, you probably know that social media can be a gold mine. So, you need to do your best to get your content out there.

Hootsuite will provide tools that will help you maintain a great engagement level with your target audience, by allowing you to answer efficiently. Also, you will get the chance to hear what this audience has to say about your brand, so you can become even better and improve your social media engagement strategy. Of course, nothing works well without some efficient analytic tools in hand, to see if your efforts are properly paying off. So make sure to use the ones you find on Hootsuite, to see if your presence on social media is as you wished.

Do you have a team with you? That’s just perfect; because you can add any team members you like to your Hootsuite account and start sharing ideas, easing up the workload. Also, you can be sure that all your info and data will be perfectly safe on Hootsuite, security being a matter that is not treated lightly here, so you can sleep peacefully at night.


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