Avoid your Web Business Fall Through by Considering these 10 Mistakes

It is essential to dig out the answer of the question that why most of the web projects fail in the era where almost 70 percent of web startups fail due to one or more reasons. The following mistakes made by the entrepreneurs generally lead to a business fall through:

1. Unable to Make Out What Is the Vision of the Website and Its Purpose

Unable to Make Out What Is the Vision of the Website and Its Purpose

About 20-30 percent of the clients does not actually come up with a clear vision of the web project they want to start with. No homework is done in terms of what is out there already? It is highly essential to understand the much-talked term, “demand and supply”. Understanding the already existing competition is equally important before you kick off your project because it will actually give you an idea that why customers visit them and how you can draw their attention. Some clients even do not have the structure in their mind.

To taste success with your web project, you must study the competition and if there is no competition ask yourself why is it so? Envisage your site from the functionality and visual standpoint (create the site map). Before going for the extra functionality like blogs, forums etc., ponder upon the efforts that you will have to put to support the activity.

2. Lack of a Business Model

Lack of a Business Model

One of the most popular ways to get failed with your business is to build a project and then start thinking how to make money from it. However, before planning a project, your focus should be on a business model. It does not mean that no changes can be made once it is built, but before you start you must have a plan, which can be changed later. First of all, analyze that how will you make money out of this project? It can be more than one income stream, instead of a single one.  Once the project is built and start working everything gets changed including the business model, but if there is no initial plan, it becomes extremely hard to achieve the goal that does not exist.

3. I Have the Best Site

I Have the Best Site

Who does not think like this? Approx 40 per cent of customers is making this mistake as they want a site perfect from all ends right from the beginning.  However, issues related to website logo, shades, images etc. occur as deeper you go. Whereas, most of the successful clients choose the ‘perfect’ logo from the first batch of 10 they get.

4. A Site like Nowhere Seen

A Site like Nowhere Seen

To a large extent, the aspiration to build a site that is ‘like no other’ causes your web project fail. Overburdened with the thought, people end up building a weird site, which is exactly ‘like no other’ as the visitors do not see a correct equilibration of shades, colors, images and content.  Keep in mind that your site must be easy to navigate, look professional and most importantly, coincide with the business that you want to run.

5. Not Expensive Now, Will Expand It Later

Not Expensive Now, Will Expand It Later

The approach of building a quick and cheap site without putting the required money into it generally leads your business to go in ruin. Instead, you must get yourself organized. Concentrate on the single project and give your 100 per cent.

6. Once a Site Is Built, I am On

Once a Site Is Built, I am On

Entrepreneurs assume that building a website completes the project and it fetches business instantly. Web projects sit idle even for long sometimes no matter how much efforts and money you have put. However, the question is whether your efforts went in a right direction or not? In such case, think about marketing and promotion even before starting it.

7. Outsourcing Content

Outsourcing Content

Seems like there is nothing wrong with this, but it looks wrong when a person comes with a huge experience of his field and asks someone else to write for him. It is considerable that he might not be able to create the electrifying content for the site, but at least, he will be able to convey what exactly he has to when he does it on his own.

8. No Budget Once the Site is Launched

No Budget Once the Site is Launched

Being passionate about building a site and show patience to sustain it are two different things. It is noted that people show a lot of enthusiasm initially, however, lose it after a period of time. The best practice is to avoid it, ensuring that you have enough passion for taking it to next level. Also, you need to get enough sources to promote it and get the best results after a certain point.

9. Bad Personal Taste and Judgment

Bad Personal Taste and Judgment

The personal taste of an owner may lead a web project fall through. The efforts he puts to be extremely creative, helping designers build the best one may cause the efforts go overboard a bit. While if the genuine efforts are directed well, you may get better results.

10. Initial Success is the Guarantee of a Brighter Future

Initial Success is the Guarantee of a Brighter Future

No, consider initial success is a confident booster rather than a guarantee of a successful business, but it’s a great sign for you that your efforts are bringing results instantly for you.


Web Business Mistakes conclusion

Other than these, there can be myriad of reasons for a web business to fail; however, your positive approach, constant efforts, and patience are the keys that can make you taste the success.

This article is written by Arun Goyal who is the owner of Octal Info Solution Limited. His fascination is travelling, reading and driving. He expresses his views on a wide range of topics including mobile apps, gadgets etc. Follow him: Facebook | Twitter | Google Plus | Linkedin.

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