WordPress Hosting by “A2 Hosting” – Up To 6X Faster!

Building an eye-catching website is not always affordable. But thankfully, we have some great options to cut down the cost. One of the best and easiest options is WordPress. WordPress is a free web development software solution you can use to build a high quality and stunning looking website.

Importance of Choosing the Right Host:

Building a website may be your priority, but an important decision you have to make is choosing the proper Web Hosting service. Speed and security are two important factors when considering a web host. If your web server is not secured (i.e. hacker friendly) and if your website takes a long time to load a page, you will inevitably lose business and visitors.

WordPress Hosting by “A2 Hosting”:

Recently when developing one of my client’s WordPress based websites, I used the WordPress Hosting service provided by A2 Hosting. I loved their service! Here are some of their unique features that motivated me to write this review.

1. A2 Optimized WordPress Plugin:

WordPress Hosting 01 A2 Hosting developed a WordPress plugin exclusively for their customers. This plugin has some built-in caching & compression techniques. This plugin come pre-installed to help configure your website automatically for optimum performance settings . As per their claim, this plugin can make your pages load time up to 6-times faster than sites not using A2 Optimized.

Along with the improvement in loading time, this plugin provides some built-in security feature like making your WordPress login URL unique, updating WordPress automatically and implementation of ReCaptcha on the WordPress login page. These features will definitely help you make your website more secure.

2. Turbo Server:


WordPress Hosting 02 Although their Turbo Servers are only available on their highest plan (i.e. cost-wise), I think it’s worth the additional cost. Their Turbo Servers can load pages up to 20 times faster than traditional hosting by providing a drop-in Apache replacement. By maintaining fewer users on each server, using APC powered by SwiftCache and SwiftServer SSDs, Turbo can load your website much faster and efficiently. You can also expect much more stability on these servers.

To learn more about how their SwiftServer SSDs work, please watch the following video:


3. Preinstalled WordPress:

WordPress Hosting 03 On their hosting plans, you can have the option for WordPress to come pre-installed. This is a very handy option, especially for non-technical customers. Just choose this option from their shopping cart. Otherwise, you can always use the 1-click install option in your cPanel hosting control panel.

You can watch the following video to understand their order process:

4. Other Features:

WordPress Hosting 04 Along with the unique features that I mentioned above, A2 Hosting also claims “24 x 7 x 365” customer support via email, chat, and phone. They also guarantee you a 99.9% uptime on all of their hosting plans.

Quick Note: Although A2 Hosting is particularly optimized for WordPress, they are recommended for Joomla and Drupal also.
My client purchased their fastest plan (i.e. Turbo plan) and after I personally used it, I am very satisfied. My client is a photographer. His website contains a lot of images to show his photography work, but the site still loads quickly.

The one feature that I have not used is their support system. Actually, I have not faced any problems and so support has not been required.

You should definitely give A2 Hosting a try. From my experience their WordPress Hosting is loaded with exciting features and should be your top choice. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee so there really is no risk involved when trying their service.

Click here to learn more about the WordPress Hosting Service from A2 Hosting

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4 thoughts on “WordPress Hosting by “A2 Hosting” – Up To 6X Faster!

  1. As someone who had a really terrible experiences with Go Daddy, arvixe hey, and HostGator I found A2 hosting to be a real breath of fresh air. Never once Since switching to A2 hosting have I had the need to call in for support their service just plain works no interruptions or hiccups at all thus far and that’s saying a lot considering their regular calls I would have to make or for our chats with Representatives who accomplished nothing in that extended amount of time that I experienced with all of the other web host that I mentioned across the board

    My only complaint is that there domain registration fees are too expensive I was going to transfer one of my domains into them and realize that to transfer in a.com it would be $15.95…

    As much as I wanted to give the business to A2, I could not justify not transferring it to my existing namesilo account instead for $8.25 per year other than that top notch love them