We have an experienced Joomla Developer Group. For Joomla users we provides some free extensions. If you have a website built in Joomla you can try our following free extension. Hopefully our free extensions will help you to rich your website.


RS-Monials is a Joomla Component that works natively in Joomla environment. This is a very simple and user friendly testimonial component. Using this component you can easily able to accept comments / feedback / review / testimonials from your clients or visitors. This is a free component.

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RS Cool Mp3 Player is a flash based minimalistic Mp3 player with a twist, perfect for your website. It supports the basic functions of an mp3 player- play, pause, draggable volume bar, sound visualizer. It includes a special sound visualizer that changes when you drag the volume bar.

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RS-SimpSlide is a Joomla Module works natively in Joomla environment. You can control the loop function, the use of random playback of images, the transition time between slides as well as the display time of an image. All from the admin module parameters. This is a free extension.

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RS-Spotter is a Joomla Module works natively in Joomla environment. This ticker floats a number of text items that have been defined in the admin panel. It is useful to add the headlines from your favourite sites to your own website. It is resizeable, you can change colors settings, you can set float direction, you can set items url redirection. This is a free extension.

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