Why WordPress Is the Most Utilized Website Platform in the World?

Almost the instant that WordPress became available online it was labeled as “blogging” software. Since then, millions of website owners have come to know the unlimited power that WordPress provides. While it is true it has phenomenal blogging capabilities, it represents only a small portion of what the platform can do.

WordPress offers significant SEO benefits and creative custom abilities in its web design. With more than 75 million sites already utilizing its benefits, it provides greater accessibility, faster communication speed and better time management, all while saving the website owner money.

Social Media Friendly

WordPress 01In recent years, WordPress has become extremely social media friendly. It provides tools to automatically integrate the site owner’s post to many social media sites including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others. The instant, automatic connectivity eliminates the need to log in to each separate site to post an update.

SEO Friendly

WordPress 02Through extensive coding, WordPress has been able to streamline its SEO (Search Engine Optimization) processing without the need of developing unnecessary HTML code. This efficient approach helps Google index the site easier, which is more effective at generating higher rankings and better search engine results.

Audio/Video Capabilities

WordPress 03Offering extensive audio video capabilities, site owners can maximize their online marketing tools and add AV content to every page and post. Now that Google and other search engines are considering imaging, audio, and video content in their search engine results, WordPress site owners optimizing these features are producing higher SEO rankings.

Scalable Potential of WordPress

WordPress 04Making changes to the WordPress templates is easy. Adjusting navigational tools, adding new categories, along with updating new posts and pages is easy to perform. With full access to a highly intuitive admin section, website owners can quickly edit nearly every feature without bothering with the manual edit of JavaScript menus or intricate PHP files.

Heightened Security

WordPress 05Due to the fact that WordPress is an open source technology that allows third-party companies to produce their own WordPress themes, plug-ins and add-ons, it has a heightened level of security. Designed to be “hacker-proofed”, WordPress fully protects the installation process to ensure safeguards remain firmly in place.

Creative Templates of WordPress

WordPress 06WordPress encourages third-party vendors to create their own templates, plug-ins and add-ons. As a result, a few companies offer highly creative WordPress themes designed to target specific audiences. These templates (themes) can be easily customized, allowing the site owner to change the font, text color, background color, images, and AV content. Layouts are easily adjusted, or come with multiple configurations. Many of these creative templates can be utilized within mere seconds, providing a fresh new professional look almost instantly.

Every business knows how they want their site to look. Without the need to spend time reinventing the wheel, site owners can quickly customize a unique web design within these pre-designed WordPress themes. As an open source solution for design, the owner can modify each site to their heart’s content.

The CMS and Visual Editor

WordPress 07On the back end of the WordPress platform are the CMS and visual editor. WordPress offers its “Paste from Word” tool that allows instant editing directly from Microsoft Word. The platform provides numerous user-friendly editing options that make for simple updating of the pages and posts. Additionally, the enhancements made to CMS now allow for threaded comments, updated galleries, history revisions, customized post types, and more.

Easy Accessibility

WordPress 08One of the biggest reasons that WordPress is so popular, other than its phenomenal design features and CMS technology, is that it is easily accessible on multiple platforms. Site owners can now install WordPress on their Linux and Windows servers. Because it uses free license server software, every webpage published on WordPress utilizing CSS and HTML can be displayed on Android smart phones and devices, iPhones, Blackberrys, iPads and other mobile devices. With the ability to be viewed on alternate browsers, it has capabilities that far out reach its competition.

Immense Usage

WordPress 0922% of all current and active domains are founded on the WordPress platform. It is the most utilized AMP-based content management system technology on earth. It has immense usage and is recognized because nearly 62% of the top 1 million online sites on Earth use the WordPress platform.

The Best of Both Worlds

WordPress 10Because WordPress initially started out as a blogging platform, back in 2003, it has made the most out of instant publishing. Utilizing its TinyMCE Editor, a site owner can quickly type out and upload updated content to their site almost instantly. It operates in two modes as an HTML editor, and a visual editor (VE). The visual editor operates much like a word processor, and the HTML editor allows for instant coding.

Making the most out of WordPress involves locating the best third-party WordPress themes, plug-ins and add-ons. With the unlimited resources available, the platform offers almost unlimited potential in designing, operating and maintaining a website, specifically to the desires of the owner.

This article is written by Anny Solway, a dedicated writer at ThemeFuse – a web studio that creates original WordPress templates, that can be used out of the box. She loves to share blogging and technology tips.

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