8 Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins for Your Website

Introduction (Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins): Most eCommerce WordPress site owners will opt to optimize them by the addition of plugins. These plugins ease the access of various services for the users. They will also enable the owner to make transactions directly on their site. The comfort that a visitor finds on-site will determine their willingness to return. There are basic necessities which go together with specific services which a site offers. This makes provision of plugins to connect to these secondary services an essential role of the site owner. They may range from online selling, finances, downloads and social connections.

Below is a discussion of the most popular WordPress eCommerce Plugins.

WP e-Commerce :: WordPress eCommerce Plugins

WordPress-eCommerce-Plugins-01It is one of the popular plugins which has been used for long. It is available as a free download which supports the addition of add-on and regular upgrades.

Use: It is used to create a link for the online purchase of payments. It supports payment methods such as PayPal, multiple currencies and coupon codes. Being active for a long time, people have built substantial trust in its use and therefore can be regarded as a secure plugin. The admin has a chance to see the transactions which have gone through it such as purchases, deposits, and inventories. They also have a chance to develop sales reports and make direst tax transactions on their site.

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Jigoshop :: WordPress eCommerce Plugins

WordPress-eCommerce-Plugins-02This is a popular plugin for WordPress users who accept on-site transactions. It comes as a free download with additional premiums which can be downloaded as direct upgrades. The use of this plugin saves the site owner from e-commerce site development. It comes at an affordable price where the upgrades will enable more features. This plugin will enable the site owner to have a professional e-commerce section on their site without incurring an extra cost.

Use: It supports discount codes, payment methods, inventory tracking as well as order management section. The additional services are available with the upgraded premiums. The long presence in the market has enabled integration into many systems thus more trusted. Although there is an extension offered by third-party developers, the initial plugin is a great tool for e-commerce.

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eShop :: WordPress eCommerce Plugins

WordPress-eCommerce-Plugins-03It is a largely used free download meant for e-commerce practitioners. It comes with a simple layout which contains an integrated sales data, tax options, product choices, inventory control as well as email templates which can be configured at user’s will. It is popular and well-rated by most Downloader who goes above half a million people.

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WooCommerce :: WordPress eCommerce Plugins

WordPress-eCommerce-Plugins-04This is the famous plugin from the Woo-Themes. It is designed in such a way that one can choose the premium themes to purchase. All themes come with extra benefits which range from the number of possible transactions as well as admin control.

Use: The admin interface enables inventory management, order management, reports, and shipping controls. The customer interface also allows the selection of payment methods and a remarkable choice of a product from the variety available. There are third party themes which also come with likable services. The transaction chain is secure thanks to the competent development team.

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Cart66 :: WordPress eCommerce Plugins

WordPress-eCommerce-Plugins-05This is an outstanding plugin thanks to its adaptability capabilities. It comes as a free download version and a professional version. The free version will offer basic e-commerce features such as order management, shipping, and tax charges monitoring, multiple currencies and transactions report. The premium version is more efficient. This is enabled by the membership capabilities and purchasing from all pages.

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Shopp :: WordPress eCommerce Plugins

WordPress-eCommerce-Plugins-06It comes as a premium plugin though at a relatively low price. The license may either be a single site or unlimited, where they vary in price the latter being more expensive.

Use: The admin section boasts more features than most plugins. They can receive email notifications, have a list view and RSS feeds as well as all other common features. It is great for professional e-commerce personnel.

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WP deposit :: WordPress eCommerce Plugins

WordPress-eCommerce-Plugins-07This is a unique alternative to new e-commerce traders. It offers a chance to buy credits which in turn may be used to buy items online. It is a secure and safe plugin which comes as a free download.

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Easy Digital Downloads :: WordPress eCommerce Plugins

WordPress-eCommerce-Plugins-08This is a great e-commerce tool for dealers in the digital download. it is a simple basic plugin which offers payment features for digital download only. Since it is meant for abstract transactions, it does not support shipment and tax details. Instead, it has a download tool for an easy link to the products one is looking for.

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