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Google Local Snack Pack Everything You Need to Know

Ever since search engines exist, our internet world has been growing and flourishing. They have evolved to reconcile the need of the browsers and consumers. With the introduction of local search results, search engines have been able to catch the eyes of local business. These local packs generate direct leads. That is why they have become one of the treasured marketing goals for local businesses – big or small. The local pack listings are populated depending on searcher’s IP. Unlike organic results, these listings run on a different algorithm and are niche-based. Local packs comprise of the name, address and …

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online marketing

Online Marketing Trends that are Evergreen

If there is one word that best describes how to frame online content in order to take advantage of search engine optimization, it is ‘relevance’. Search engines like Google put a high premium on content that is relevant and fresh. So do website visitors. Relevant content gives website visitors a reason to come back; it establishes the company or organization operating the site as an authority; it tells website visitors that the company cares about them as much as they do make the sale. Hand-in-hand with relevance is producing content that is evergreen. If you are unfamiliar with the term, …

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Content Marketing Tactics Graph Strategy

Content Strategies: Customer Engagement is Earned, Not Given

Regardless of the business you’re in, you’re likely to hear the word ‘strategy’ several times a day; what would your business be without several carefully planned, and expertly executed strategies, after all? One of the most useful approaches you’re ever likely to create, though, is a content marketing strategy – that is, a plan centered around your company’s narrative voice and the way it communicates with potential customers. A business without an audience will flounder quite quickly, and so it’s essential that you take the time to structure such things now. Your content marketing strategy could be the difference between …

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Mobile Marketing eCommerce

Integrating eCommerce with your Other Marketing Channels

The digital age has transformed marketing and vastly increased the number of channels available to reach end users via ads and other bespoke content. However, it is important that you don’t adopt a binary way of thinking when it comes to marketing; digital and eCommerce is booming but it must be supplemented by more traditional methods such as print, TV, radio and billboards for best results. Getting these online and offline mediums to work together seamlessly is key to driving engagement, amplifying reach, and conversion and presenting one clear and concise brand image to customers. Integrated Marketing Eliminating silos and …

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Social Media Marketing Promotion

Best Digital Marketing Channel for your Business

Digital marketing has emerged as a new tool for business promotion and growth. As the technology evolves, the traditional way of marketing has become obsolete. The use of computer system and mobile devices has drastically increased in the last decade, forcing businesses to promote and sell their products on the internet.  Still, traditional print and media advertising is somehow effective but if you look statistically, digital marketing can save up to 62% of promotion cost.  What adds to the popularity of digital marketing is the fact that it is quite flexible and effective. However, like any other method of marketing, …

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Everything You Need to Know About Career in Digital Marketing (Infographic)

Everything You Need to Know About Career in Digital Marketing (Infographic)

We live in an increasingly digital world. Information consumption has shifted from the page to the ‘screen’. Most of us consume our news, communicate with our social circle and even conduct our businesses online. Businesses are constantly pushing their apps, offering discounts to their mobile users and creating content for their digital platforms. In several countries, mobile traffic has overtaken desktop traffic. As a digital marketer, you stand at the center of this massive information distribution network. Digital marketing is the engine which shows you Ad X before Ad Y. It is the engine which propels certain applications to millions …

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Paid Content Advertising

How to Make your Content Reach a Larger Audience Using Paid Content

Paid Content Distribution: You’ve probably heard the phrase and have even implemented paid ads on various platforms. However, you’re lost as to all the tools you could be using. Even more, you want more engagement from your readership and more ROI. In this article are a few tools and tips and tricks to help get you going and to expand your readership. Growing Opportunities: The meteoric rise of the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the likes in the last 5 years or so have successfully brought down the long-standing Google monopoly on internet advertising. Marketers are no …

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Social Media Marketing

How Social Media is Making the Investment World More Accessible for Beginners

Social media has been an important part of life for the best part of a decade, and gradually, we have become more sophisticated in what we expect it to do. Initially social media allowed us to stay in touch with people we knew and connect with them better, and then make new connections with people we may not otherwise have met, and allowed us to broadcast what we knew and thought about events in real time. It has now become our go-to source of news, information, advice and entertainment, and the place where we craft much of the image the …

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Plan Marketing Meeting Discussion Group Team

Content at the Heart of Print

Content is what drives the print industry and organizational success as a whole. Content marketing has taken over traditional advertising methods and has undoubtedly taken the lead. What makes content have such a powerful impact? The answer is simple. Subtly incorporating accurately phrased content which identifies the problem statement and addresses it, does the job. Also, it can be leveraged to the general public through social media. Budgeting done at the beginning of a fiscal year ensures that they allocate a proper budget to their content marketing efforts (as 58 percent of B2B brands did in 2014). Driving traffic towards …

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