5 Common iPhone Problems and How to Fix Them?

The iPhone doesn’t look entirely different than its forerunners, yet the more profound you jump, the more changes you’ll discover. The camera is an excellent entertainer, there are dual speakers, and Apple finally made its leader gadget water-safe. In the event that you caught one, then you’re likely getting a charge out of it, however, once in a while a solitary issue can execute the good times. We’ve been separating input to detach the primary issues iPhone 7 clients are running into, and we are very brave fixes and workarounds to return the grin all over.

1) Wi-Fi Problems Bluetooth Connectivity Problems


Wi-Fi issues are a standout amongst the most widely recognized issues clients confront with their iPhone. In the event that your new iPhone 7 is having inconveniences interfacing with a Wi-Fi arrange, then you can read the accompanying article to discover how to settle the issue:

Much the same as WiFi issues, Bluetooth network issue is another regular issue of iPhone. In the event that your new iPhone  is having problems with an associated Bluetooth gadget, then the principal thing you can do is to “overlook” the device and reconnect it:

  1. Go to Settings – > Bluetooth.
  2. From the My Devices list, discover the gadget with which you are confronting issues and tap on the blue “i” catch it.
  3. Tap on ‘Overlook This Device’.
  4. Presently have a go at interfacing with the gadget once more.
  5. On the off chance that the issue still endures, consider resetting your system settings by going to Settings – > General – > Reset – > Reset Network Settings.
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2) iPhone Hangs or Freezes


Your iPhone is working fine, and all of a sudden, it Freezes. You press the Home catch, the Power catch, and swipe with your finger. Nothing happens. This article isn’t just about how to unfreeze your iPhone once: It’s about how to figure out what brought on your iPhone to solidify in any case and how to keep your iPhone from solidifying again later on.

A freeze iPhone can be a side effect of either a product or an equipment issue, yet the more often than not, a genuine programming issue is the thing that causes iPhones to Freeze. At the point when an iPhone solidifies, it gets to be distinctly hard to place calls, read messages or finish different business-related assignments. There are a few stages you can take to determine these issues, from restarting your gadget to reestablishing it. Start with the most fundamental strides to investigate the issue and advance to more included strides, if the issue isn’t settled.

A) Restart or Reset Your iPhone

5 Common iPhone Problems and How to Fix Them - point-01On the off chance that your iPhone all of a sudden stops or declines to wake from rest, you can some of the time settle the issue by restarting it. Press and hold the “Rest/Wake” catch until the “slide to control off” message shows up. Slide the bolt to control off your telephone. Play Judas on by holding the “Rest/Wake” catch until the Apple symbol comes. In the event that this doesn’t resolve the issue, or you can’t control on your completely charged iPhone, have a go at resetting the gadget. All the while press and hold the “Rest/Wake” and “Home” catches for no less than 10 seconds. Contingent upon the first issue, the gadget ought to control on or take you to the “slide to control off” screen.

B) Close Applications

5 Common iPhone Problems and How to Fix Them - point-02Some of the time a particular application gets to be distinctly inert and causes your gadget to solidify. You can shut the app by holding down the “Rest/Wake” catch until the “slide to control off” message shows up and afterward holding the “Home” catch for around six seconds until the application closes down and the home screen returns. On the off chance that you see that your gadget solidifies when running various applications, you can close down the ones you aren’t utilizing. Rapidly press the “home” catch twice in succession. Your open applications show up at the base of the screen. Tap and hold an open application, until a red hover with a less sign shows up on each application. Tap the less sign to close the application, and after that press, the “Home” catch twice to close the line.

C) Refresh the IOS

5 Common iPhone Problems and How to Fix Them - point-03In some cases running past IOS, programming variants can thwart your iPhone’s execution or make it solidify, particularly when utilizing applications intended for use with the most recent working framework. Furthermore, Apple some of the time discharges programming refreshes intended to determine solidifying issues. You can refresh your gadget by connecting it to your PC, opening iTunes and clicking “Refresh” in the device outline menu. Before refreshing, exchange your buys and reinforcement your information. On the other hand, in case you’re running iOS 5, or later, you can refresh your gadget by squeezing “Settings,” trailed by “General,” “Programming Update” and “Introduce Now.” However, this strategy takes any longer than refreshing your gadget through iTunes.

D) Reestablish Your iPhone

5 Common iPhone Problems and How to Fix Them - point-04Reestablishing your iPhone is a tedious procedure that you ought to just embrace if your iPhone is as yet solidifying after you’ve attempted the past strides. To reestablish your iPhone, associate it to your PC with the USB-iPhone connector, select your iPhone in the “Gadgets” menu and explore to the “Rundown” tab. Pick “Reestablish,” and make a reinforcement, customer you haven’t as of late made one. Subsequent to reestablishing your telephone, you can reestablish the iOS from a past reinforcement. In the case that despite everything you encounter gadget issues in the wake of reestablishing from reinforcement, reestablish your device and set it up as new. This keeps programming bugs from exchanging from the reinforcement and coming back to your gadget. You can at present save the larger part of your information through the adjusting procedure.

E) Download a System Monitor

5 Common iPhone Problems and How to Fix Them - point-05Applications are accessible through the iTunes store that gives data on your iPhone’s execution, for example, memory utilization, framework logs and reserve data. By observing this data, you can spot risky applications or confirm that a specific setting is creating your gadget to back off or solidify. Moreover, some of these applications permit you to discharge your telephone’s framework memory, which can enhance your iPhone’s execution and resolve certain solidifying issues.

* Note: Reference taken from the article “My iPhone Is Frozen! What To Do When Your iPhone Freezes”.

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3) Quick Battery Drain


The battery of your iPhne is not performing well? Is it draining too fast? The following points may help you.

A) Stop pointless applications

5 Common iPhone Problems and How to Fix Them - Point 1To start with thing’s first. We have to take in the conduct of our battery to find the issue and in this manner to discover an answer. To show signs of improvement comprehension of what makes your battery tick, go to Settings > Battery. On the off chance that you find applications on this screen are spending more battery than they ought to be, close them by tapping Force stop.

B) Replace your old battery with another one

5 Common iPhone Problems and How to Fix Them - Point 2On the off chance that your cell phone is a few years of age, the tragic truth is that its battery may color. On the off chance that you don’t have a ton of foundation procedures running and are holding your screen shine down, then it merits perusing our audit of your telephone and contrasting our battery involvement with yours. On the off chance that yours is extensively lower, it may be the ideal opportunity for a change. Producers regularly say that a battery ought to perform well for up to 1000 charges, however that relies on upon many variables.

C) Your charger does not work

5 Common iPhone Problems and How to Fix Them - Point 3On the off chance that following an entire night’s charging, you see that your cell phone battery depletes super-quick, then it merits checking before anything else whether it very charges. If not, then you’re taking a gander at a flawed charger.

Check whether your link works with another telephone, or then again whether your phone works with another link. On the off chance that your charger turns out to be flawed, recall just to purchase chargers from legitimate makers, else you chance turning into the subject of those very incessant news stories about telephones setting houses and individuals ablaze.

D) ‘Android framework’ use excessive battery

5 Common iPhone Problems and How to Fix Them - Point 4One of the greatest battery buyers on your telephone is the ‘Android framework’ benefit. This keeps your entire gadget running efficiently, so normally utilizes a great deal of battery; however, it shouldn’t be more than 25 percent. On the off chance that it’s using more than this, then you could have an issue.

This issue could of by minimizing your Android gadget to a more established Android rendition. We have a lot of minimization aides on AndroidPIT, so simply look “downsize [your telephone name]” on AndroidPIT. Ought to this bomb, then you may need to manufacture plant reset your gadget. Intense; however, this may sound, it could, at last, be an easier arrangement than minimizing your device, in light of the fact that to do that you have to blaze it, which can prompt to intricacies.

E) Turn off auto-shine

5 Common iPhone Problems and How to Fix Them - Point 5Try not to act all pure. The law states you ought to never utilize programmed shine, yet you’ve been mishandling it away from public scrutiny. Despite the fact that programmed splendor is generally sufficiently complex to create a happy with review setting for every person, it is not equipped for choosing the ideal setting. How right? Cell phone sensors don’t have a clue about the quality of your and your awesome auntie’s vision, isn’t that right?

Setting the brilliance level yourself will constantly give better battery life, insofar as you set it to a nearly low esteem. Luckily, the Android stage makes it simple to confirm brilliance settings, and it can undoubtedly be balanced from the fast settings menu with a two-fingered descending swipe.

F) Abbreviate your screen timeout

5 Common iPhone Problems and How to Fix Them - Point 6The show is one of the greatest wellsprings of battery depletes on an Android telephone, so overseeing it is essential to its life span. The “screen-timeout” or “rest” setting decides to what extent your show will remain alerted for after it has been locked in with; if your screen stays on while you aren’t taking a gander at it, it’s squandering valuable battery life. Best to set it to the most reduced esteem you are OK within customary utilize, and just change it when you have to.

Try not to stress over applications which require the screen to be on forever while being used, similar to diversions or eBook readers, they know to remain conscious regardless of what you’re setting is.

* Note: Reference taken from the article “My phone is to heating up, and as a result the battery drains very fast. What should I do?”.

4) Overheating

iPhone Problems

What can bring about overheating? There are three primary drivers of an overheating gadget.

A) The processor is under an overwhelming workload. In case you’re playing realistic escalated diversions or altering and sending out the 4K video, you’ll likely observe quick battery deplete and expanding heat. This is because of the way that there are no fans to chill off the processor, and the aluminum shell can’t remove enough warmth all alone. As a rule, the gadget will essentially get warm. This shouldn’t be sufficient to do harm or even to incite a temperature-cautioning screen.

B) The gadget is physically left in a hot condition. Keeping your iPhone in a hot auto or direct daylight is unquestionably something to stay away from. This by itself will bring about unnecessary warmth which can wreak ruin on the battery and different segments. So if it’s a day at the shoreline, hold your iPhone under a towel or in the shade. Stopping the auto for some time? Hold your telephone covered up under the shade and split the windows – or bring it with you. I know it appears to be moderately oversimplified; however, these two reasons alone – both because of the gadget being left in a warm place – are the most widely recognized guilty parties for an overheating device.

C) The battery is falling flat. A fizzling battery can oust a considerable measure of warmth. On the off chance that you trust this to be the situation, promptly shut down the gadget and have it adjusted by Apple. Rarely ought to this be an issue, as iOS has ventures to follow in the event of a battery breakdown – chiefly, iOS inciting the gadget to close down without client input. You can run a battery indicative to check for indications of a battery disappointment, how to keep away from it, and ventures for having your iPhone adjusted.

Most certainly don’t put your gadget into a fridge or cooler with expectations of accelerating the cooling procedure. While this is a technique for illuminating the issue, it would accomplish more harm than it would settle. Because of the quick increment and lessening in temperature, general battery charge limit would be brought due down to harm. Be that as it may, a couple of things you can attempt rather include:

  1. Remove the case.
  2. Shutting every running application and handicapping foundation application revive.
  3. Entering low power mode (This will kill various elements; however you can turn them off independently in case you’re dependent on them).
  4. Diminishing the show.
  5. Off area administrations.
  6. Off Bluetooth.
  7. Keeping the gadget out of a warm domain.
  8. Running battery diagnostics.
  9. Adjusting your gadget.

5) iPhone Not Turning On

iPhone 6 plus

iPhones and iPads ought to “Just work,” yet no development is incredible. If you’ve pressed the Power to get and the screen won’t turn on, or you see a mix-up message, don’t stretch. You can likely make it boot again.

The rules here will make any iPhone or iPad boot-up and work fittingly. If they don’t, your device has a hardware issue shielding it from booting.

A) Associate It To, Let It Charge — And Wait

5 Common iPhone Problems and How to Fix Them - point-01An iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch may disregard to turn on if its battery is absolutely dead. All things considered, you’ll see some sort of “low battery” pointer when you endeavor to turn an iOS contraption on, and it doesn’t have enough battery control. Be that as it may, when the battery is entirely dead, it won’t respond and you’ll essentially watch the dull screen.

Relate your iPhone or iPad to a divider charger and let it charge for a little time — give it fifteen minutes, possibly. If the battery is absolutely dead, you can’t just interface it to and suspect that it will respond in a flash. Give it two or three minutes to charge, and it should turn itself on. This would settle your contraption if its battery were as of late completely drained.

Guarantee your charger is working if this doesn’t work. A broken charger or charging connection may shield it from charging. Endeavor another charger and connection if you have them available.

B) Hold Power + Home to Perform a Hard Reset

5 Common iPhone Problems and How to Fix Them - point-02iPhones and iPads can set entirely, much the same as various PCs. If they do, the Power and Home will do nothing. Play out a “hard reset” to settle this. This was by and large performed by ousting a device’s battery and reinserting it or pulling the power interface on devices without batteries, which is the reason it’s generally gotten playing out a “control cycle.” However, iPhones and iPads don’t have a removable battery. Or maybe, there’s a catch blend you can use to restart your phone or tablet influentially.

To do this, press both the Power and Home gets and hold them down. (Because of the iPhone 7, press and opening the Power get and the volume down catch.) Keep holding both gets down until you see the Apple logo appear on the screen. The logo should appear in the region of ten and twenty seconds after you start holding the gets. After the Apple logo makes a mockery of, your iPhone or iPad will boot go down commonly. (The Power catch is generally called the Sleep/Wake get — the catch normally turns your device’s screen on and off.)

In case this catch mix doesn’t work, your iPhone or iPad may ought to be charged for quite a while first. Charge it for quite a while before attempting the Power+Home get hard reset.

C) Restore the iOS Operating System With iTunes

5 Common iPhone Problems and How to Fix Them - point-03iPhones and iPads that don’t turn on rapidly by and large essentially have no battery control left or have a cemented working structure. Regardless, once in a while your device’s screen may turn on, and you’ll see a goof screen as opposed to the standard boot-up logo. The screen shows a photograph of a USB interface and an iTunes logo.

This “Interface with iTunes” screen shows up when the iOS programming on your iPhone or iPad is hurt or for the most part polluted. To get your device working and booting up properly fresh, you’ll need to restore its working structure — and that requires iTunes on a PC or Mac.

Interface the iPhone or iPad to a PC running iTunes. You should see a message saying iTunes has recognized a device in recovery mode. iTunes will prompt you that “there is an issue” with your device “that obliges it to be revived or restored.” You’ll in all likelihood need to play out a “restore” which will download the latest iOS programming from Apple and present it on your contraption.

The restore method will wipe the records and data on your iPhone or iPad, notwithstanding they’re starting at now closed off if your contraption won’t boot. You can recover your data from an iCloud fortification later.

You can put any iPhone or iPad into recovery mode by changing it off and associating it to a PC running iTunes with a USB interface. Press the Home catch and hold it down as you module the USB interface. Keep holding the conventional until the “Connect to iTunes” screen appears on the contraption. In any case, you shouldn’t have to do this if the contraption is working fittingly. If its working structure is hurt, it should subsequently boot to the recovery mode screen with no additional traps crucial.

* Note: Reference taken from the article “What to Do When Your iPhone or iPad Won’t Turn On.


5 Common iPhone Problems and How to Fix Them - conclusion

With the improvement of the Internet and the development of desktop PCs to versatile web gadgets, cell phones have turned out to be appended to individuals. In particular, the iPhone is an effective question since it has remediated Apple into an organized item. The blend of Internet with the Mac and music inside the iPod into a portable specialized gadget (the iPhone) has made an item, that interfaces with other Apple items, programming, and applications. Along these lines, Apple made a ware for individuals that enhances with utilization. While people buy more Apple items, the items turn out to be more “important” making the system of Apple an exhibition. The iPhone has not seen a protest, but rather an idea of systems administration with Apple items and different clients. Moreover, this system builds up a portable virtual window inside the huge number of inserted screens that are constantly open to the client. Since the iPhone can be utilized the customers wishes, however, it can be viewed as a consistent recreation keeping up a quality through the virtual window. Since the customer draws in with the gadget, the iPhone’s interface overwhelms a virtual window creating interminable false substances through recreation.

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