Modern B2B Website Design Tricks to Make it Successful in 2020

“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different?” – C.S. Lewis

Time flies. 2020 has knocked on the door which means it is high time to initiate the process of reinvigorating your B2B website to meet the new demands and trends of web design. Well, it does not necessarily mean you have to start everything from scratch. But incorporating a few changes here and there and making it modern can do the trick. In this article, I am going to bring your attention to some of the smart B2B website design tricks so that you can achieve an excellent business outcome.

Your B2B Website Design Needs Close Attention – Why?

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In today’s vying business market, your B2B website can help you to stand out from the crowd. Through this website, you can reach the right audience, build credibility, and augment business sales. A modernized B2B site is a key to drive organic traffic and converting those into quality leads. Let’s go through some important stats first.

  • 37% of customers leave a website because of poor navigation and design.
  • 46% of customers leave a website due to unclear messages (what the company does, how the services can assist them, etc.).

Now, you know why it is important to follow the best practices and modernize your B2B website design.

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Let’s ‘Modernize’ Your B2B Website Design – But How?


A market research report shows that 75% of users judge your business and the service quality based on your website’s looks. Also, you have only 3.42 seconds in your hand to convince your visitors. So, the first impression of your website (i.e. website design and how it looks) plays a crucial role to convert the visitors into potential customers. Here is a list of a few smart tricks that will make your B2B website design modern, engaging, and attractive.

1. Be Minimalistic

B2B Website Design Tricks - Point 1I understand it feels great when someone appreciates your skills. But it is advisable not to go overboard with showing all your designing skills on a single web page. Too much presence of videos and images on one page makes it cluttered. So, go for a minimalistic design and follow the trend – “less is more”. Try out a full-screen design. If needed, use a hamburger menu which is great for showing large menus. Minimalism was also trending last year being a new kid in the design arena.

Minimalistic website design not only looks modern but also looks stylish. Let’s take a glimpse at some perks of embracing a minimalistic approach while designing your B2B website.

  • Faster loading time.
  • Looks credible as well as professional.
  • It helps to keep visitors focused on the content.
  • Easy to use and navigate.

2. Use Ghost Buttons

B2B Website Design Tricks - Point 2No color fill and just a colored border – that is a ghost button. And ghost buttons go perfectly with a minimalistic design. If used carefully, ghost buttons add a classy vibe to your website design. Now, why did I mention, “if used carefully”? Well, sometimes such ghost buttons are pretty hard to spot. And if the visitors can’t find the buttons, they will simply leave your site which will do no good to your business. So, how to use it? Here are some suggestions.

  • Placement of these buttons should be right so that visitors can easily find it. Maybe you can place it right next to something noticeable or where visitors expect them to be.
  • As there is no color fill in these buttons, you have to choose the color of the text and the border wisely to make the buttons effortlessly visible.
  • Also, it is better to be thoughtful while choosing the background. For instance, if you place a bright background just behind the ghost button, it becomes harder for the visitors to spot it.
  • Testing is important. Make sure all the buttons are not only looking great on both mobile and desktop versions but also working properly.

3. Know That Typography Matters

B2B Website Design Tricks - Point 3Typography is another website design element that needs your attention. If you don’t want your visitors to think that your website is looking like a Word document, you have to be a little more thoughtful about the typography used. No matter how well-written or how engaging your message is, the wrong choice of font can kill the vibe immediately. So, in B2B website design, your font choice matters. The image below explains it the best I think!

Here are some suggestions on how to deal with typography wisely and make it look attractive and stylish.

  • Choose the right font size so that visitors find it readable. Headlines and texts should be of different sizes. Thus, your website content will look more structured and better.
  • The chosen font style should reflect your brand along with the idea of the site.
  • Choose the font color wisely. It is better not to make your website look like a rainbow!
  • Using adequate line spacing is important for successful and engaging website design.
  • Blinking texts and all caps texts are a big NO.


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4. Use A Video For Your Site’s Background Header

B2B Website Design Tricks - Point 4According to a recently made market research report, using video content in website design can help to grow business revenue 49% faster. However, I’m going to be more specific regarding this video content use. Rather than using video at any random place, it is better to use it for the website’s background header. Well, just make sure this video doesn’t distract the visitors from the main content.

When creating a video background, the most important thing is that your video doesn’t distract visitors from the main content. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you make a video background.

  • Keep the action to a minimum.
  • Make sure your video loops.
  • Use footage that matches your brand.

5. Break The Norm, Play With The Layouts

B2B Website Design Tricks - Point 5If you still haven’t done any experiments with it, time to play with a broken grid technique. The chaotic placing of various design elements is one of the latest trends of modern B2B website design. Such asymmetry allows making your website design more interesting as well as engaging. When you play with the layouts and mix it up, it helps to break the monotony which visitors find very intriguing. Also, your website will look unique and more creative.

However, mixed up layouts may not work for every website aesthetically. It is better to consult web design experts as they will know the best what will look good and what goes best aesthetically with your business genre.

6. Animated Calls to Action

B2B Website Design Tricks - Point 6Unless you add a call to actions at the right place on your web page, all your efforts to make the page intriguing go into vain. You need to tell your visitors explicitly what they should do. Today, from every corner of the internet, customers are getting instructions and directions. So, they have become habituated to it.

However, if you think that just telling your visitors what to do is enough, you are wrong. So, if you want your effort not to go in vain, spice things up with a little animation. By integrating animation in the call-to-action, you can easily grab your site visitor’s attention, especially for millennials. Be it any simple effect or any micro-mini interaction (Facebook’s Like button) – a little touch of animation in the call-to-action buttons will be effective.

7. Use Artificial Intelligence

B2B Website Design Tricks - Point 7AI is no more a fantasy. With AI being implemented in your website design, you can unlock the world of new possibilities in your B2B business. While browsing for different products and services, customers these days look for inclusive experiences. And thanks to the AI-enabled chatbots that create exactly that kind of user interaction.

Be it late at night or early in the morning, visitors will always get a response to their queries in real-time. Thus, integrating AI chatbots in your website design will ensure you can keep in touch with your visitors and customers even outside the usual business hours. No wonder a successful implementation of it ensures stronger customer relationships.

Also, the AI is a trending thing now. So, incorporating it will modernize your website design. Well, other than the tricks mentioned above, you can –

  • Implement parallax scrolling.
  • Improve the page loading speed.
  • Use high-quality images throughout the website.
  • Optimize the ‘contact page’.
  • Use social media integration, etc.
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Wrapping Up


Today, we are living in the digital era. And businesses are nothing without offering an engaging digital experience. So, most business owners are concerned about –

  • “Is my website design engaging enough?”
  • “Can my website be attractive enough to convince the new visitors?”
  • “Does my website look trustworthy enough?”, etc.

Having an impressive yet smoothly functional website design is the answer to all these concerns. To be the “chosen one” among the crowd, you have to make sure your website is following the ongoing market trends and maintains the market standard. This is where you will need to follow all the above-mentioned tricks. No matter which design elements you choose to modernize your B2B website, make sure all your choices are –

  • Representing your brand successfully,
  • Successfully grabbing the attention of the users’ to the call-to-action buttons and,
  • Offering suffering information so that visitors can effortlessly make informed choices.

And lastly, keep things simple. You will find plenty of website design companies out there offering the best of web design services that will make your digital presence engaging and modern. Get in touch with the experts, state your requirements, and enjoy the best outcomes. All the best!

This article is written by Pratip Biswas. Pratip is the Founder and CEO of Unified Infotech, a New York-based web design company that has been featured in Deloitte Fast 500 Fastest growing tech companies in 2018. He writes regularly about technology, AI, blockchain, design, and user experience. Follow him: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook.

Disclosure: Some of our articles may contain affiliate links; this means each time you make a purchase, we get a small commission. However, the input we produce is reliable; we always handpick and review all information before publishing it on our website. We can ensure you will always get genuine as well as valuable knowledge and resources.
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