Everything You Need to Know About Career in Digital Marketing (Infographic)

We live in an increasingly digital world. Information consumption has shifted from the page to the ‘screen’. Most of us consume our news, communicate with our social circle and even conduct our businesses online. Businesses are constantly pushing their apps, offering discounts to their mobile users and creating content for their digital platforms. In several countries, mobile traffic has overtaken desktop traffic.

As a digital marketer, you stand at the center of this massive information distribution network. Digital marketing is the engine which shows you Ad X before Ad Y. It is the engine which propels certain applications to millions of downloads while others languish by the wayside. With several advances in technology, exciting prospects and a wide array of tools at your disposal, this is the best time to be a digital marketer. But the term ‘digital marketing’ is deceptively simple. In truth, there are incredibly vast subsets of digital marketing, each of which can form the basis for a lucrative career.

  • Do you like to create content? Great. You could become a content writer or copywriter.
  • Do you have an uncanny knack for understanding what drives traffic to a website? Get into SEO.
  • Do you know how to get emails opened and acted upon? Perfect. Become an email marketer.
  • Is your social media profile flourishing? Awesome. You can help businesses do the same by becoming a social media specialist.
Industries small and large are constantly looking for skilled employees to ramp up their digital marketing. If you are truly skilled at helping businesses online, you will have several parties lobbying for your time. With an increasing number of smartphone users, the landscape of business has shifted definitively towards a push in digital marketing efforts. As you’ll see below, you can choose to do a little bit of everything, or become a specialist in one digital marketing discipline. Whether you’re already on the road as a digital marketer, or looking for evidence that a career in digital marketing is worth pursuing, we hope the following graphic will clear up a few things for you.

Everything You Need to Know About Career in Digital Marketing (Infographic)

Everything You Need to Know About Career in Digital Marketing (Infographic)

This infographic is submitted by Sandipan Pal. He is associated with digital marketing industry from last 4 years and works as a Digital Marketing Analyst. His blog Dream Compiler  is focused on helping small businesses in various aspects of marketing and advertising.

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