Drone Photography Tutorial: 10 Tips for Better Drone Photos

Over the recent past years, drone photography has gained much popularity among photographers worldwide. Photographs captured with drones make people astound how they capture such stunning, outstanding, and breathtaking photos. It is a question that comes in every mind of how professional photographers take such stunning photos. If you want to take your photography into new heights, you have to know how the drone can help you to capture great photos. We have come up with several great drone photography tips to spice up your photography. Let’s get to know the top 10 tips for better drone photography.

How do you define drone photography?

The drone is known as the unmanned aircraft system. An autonomous unmanned vehicle that is operated by remote is used for drone photography. This tiny device has made it possible to capture outstanding photos and videos that humans have never thought possible. The drone allows FPV which is tough and impossible to obtain.

According to size, design, and fixed-wing, there are several sorts of drones. In the case of drone photography, photographers install a camera on a drone. In the case of some drones, the camera is incorporated into the body of the drone. But every different feature depends on the model of the drone that you choose.


The drone allows for cinematography. A drone has made it possible to take the aerial view, which was expensive once. But now photographers are normally taking aerial videos. Most of the wedding photographers are taking aerial videos with a drone in the wedding programs. Photographers who work at a low budget create an aerial video using a drone. It is one of the special things that you can do with a drone. Not only the wedding videos, but so many songs and movie shots are also taken with a drone. This sort of video was taken with the helicopter. But crone has made it easy to capture now.

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What are the 10 tips for better drone photos?

Drone photography is enjoyable. But it is not that simple to take photos from the drone. We are going to give you the top 1o tips to get the best photos with a drone. There are a huge number of high-quality photos taken by the drone. You will know about several authentic tips for drone photography. We want to make you know how you can improve your drone photography skills.

1. Taking raw photos


The key to all sorts of photography is capturing the raw images. It is considered as the preferable way for the photographers. They shoot in the raw format so that they can make any kind of adjustment and remove flaws with the highest accuracy. While taking photos with a drone, it is also accepted to shoot in the raw format.

If you are taking photos with a drone, it will be the same even though the resolution is high. It will be working like a jerk if you do not take advantage of taking photos in raw. It is so disappointing if you are stuck over the jpg format. You cannot process the photos if you are not working with the raw format. If you have decided to take photos with a drone, we would recommend taking photos in the raw format. Most of the photographers find it a great way to take photos with a drone.

2. Search for the location before


The photos that were taken with drones did not come with the first click just. Photographers had to search for the location before. They have research for the right locations through the Google map and Google earth. Google maps can provide a satellite photo of a spot and everything surrounding the spot. Google Maps comes as a great tool to locate different spots. There are several other applications where you can find your exact location. If you want to capture the warm light, you have to shoot 20 minutes after the sunset. When it is just 20 minutes before the sunset, it is great to take charming shoots. When you reach the final destination, start to walk around the spot. Find out the great locations where you can take shots safely. Do not believe everything that you find on Google Maps. Your photography location can be changed for several causes.

3. Plan for the time to shoot


One thing that you should consider while a plan to fly is the time. You have to think about the time when you want to take a shot. If you want to take a shot in the morning or at night, you should make a plan for it. While considering the light exposure, you must think about the light. Because light has a great impact on capturing the photo. In the early morning, there is a warm and soft light. There are warm colors in the morning and afternoon. These times are great for drones and landscape photography. If you want to blend shadows and textures, you have to choose the right time for photography.

4. Look for unique subjects


Before you start taking photos with your drone, you have to start to seek for the unique and different subjects. Try to take a subject that people have never seen before. You have to try to take a classic shot in any way. Try to take shots at a unique angle and composition. Try to take photos of the places which are accessible very easily. Besides, the colorful photos will be easy to compose for novice photographers. You can take photos of the beaches. Beaches are great for taking photos with a drone. Because drones can fly over the beaches properly.

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5. Knowing the camera setting


Before you start to fly, you have to know about the basics of drone photography. You have to set the camera to the raw format. You should know several other things to improve your photography skills. Learn how the shutter speed works. But if it is your hobby to capture photos with a drone, you can keep the camera set to the raw or jpeg format.

Know where you are going to shoot, what the subject is, and what is the overall condition when you start to fly. Keeping the shutter speed lower is a key. You can go with a slower shutter speed if the weather is calm. Ensure that your photos do not get blurry. If you move slightly, it can make the photo blur. Keep the shutter speed high while you are flying around the wind. If you do not want to keep the shutter speed high, do not make the photo blur.

6. Seek for lighting


In the case of any kind of photography, lighting is a key element. You have to learn how the sun effects while you shoot. Learn how objects are changing with the light. Most of the pro photographers choose the 3 hours before the sunrise. Besides, the last few hours before the sunset are a great time for photography. Colors become vibrant and contrasts against dark shade areas if the sun is low. If you shoot in a green environment, your plants can blow. Thus, it loses detail if the sunlight is harsh. It is difficult to take photos if the sun is higher.

If you do not want to avoid the sunlight, you can come up with several filters. You can use the PolarPro filters with the CP polarizer. This filter reduces reflection and creates a more vibrant look. You can use the PolarPro ND filters if you find it extremely bright. This filter gives more chances to correct exposure. You can use the daytime long exposure for a cool effect.

7. Creating your own style


Try to create your own style for photography. You have to keep everything real. You can get the influence of the internet. Most of the photos on the internet are identical. This happens because these photos get more boring. If you are interested in creating something new or a new style, the thing that will come in your mind is about the things where you are inserted in. Create a new unique style of your photography. Try to be more creative when you process your images. You have to break the rules for creating your own style. If you can break the rules of traditional photography, you are sure to create something new. When you are applying new ideas, effects, and compositions, you can create a photo that stands out from the crowd. Creating your own style reflects your level of creativity.

8. Focus on the weather

quadcopter - drone performance

Weather is a great important fact to consider. Weather can be a barrier to your stunning photography. On the other hand, the weather can be an opportunity to take great photos. Wind becomes a great limitation for photography with a drone in some specific areas. If the weather is wet, that is another barrier. So, try to avoid windy and rainy days. Wet weather can ruin the battery in your drone. Know everything regarding the weather of the location where you are going for the shoot. While you are starting for your destination, know precisely what is the condition of the weather at the location. Bad weather can ruin your day and your overall plans.

9. Shoot at the right flight height


Drone photography is all about the right height. It is not so easy to fly the drone at the right height. If you are a novice, you have to start with a trial. You can make mistakes, but you have to keep on trying. In most of the cases, drones fly high. But do not fly too high. If you are flying too high, there is a probability of losing an extra detail. A lot of landscapes can look great from higher up. Those pictures look good. Most of the photos look great from a higher distance.

But it does not mean that you will fly your drone too low. In cases of some landscape photographs, you cannot fly low if you are photographing mountains or towers, you cannot fly low. Besides, you cannot tilt up the camera with some drones. It is one sort of limit for photography. If it happens, you have to seek for a different composition.

10. Using drone filters


The drone filters are one of the main tools in your drone toolkit. They are part of the main accessories. Several filters exist in the drone. We want to make you know about some of the filters. The neutral density filter is a widely used filter. This filter allows getting the proper exposure. Most of the time, the drone starts with the normal apertures of f/11. The ND filters are basically used as the video tool. In this case, the shutter speed will not be more than 1/120th. Besides, there are polarizing filters. The polarizing filters come to work when you want to decrease the glaring light. You have to rotate the glare properly.

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Final Words


One task that you cannot skip is the post-processing. When you want to get the perfect look at your photo, you have to use several photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom. This software allows you to correct the photo color, adjust the brightness, and resize the photos. You have to take this opportunity to improve the overall quality of your captured photos.

Do not share the unprocessed photos. The post-processing software can deliver surprising results for the raw photos. Give the best look to your photos with the best image retouching service. If you cannot edit your photos, go for a photo editor. They have so many options to look at your image eye-catchy like image clipping path service, image masking, and many more things. Leave the task to them. They can make your photos look great.

It can take your time to be a pro in drone photography. But you can take some surprisingly outstanding photos. Moreover, you will be a great photographer. If you are going to take a shot in a breathtaking location, you are sure to create nice photos different from the usual photos.

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