App Development Process: Create Apps that People Love

Mobile apps are touching new heights of popularity with each passing day. With many innovative and useful apps being launched on all major mobile platforms, there is no walk of life that the apps have not touched. We find the right way if lost, do shopping, book movie and airlines ticket, and call electricians and plumbers through mobile apps. Although there are several apps for same purpose, not each one of them becomes a hit. It is, therefore, evident that apart from a refreshing idea, the app must also be high on usability, beauty, and performance.

The app must be able to solve some problem for the users. An app that has the potential to understand the issues of the users and provides good solutions is the one people love. Developing such an app requires not just exceptional technical skills but also a keen understanding of the preferences of the users and a few other aspects like an intuitive UI/UX. There is no fixed formula for a successful app. You may make changes in the process discussed here or follow them as they are.

Step-wise Development Process to Follow

1. Conceive an idea

App Development Process - point-01 An idea is the backbone of the app. If you wish to create an app but do not have an idea, look for the problems people face in their lives and think of the solutions that apps can provide. The one that appears feasible and viable can be chosen.

2. Assess the need

App Development Process - point-02 After you have zeroed in on an idea, you need to identify the need of the app and how important can the app become in the users life. It is required that you think ahead and assess the impact the app can make. The idea can be validated by having a look at the keywords that people are looking for related to your app idea.

App Development Process - Access Needed

3. Detailed flow of the app

App Development Process - point-03 Once the idea is validated, the flow and features of the app should be brought down on the paper. If you wish to make the process better, you can make use of wire-frame for better results.

4. Scrutinize the unwarranted features

App Development Process - point-04 An app have some core features and few additional ones. When you develop an idea, you want to include a lot of features in the app that may appear irrelevant at a later stage. All such non-core features should be removed from the app for better performance.

5. Design UI/UX first

App Development Process - point-05 Businesses often ignore the UI design of the app and focus more on developing the functionalities. UI design is not just about the look and feel but the entire user experience and hence, must be given priority.

App Development Process - UI/UX Design

6. Get a Developer on Hire

App Development Process - point-06 To develop a native or HTML5 based mobile app that has unique features and design layout, a skilled and experienced app developer is a must. You can easily hire such developers from a reputed offshore development firm.

7. Use Analytics

App Development Process - point-07 Integrating analytics tool in the app helps you record the users preferences and enables you to offer a personalized experience to the users. It will also boost the user retention of the app.

8. Take the feedback seriously

App Development Process - point-08 The feedback that you receive from the users must be taken into consideration while improving the user experience of the app. You always need to keep an eye on the suggestions and keep building the app.

9. Update with new features

App Development Process - point-09 As discussed in the earlier point, the apps must be improved in accordance with the feedback from the users. When an error or bug is reported, you must work towards fixing it and release the updated versions on a regular basis.

App Development Process: Closing Thought

App Development Process - closing thoughts A great app starts with a great idea, but having a completely new and unique idea is not warranted. If you have a different approach to an existing idea, you can add dimension to it and make an app that solves the users’ problem with greater efficacy. When you follow these steps, it is most likely that you will get an app that is well-designed, high on performance, and is able to provide an exceptional UX – the most crucial aspect.

This article is written by Ashni Sharma, a senior application developer associated with AppsChopper- an application and game development company based out of Noida, India. Apart from being the brain behind many successful apps, Ashni is inclined towards writing informative blogs on technological and design aspects of the mobile applications. You can follow: Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+.

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