7 Social Media Trends that Change the Game for Ecommerce Websites

We all are aware of the effectiveness of social media strategy for E-commerce business. If you still have not nailed down your social media strategy yet, then here check the 7 important social media trends that an e-commerce business cannot afford to go without!

1. Focus on Product Photos and Visual Platforms

5 Guidelines to Attaching the Perfect Picture to Your Content

Customers on the other side of the desktop are not able to try, taste, or test your product. They can only see it. Hence, it is of utmost importance for e-commerce stores to click high-quality product photos. Once clicked, publish the photos on as many visual social platforms as you can.

One great example is Pinterest where you can use the autocomplete feature and place photos for a specific search or keyword. Instagram is also an excellent choice where you can run a hashtag campaign for your products and let customers view it.

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2. Create Videos


Don’t limit yourself to posting photos only on Facebook, Instagram, and other similar platforms. Captivate your clients on popular video platforms with engaging and fresh content. Videos possess the ability to offer a realistic experience to the users.

You can incorporate storytelling power of videos to build strong connections with your existing and new customers. The demand for streaming videos has increased a lot. Use this as well as longer-form content to keep your customers engaged in your brand.

3. Go Live


Live video streaming is an excellent way to create buzz around your product as well as gain customer trust. It is the newest way of communication between the brands and customers.

With this direct line of communication, it is possible to develop a personal touch with your customers. You can also use this to gather feedback from customers and end in a win-win situation.

4. Offer Personalized Content

Content Marketing Tactics Graph Strategy

Another way to nurture relationships with customers and boost conversions is personalized content. The competition among brands is increasing than ever and this has made customers more powerful.

Technology and ease of availability of information online have offered customers access to multiple choices. Hence, it is essential to offer them personalized experiences. Your brand must practice a customer-centric approach in order to reap long-lasting benefits.

Tailor content specific to the audiences based on particular factors, like their location, which they are, and their utility.

5. Be Genuine

Social Media Trends for Ecommerce Websites

Social media has offered customers the power to investigate and call out brands which appear unsavory or fail to offer rich customer experiences. If you refrain to share your company’s authentic information on social media then it can result in severe consequences for your business.

Hence, offer honest and open information to your clients to build trust and drive buyer’s decisions. It is the responsibility of brands to be more transparent as only this way they can earn customer’s trust. A trend expected in companies is to move away from programs, which focus on service-oriented communications and rather focus on customer satisfaction and building trust.

6. Respond to Customer Concerns and Recommendations


With consumers becoming more skeptical of brands and their promotional tactics, it is apparent that the best way to generate brand advocates is by evoking emotional connections.

Encourage the members of your company on the top hierarchy to share join social media platforms and give customers the opportunity to develop a bond with their actual personalities. This is an excellent way to humanize your brand and strengthen brand reputation among the public.

7. Practice Influencer Marketing


A great idea and trend that every eCommerce site must follow are partnering with social media influencers. This way, it is easier to create buzz around your brand and get it noticed. This strategy is also effective in alleviating customer skepticism. It is because people easily trust other people and not brands.

But influencer marketing has gained immense popularity in the span of time. Hence, in order to pair with big-name influencers, you might have to pay some hefty cost. Don’t worry if you don’t have big funds. You can always partner with micro-influencers to start with the practice and later on switch to bigger brands.

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Final Words:

Social Media Trends for Ecommerce Websites - conclusion

There are countless numbers of brands appearing on social media channels. Hence, standing out to customers is quite tough. So, the best solution is to hire eCommerce developer and social media expert who can take care of all such social media trends & stuff and encourage quality customer engagement for more shares, likes, and leads.

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