25 ECommerce Conversion Hacks to Make the Best of your ECommerce Venture (Infographic)

They don’t refer to the internet as ‘virtual world’ without a reason; in fact, it has evolved to be a whole world in its own might, one which continues to grow indefinitely ever since the first ever web page went live in 1991.

Tim Berners-Lee, the mastermind of this project, could never have imagined his brainchild to turn into something as dynamic, as alive and as thriving as it is now. As of now, the total number of web pages on the internet is somewhere between 47-48 billion and counting.

What’s even more interesting is that 12-24 million of these web pages are eCommerce stores. However, what’s not interesting about this is the fact that only 650,000 online stores (about 3%) are able to make more than $1,000 in annual sales.

What does this signify, you may ask? Well, it reflects that a staggering majority of eCommerce stores is not doing things rightly, or else there would have been more than mere 3% of them netting $1,000 annually.

Now this is where you might get misled in doubting the potential of eCommerce industry, but to your own dismay. Because internet based commerce activities are just in their infancy, but still doing really well. How well, you might want to know?

Well, Statista is here with some amazing facts and figures in this regard, according to which B2C eCommerce sales will enjoy a spike during 2016, totaling $1.92 trillion in sales and this upward trend will result in amassing $2.356 trillion by 2018.

It makes one thing very clear; there’s unprecedented room for improvement in sprucing your online revenues. All you need to do is set things right, which is much easier said than done, or we would have ended up with far better stats than only 3% of e-stores making more than $1,000 annually in sales.

Of all other things that add up to the failure of online stores in actualizing their dream success is their inability to access the right kind of information. For starters, have a look at these few questions:

  • Do you know of a little feature, which can satisfy 90% of customers on your site?
  • Which feature can help you improve the rate of your return customers by 63%?
  • Which four factors helped a website to boost sales by 332%?
No need to worry though in case you are unaware of the answers to these questions, because Technorian, the UK based online eCommerce services provider have come up with dozens of eCommerce conversion hacks, which give you answers to these questions and much more.

The best part is that everyone can download and use these 25 Ecommerce Conversion Hacks for free. Every online business can learn a thing or few from these, check them out below.

25 ECommerce Conversion Hacks to Make the Best of your ECommerce Venture (Infographic):

ECommerce Conversion Hacks Part 1ECommerce Conversion Hacks Part 2ECommerce Conversion Hacks Part 3ECommerce Conversion Hacks Part 4
This infographic is provided by Khawar Zaman. He is with over a decade of eCommerce consultancy experience, is the co-founder of Technorian, a unique and thriving startup offering WooCommerce, Magento and WordPress support services. They also offer dedicated development services to other online businesses.
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