What Will the Web To Print Solutions Industry Be Like In The Next 50 Years

As new technology is emerging daily, more and more new trends, new devices and many new online services are growing by leaps and bounds. Same is true with Printing Solutions. Service providers are evolving with new expectations of print, quality, and efficiency. Now Online Print Solutions are tailored to meet your unique needs.

In the next fifty years, the web to print solutions industry is going to reach heights of technology.

According to Smithers Pira report, total digital printing market will reach 225% peak of the 2013 value by 2024.  This implies more than 400% by the next fifty years.

In this new era, Technology has made things easy for the people. Even a child can take snapshots from a phone and get them printed. There is no need for running to studios as the Web to print made our work easier. With few clicks of the mouse is required to upload the picture on the website.

Then submit the request to make digital printing of photos. The Online Web to Print Solutions convert them into a desirable format as per your requirements, and the courier will send the printouts.

The web-to-print has helped many small printers to earn a good amount of money. This economic form of printing is a cost cutting form. Digital printing provides a full number of advantages that an offset cannot offer. Initially, Color digital presses came to the market with low cost and great turn around. With the increase of technology, print design services introduced new business models and applications. Some printers can deliver more than 8000 A4 prints in a minute.


As per reports Digital will grow even more and this leaves a positive impact on the web printing solutions.

1. New Applications are being developed

Web To Print Solutions - Point 1In the next fifty years, Digital printing grows in almost every print sector across the world. The value for electrophotography rises with the growth of color printing applications. Users will search for more niches to exploit the advantages of digital print services.

2. Business Growth

Web To Print Solutions - Point 2More than 55% of print professionals say that their top investment priority over the next few years is to build a digital infrastructure and workstations.  The reason for this change in it reduces the cost and provides business growth.

Digital printing lowers the client’s costs. The speed gets increased by 50% allowing more jobs. Customer satisfaction will be cent percent as it provides customer acquisition and retention.

3. Quality with Stunning images

Web To Print Solutions - Point 3Online web to print solutions for printers enabled to lower the cost and reduce the old traditional methods of printing. Digital printing ensures that more quality and stunning images are provided for the customers. People are more interested in the digital way of printing rather than going a studio or any other place for output. The quality increases in the next few years regarding font, colors and images and much more.

In the year 2015, the digital printing accounts for 13.9% including print and its packaging which is only 2.5% of the total world volume. In comparison to that data, by the next fifty years, we can expect a double increase. Everyone wants to decrease the cost of packaging which includes cartons, rigid and much more. The suppliers want to take up digital production methods. In the next few years, there will be a growth in print solutions in both volume and value. Printing materials are reliable solutions for many companies as it is required for their marketing campaigns. They offer some ways to advertise. For example, the QR codes on the prints help them to bring more traffic to their business.  This QR code is now widely used and especially in the digital printing world this plays a key role for business features which impacts all.


Granted. A new type of Printing Solutions is going to avail in the market. Quality increases in the next few years regarding font, colors and images and much more. Many use print solutions to build their company’s brand. They use brochures, pamphlets, and newspapers to attract people. As per a report, it says that printed paper is read 30% faster than the digital paper.

Print shop management software optimizes the format of the document in an easy way. It helps to track the orders while printing even on multiple printers. The business becomes more profitable and productive. In the next fifty years, the production becomes more profitable. The quality improves along with flexibility.


Web To Print Solutions - conclusionNow a day’s people are more interested in the printing solutions with the increase of technology. The hard copies and photo albums and other printed items like personified mugs and gifts are in demand. So everyone prefers web-2-print for their requirements. Even companies prefer digital printing as millions of people prefer reading printed materials then e-books.

This article is written by David Singletary. He has completed his education in IT and started working in web to print research & development segment. Having more than 5 years of experience in web to print industry as well as well as eCommerce product customization software development & solution. Follow him: Website | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn.

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