Inspirational Story: Ralph Kalsi & One Stop Media Coming into the Picture

Great things generally happen only when there is a perfect collaboration. Take this for an example: the Inca Empire was considered as the largest empire in pre-Columbian America. Regardless of the fact that it lagged behind in many aspects associated with civilization, prospects of unbelievable economic development were seen in the empire because of its ability to collaborate with one another.

Hence, instead of competing for the praise of your client or your manager, why not use your head in collaborating with the members of your team to create something that your competing brands and agencies might never have thought about. This is exactly the idea that Ralph Kalsi has used in creating his digital marketing agency called One Stop Media and in making it one of the most dominant marketing agencies in Melbourne.

The Story: Building the Digital Marketing Firm


There are a large number of people who have dreams of starting their very own businesses and creating a life that allows them to have fun and travel while being sufficiently remunerated. However, the main problem is that almost 99% of individuals fail to follow through. The fact is that accomplishing the target is easier than you might have ever thought of simply by creating a good social media marketing agency.

Unless you have been living under the rock, it would be hard for you to miss Kalsi on social media. He has duly leveraged a number of social media platforms for launching a large number of businesses and for scaling the existing ones. But, how is he gained such huge success within a very short span of time? Only because he is not afraid to experiment.

Ralph Kalsi, the Managing Director at One Stop Media and an avid digital marketing entrepreneur, presents his story of creating and building his Melbourne-based digital marketing firm into one of the best and the most reliable across the area. Ralph has got a team that has put in its best efforts in transforming the agency into a powerhouse where companies can fulfill their digital marketing objectives and untamed desires.

Ralph Kalsi, a very strong supporter of result-oriented marketing, says,

“If I had to start out all again without any experience and without any money, I would get hold of small businesses that could pay me around $10,000 every month for managing their digital marketing platforms or social media sites. I have spent a huge amount of money in running a number of social media experiments only to see what works and what does not and this has helped me make tens and millions of dollars in the procedure.”

The Success Story:


As a passionate marketer looking to share knowledge and business advantage creation, Kalsi is one of the most active members of the industry for digital marketing, mentioning and suggesting practitioners and clients alike. One of the prime reasons behind his marketing agency gaining huge success across Melbourne is because Kalsi quickly noticed the fact that small business owners always find social media quite intimidating. He had this stress on creating an opportunity for himself by becoming valuable which will ultimately help an individual in making good money. He has a clear understanding of how Google and Facebook work and this served as a game changer for his marketing agency. His clients gladly keep paying him forever mainly because he keeps helping them to their bottom lines.

Kalsi has put down estimates of the payments of average customers and teaches individuals and organizations to create their very own marketing agencies with social media. He also teaches the right process of getting the best clients for your services. The very first thing that he did for making his company the topmost digital marketing agency in Melbourne is that he applied social media on his very own company. Yes, he started marketing himself and went viral with his YouTube videos that were seen by billions of individuals shot only with an iPhone. This convinced organizations and even individuals that Kalsi was a very capable and skilled marketer.

Ralph always has this stress on picking lucrative niches. He says,

“Digital marketing is basically a front-loading model in business. This means that the users have to put in a lot of efforts in the beginning. This is a treadmill business where you need to show work and if you fail to do so, your income gets down to zero. I always recommend having your focus on grabbing the attention of high-value consumers such as lawyers and doctors. They would not struggle to make your payment.”

Kalsi also has this stress on the significance of serving in the form of an Army general adept at building a team that is into heavy lifting. He lays emphasis on the point that you require a virtual or personal assistant and a team of qualified marketers for managing your everyday operations. He says,

“You can never make money by working all alone. You make money when skilled and qualified professionals offer you their services.”

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Final Words

Get Inspired by the Story of Ralph Kalsi & One Stop Media Coming into the Picture - conclusion

Hopefully, Ralph Kalsi’s tech story on making his digital marketing agency reach great heights of success will offer you some inspiration on making brand storytelling one of the biggest parts of your digital marketing plan.

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