11 Best B2B Portals for All Emerging Entrepreneurs for Success

Entrepreneurs try to start their business with risk, but they have to avail themselves of an opportunity to challenge themselves. To achieve the goal of successful entrepreneurship, a B2B portal must be chosen by entrepreneurs. B2B portals offer amazing, advanced features to meet the business requirements of entrepreneurs. The most prominent and defining feature of these platforms is their authenticity, reliability, and credibility.

These B2B portals provide a chance for product discovery by manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers.

Let us look at some of the B2B portals that should be known by every aspiring entrepreneur.

1. Alibaba


An amazing B2B portal called Alibaba has taken over the world with its authentic services. The site has a user-friendly interface and is easy to navigate. Alibaba features a lot of brands and provides the opportunity to many entrepreneurs for showcasing their products and services. It offers a wide variety of product categories that include clothes, furniture, crockery, electronics, gaming, etc. There are many different products available on the site to meet the need of the buyers. This platform is famous among many countries and potential buyers from different parts of the country like Russia, the UK, China, Germany are on the platform. The list of buyers and sellers is great. The platform has 60 billion sellers and 160 million buyers.

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2. Amazon


Amazon is a big name in the B2B world. It started as a book-selling store but now has everything on the site. It offers products from different categories that include skincare, baby products, electronics, fitness, and health. Filters are available on the site to make the search easy. Products are listed in alphabetical order to provide ease to the customers. The platform has reached 100 million subscribers. Amazon offers overnight delivery as well. It also offers free exchange which is why many buyers get attracted to the site.

3. Global Sources


It is a very good B2B portal that has 1.9 million buyers. It is an online platform that offers different products with easy navigation. Various filters are available on the site that makes the experience of finding details about business and products very easy. Authenticity is the defining feature of the platform because it offers strict policies and trading rules. Global sources connect authentic buyers and sellers. It provides an opportunity to the entrepreneurs b provide authentic global trade. This brings many traders face to face. 

Global Sources was able to generate a revenue of 231.7 million in the year 2012. It follows a distinct and dynamic sales strategy to run the business which is the reason for its success. Global Sources believes in providing authentic services to its and verifies the quality of the manufacturer.

4. IndiaMART


IndiaMART has 98 million buyers and 5.9 million suppliers from different parts of the world. The site allows various filters that make the experience easy for the users of the site. The success of the portal can be judged by the fact that it has a rating of 4.7 o android. This B2B portals app has got 10 million downloads. It is regarded as the second largest B2B site after Alibaba. IndiaMART was founded with Intermesh and has more than two thousand employees. It is a huge platform that accommodates 3 million suppliers currently.

5. AliExpress


The company AliExpress is owned by the Alibaba group and was founded in 2010. This B2B portal is used in many parts of the world and it is found to be the 10 most popular website in Brazil. The most amazing thing about this B2B platform is that it is available in many different languages hat including Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Indonesian, Dutch, German, Polish, etc. Moreover, the platform does not limit the buyers to a minimum quantity. Even a single item can also be bought from the portal. Authenticity I the main feature of the website. It requires all its sellers and buyers to prove their identity through submitting documents for verification. Different types of shipping are offered from normal to premium. Premium shipping offers to deliver within 3-10 days.

6. eWorldTrade


eWorldTrade is a big name in the B2B industry with 10 years of experience. It has 5 million users that include various distributors, wholesalers, and entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs can use this site to enter the competition. It is a highly reliable and credible platform that can be used to meet the business requirements of entrepreneurs. The platform offers various services like digital branding. The platforms offer amazing features like e-chat. The number of product categories on this portal is 40. Reckon Media LLC is its parent company. The company has many operational units in different parts of the world. 

The most exciting and incredible thing that the entrepreneur needs to know is that eWorldTrade offers 10 leads free of cost when a user signs up. This is why it has become the fastest-growing B2B platform. Manufacturers belong to all parts of the world but many of them are from China. Furthermore, the USA, India, China, Malaysia, and Pakistan are a part of its business. eWorldTrade is part of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor because it has its major operational unit in Pakistan. It has benefited the project because of providing low wholesale rates and quick delivery. 

Many small and medium-sized businesses have taken advantage of this B2B portal after failing to gain recognition through other sources. It is preferred by businesses because it offers 10 free leads.

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7. Made-In-China


Made-in-China is famous for featuring products that require affordably. It offers easy navigation t all its users. A transaction can be completed in three easy steps. Different manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, SMEs, and trade agents are available on the platform. They are 6 million in number. Made-in-China is famous for holding exhibitions around the world. Live video streaming is captured when exhibitions organized by them are going on. 

This B2B business was founded in China and is operated by Focus Technology Co Ltd. Made-in-China leads the electronic business industry. Made-in-China is the most successful website in the world of B2B business.

8. DHgate


This Chinese B2B platform DHgate has its offices in UK and UDA. The services on the portal are provided in English as well as Chinee, Russian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, and French. There are many buyers and sellers on the platform that are 36.4 million in number. Products categories include clothing, sports, electronics, crockery, etc. DHgate provides the chance to many small and medium-sized businesses to portray their products and services. DHgate has its headquarter in Beijing, China. They have many offices around the world which include USA, UAE, Philippines, and India. Although it’s a Chinese company that provides its services in English as well.

9. ECPlaza


ECPlaza features many suppliers, exporters, manufacturers, and importers on its site. It became a B2B company in 1996 and now it has achieved the status of number one trade leader. The number of members of the portal is 400000 in number. This B2B platform provides business opportunities to various entrepreneurs. You can guess the success of this B2B platform by the fact that the users post almost 40000 offers each day. It has high brand recognition. The site is ranked in a top position on different rankings sites like Alexa. It provides a chance for all the buyers, suppliers, and manufacturers to share information about their products and services. It is a place where buyers can meet sellers for international trade.

10. eBay


eBay is present in 24 countries including Belgium, Ireland, Australia, Canada, and Italy. The B2B business gained a profit of 442 million due to its user-friendly website and advanced features. The platform is completely authentic because it only features authentic sellers on its platform. It has its operation in 32 countries. An online auction I also managed by the B2B company. The website now offers a Buy it Now feature that allows shopping by item number. It also offered online money transfers.

11. EC21


EC21 is one of the great B2B portals that offer a lot of products to meet the requirements of all the traders. The platform offers great features that make the searching process for the user very easy. An amazing feature on the site is Buyer Central which helps the buyer in finding their favorite product easily. They can just search the products through the requirements and specifications they need. EC21 provides a platform to various sellers, buyers, and exporters to showcase their products and services.

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B2B business has grown at a very fast pace. Those entrepreneurs that are interested in building their business empire should know about these B2B portals to collaborate with them. These B2B portals provide a great chance to different businesses for business transactions. The B2B market is much bigger than B2C, the Business to Consumer. The biggest threat any entrepreneur thinks of is authenticity. It was difficult to find authentic trading platforms. But now the world has changed, everything is available online without any fear of authenticity.

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