One Thing Every Magento Developer Must Understand About Magento Web Development

One Thing Every Magento Developer Must Understand About Magento Development

Magento is an eCommerce web application which has turned out to be a powerful tool helping in the construction and management of eCommerce solution. This website development platform is gaining popularity for building up an eCommerce store. It has distinctive features that make every eCommerce website or store user friendly and influential. The Magento web development includes unique characteristics such as change in prices, easily moving data, user friendly admin system, and quick side wide, page checkout, and quick site wide, shopping to multiple addresses, and lots more which makes the Magento an exclusive solution for modern day eCommerce stores. …

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Create Highly Converting Mobile eCommerce Website Using Magento

Today, the growth of online retail continues to increase. It might even seem that new online stores and retail portals are opening up all the time, even to a point where they are beating traditional stores in the amount of business they conduct. For this to be achieved, an online retailer demands a stable eCommerce solution and an eCommerce website performance optimization which will allow the influx of customers and their successful transactions. In this field, Magento represents an eCommerce platform specially designed for online retailers. With it, users have a significantly better chance of bringing customers in, especially in …

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8 Tips to Secure Magento Website from Hackers

Is the issue of security of your Magento website making you worried? Magento is emerging as a powerful weapon for e-commerce web development due to its up to date features. According to the latest updates and market research, Magento‚Äôs market share has been reported to be 27%. Out of Alexa top 1 Million websites, above 34,000 have been developed using Magento. It shows that Magento is a leading and in demand e-commerce web development platform. In fact, when you plan to have your own e-commerce shopping website, then think of Magento at the first priority for several effective reasons. Security …

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Magento Mobile – Does it Serve as the Right Option for your Business?

If you intend to open up your business to a wider group of targeted audience then building a mobile business app is something you’ll not regret for sure. Ever since smartphones entered into the world of information technology, entrepreneurs across the world have been thoroughly competent in promoting their products and services in an absolutely stunning way. If you’re one who’s already running a Magento powered e-store and fed up of the traditional means available for managing your e-store products, then integrating your Magento e-store with mobile device is an approach you’ll definitely find fruitful. Keep on reading this post …

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Magento - eCommerce

7 Incredibly Useful Resources for Magento Developers

Owing to its impressive popularity, Magento is riding a wave of online marketing expansion by helping retailers around the world quickly plan, build and optimize their online channel with minimal efforts. The platform is making strides at the thriving community of developers who are actively learning the know-how of this PHP based platform and are embracing it for its openness, flexibility, and extensibility. Irrespective of whether you want to master Magento, want to make a career, or simply want to know about the painless ways of creating an extension that adds to its functionality, there are an array of Magento …

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magento b2b commerce

Magento – Can it be Geared for B2B Commerce?

One can’t overstate the fact that Magento eCommerce has brought transformational changes in the way B2C businesses operated. The companies with the B2C model have been able to reach a much larger band of audience owing to the web platform that makes it easier for them to broadcast their services and products to a whole new array of consumers. Now, Magento needs to spread its wings. While everything looks great for the B2C model, Magento needs to branch out to the B2B model to help out the companies that have clients who are much more tech-savvy, and have a relatively …

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Magento – What makes Magento such a Great Tool

Magento made its foray into the world of website development and design in the first quarter of the year 2008. Magento is a robust, user-friendly and flexible open source web application. Acquired by eBay in 2011, it has brought a sea of change in the field of website development and design. It is the most trusted content management system present today. The dynamic design is good for both web and mobile platform and the design makes it adaptable, scalable and flexible too. Customization is a great feature of Magento. It can be customized as per the needs of the customer. …

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How to Increase Magento Performance & Speed?

Introduction (How to Increase Magento Performance & Speed): Newly installed Magento proves rather slow to use with the default settings. Most people would like to increase Magento performance and speed, and save time spent on the searches. Some will target its integration with plugins, reduces steps of execution and store cache appropriately. Some of the most applied methods are discussed below. Use Compiler to Increase Magento Performance & Speed: The compilation of Magento files will lead to better performance. This involves concatenation of various PHP files and sorting them in a single location. This will in turn increase the efficiency …

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Discover a New Way of Creating Best Website with Magento

Are you ready to discover some interesting facts about the use of Magento in the design of your e-commerce website? When a good product with different features is available in low price then who will reject the offer. Do you ever think before reading this article that you can create an e-commerce website with best background framework and themes in low budget? Yes, it is possible to create a best e-commerce website which is composed with best visual appearance. This article is written for sharing the information about a special type of e-commerce website software/framework known as “Magento”. If you …

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