How to Choose the Best GPU for a Gaming Laptop?

When you look for buying a gaming laptop, you will need to pay close attention to its hardware components. One of the most important components of a gaming laptop is its graphics card. But buying a gaming laptop’s GPU is not an easy task as there is a lot more to consider, from the type of laptop you are using to the resolution of your display and more. However, you can make this task easier. If you know your laptop requirement, budget, and needs, you don’t have to face difficulty in finding the right graphics card. To help you make …

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Robots Set to Serve Food: Culinary Practices to Reach New Height with Integration of Automation

From farming to packaging, robots are set to redefine production and delivery in the future. Automation has already taken over several aspects of industries with its unparallel precision and efficacy. Its use in food & beverage industry has increased dramatically over the last couple of years, especially in processing and packaging systems. With the help of robots, manufacturers can easily increase productivity, improve hygiene, enhance process control at an affordable cost and unprecedented speed. According to a research firm, Allied Market Research, the global food robotics market is expected to reach $3.61 billion by 2023, registering a CAGR of 13.0% …

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Solar Plant for Corporate Place: The Lifetime Extension of a Solar Plant

The use of Solar Power has been increasing for both domestic and commercial purposes. Studies show that, since the 2000s, Solar photovoltaic (PV) deployment has grown at unparalleled rates. By the end of 2015, the global installed PV capacity was 222 gigawatts (GW). By 2050 it is expected to rise to 4,500 GW. This photovoltaic energy has become a progressively striking alternative after a gigantic solar panels construction of factories, mostly in China (1,731 GW), India (600 GW), the United States (US) (600 GW), Japan (350 GW) and Germany (110 GW). As per the solar trade association, the prices for …

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7 Innovative Tech Gadgets and Their Future Expectations

Do you have that “I don’t know this was possible” moments when you check out new gadgets? Well, this is surely the gift of technology! The gadgets present in the market today work on concepts that seemed totally impossible decades ago. Technology has played a pivotal role in bringing this change. Every day, some new gadget is entering the market, delighting users and giving them a new discovery experience. The scores of cool gadgets adorning every person’s life and home are simply unbelievable. Earlier, tech gadgets usually charmed technology enthusiasts or geeks, but this is no longer the case. Gadgets …

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How Network Security Can Help Avoid IoT Device Hacking?

The wave of advanced technologies brings unprecedented opportunities for businesses and society. The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) represents a pioneering transformation in the field of information technology (IT) and digitization. These developments can improve & elevate a business environment to generate higher profit margins. IoT has the potential to bring a major transformation in business models, change competitive forces of several industries, and reduce time-to-market for a variety of products or services. While IoT promises several real-time operational benefits, susceptibilities can easily be exploited unless robust security measures are implemented across connected devices and infrastructures. Some of …

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5 Industries That Are Significantly Changed by Robotics

The desire for machines that will simplify the tedious tasks of everyday life has been around for more than anyone can remember. In fact, in the 15th century, Leonardo da Vinci designed a robotic knight, based on his studies on the human body. Now, 6 centuries later, the world finally has the technology and knowledge to build such robots. But there is still more to be done before every household will have a robot to do the chores, run errands and buy groceries. For now, robotics is used to help automatize various industries, making people’s jobs easier in more ways …

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Risks and Dangers of Smart Gadgets: How to Stay Protected?

Smartening up one’s life is no longer a big deal in today’s times. Whoever said acting and behaving smartly is all that’s required, stands mistaken. The future wants smartness at every possible domain on earth. And not being blessed with smartness or razor-sharp intelligence is not to be looked down upon. But the present times demand smart work… smart execution… smart tactics. Man has worked relentlessly to grasp technology and let’s not deny, he has emerged successful, at least partially. These are all via the smart gadgets and tools that we currently have around us and will continue adding in …

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Recent Mobility Solutions for Disabled and Elderly People

It is a fact that it is troublesome to move around the city at the best of times; however, individuals having mobility issues can resemble an obstacle course and a maze wrapped into one.  As per the survey of the UK national travel, individuals having mobility issues took 39% fewer trips as compared to those with no issues of mobility in 2017. However, numbers tend to change because devices, mobility solutions and structures of the cities are constantly evolving. To make things better for disabled individuals, assistive tech is doing a significant job in the revolution. The international worth of …

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5 Tech Gadgets That Need Further Improvement & Innovation

Today, technological companies are pushing all their limits to create highly advanced and featured pack tech gadgets that can make a great difference in the lives of the human being. There are some modern devices without which life can become tough and even miserable. There is huge competition among manufacturing companies; they are constantly trying to create a highly competitive and convincing device for customers. However, every device has got its limitation. There are a few improvements that can be done with the evolution of technology. Here we have listed 5 tech gadgets of today’s time that need further improvement & …

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Importance of Networking & Wireless Accessories in Worldwide

Networking or say computer networking allows two or more users to share a resource and communicate conveniently. Today, we cannot imagine a life without emails, online newspapers, chats or other services over the internet. With rapid technology development, people get smarter and use wireless accessories like routers, phones, tablets, printers than traditional wired devices. The collaboration of networking and wireless accessories results in wireless networking. Wireless networks meet a number of requirements like quality, speed, over a large area of connectivity and security, while security is often the most important factor. Moreover, wireless networks also play an important role in …

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