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Client Name: Braden Urquhart

Project Description:

Required a form script created for a cleaning company that will allow the visiter to calculate the estimate cost, choose a cleaning date, and enter there information. Following are the options for how it created.

Note The objective of the form is to:

  • Calculate the cost
  • Enter cleaning date &
  • Enter the visitor information.

Option 1: It is a 1 page process. Following is how this form to function:

  1. People choose from the drop down box the number for each room. – Each room cost $30 and there is a base charge of $79. Example. If someone orders 1 room it cost $79, 2 = $79, 3 = $90, 5 = $150 etc.
  2. For the date I would like the calendar to function the same as in the Chemdry example. But with no unavailable future dates, just past dates will be unavailable.
  3. All the information displayed on the same page not five different pages.
  4. Once the form is submitted a copy sent to the customer and a copy sent to and to a email I choose. In a clean format with my logo etc. And a copy stored in a database.

Option 2: If it is easier to duplicate the Chemdry form and all the functions, it is good.

Option 3: If someone has other ideas or easier ways of creating this, as long as it meets 3 objectives it is fine to proceed.

Option 4: Also if someone is able to just add the calculator option to the script, this might be the easiest.

Final Feedback/Rating from Client:

Best provider. Completed everything I wanted exactly, with fast turnaround time. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a great provider at a great price that provides very professional work. Thank you.

Project Screenshots:

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