7 Predictions About 2014 (Smartphones, HTML5, and more…)

As 2014 is already here, we are here too, with our predictions and hopes for the year and from the year. Without beating around the bush, lets see what these predictions are.

It Will Be All About SmartPhones

7 Predictions About 2014 - 01Although for North Americans and West Europeans, this might sound a bit strange, as you are already having the best Apple, Samsung, Sony or HTC has to offer, it is not till middle of 2013 when the sales of smartphones started to match the predictions in the regions like Asia, South America or Eastern Europe.

We have said this umpteen number of times, the mobile devices accessing the internet will overtake the desktop count by 2016. People might find it difficult to believe as we still use a website more comfortably using a pc or laptop, due to the typing ease and bigger screen probably, but this is like the same prediction that TVs will overtake radios, which once sounded impossible. Presently mobile web is only 20% of the total web and by the end of this year, we should see it is nearing the 30% mark.

HTML 5 Will Be Mainstream

7 Predictions About 2014 - 02HTML5 is already becoming popular among mobile app developers. This love shall continue and grow. There are a few reasons behind this as follows:

  • Apps are cross-platform and that will lead to cost cutting as “develop once, use anywhere” can be established.
  • Design is responsive, which means it is easy to target any device irrespective of the screen size.
  • HTML5 is growing in fact, now we have even more designs and functionalities such as offline functioning, audio and video input and output, accelerometer, vibration sensors, battery and many others.
  • HTML5 is growing in fact, now we have even more designs and functionalities such as offline functioning, audio and video input and output, accelerometer, vibration sensors, battery and many others.
  • Its is completely free and open source, means no licensing fee to anyone.
If you think I am saying HTML5 will overtake the traditional apps, then you are mistaken. The traditional apps will still rule the market but less dominantly. W3C might also announce a set of guidelines for better HTML5 mobile app development practices and there can also be a few independent stores for these apps.

Java, Silverlight and Flash Will Go Away

7 Predictions About 2014 - 03As developers switch more and more to HTML5, these browser plugins will become irrelevant. I accept these are some of the best and most popular plugins now but HTML5 is just better. The advertisement agency might prolong the process but as they will see how they are missing the mobile users, they will also shift.

IE12 Will Be Released

7 Predictions About 2014 - 04This is a no-brainer. If you look back, the newer version of IE appears on a yearly basis nowadays. So, I will not be surprised if you see IE12 around October this year. However, Microsoft should add a new basic and essential features.

Browser Market Will Be Dominated By Chrome And IE

7 Predictions About 2014 - 05Sounds surprising? Probably yes, if you are a Mozilla fan. However, due to the names behind these two browsers are real big players in their own domains, they will push it harder. However, Firefox will maintain its share of 15% steadily and might increase it if they come up with the Firefox Touch. Safari will be there with its own share of around 10%, due to the sell of iPads. However, if either Chrome or IE loses market, it will be the other’s gain.

Windows RT Will Be Ditched or Re-branded

7 Predictions About 2014 - 06Microsoft recently confused buyers too much with the offers like Windows RT, Windows Metro, Windows Surface and Windows Surface Pro. How can really someone know the differences which were initially as confusing for the technical geeks as well.

Windows RT, for example, is a good operating system for tablets however it is certainly not Windows. The Surface tablets received good reviews but the sales figure is just disappointing. I guess Microsoft will re brand it and also feel that that they will remove the name Windows from it.

Responsive Image Standard Will Still Not Be Ready

7 Predictions About 2014 - 07Responsive technology is being properly adopted and at a fast rate too but I doubt strongly if there will be a responsive image size as well. It means, whether images will adjust its size according to the viewing screen size. Srcset is not really a solution and any other better alternative is still to come.

This solution might not at all if the devices become better and offer almost the same quality of a retina display. Bandwidth limitation is a problem and of course, not all devices have such display.

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