6 Tips on Saving Money on Overseas International Calls

Worrying about staying connected when you are abroad is ancient history. Now, it is quite easy to stay connected using the internet as well as cell phones. Most importantly, one can easily connect through social media using any Wi-Fi enabled gadget in local Wi-Fi networks such as malls, restaurants or hotels.

But still there are some complications. In most of the countries of the world, including the US, have two types of network – CDMA (code division multiple access) & GSM (global system for mobile communications). CDMA may not work in a country where GSM is available and vice versa. When it comes to free calling applications, the voice quality becomes a major concern because of slow internet speed.

So, how to avail high-quality phone calls within a compact budget? One might ponder how to go for the win-win without enduring the brunt of high costs. There are ways of achieving that and, if you are a frequent traveler, you can follow these simple tips to reduce your international call costs.

6 Tips on Saving Money on Overseas International Calls

Get a phone calling card

Relatively, one of the easiest methods of cutting international call costs would be to buy a phone calling card when you reach your destination. It I easy because of the wide availability – most airports tend to have stores selling calling cards, hence, it can also be very convenient. You can use calling cards from motels, restaurants or payphones. It is a good option depending on what your hotel charges for the international calls, toll-free calls, and national calls. Do remember, though, that some calling cards don’t work in all countries.

Get a new SIM for your present phone

Another easy way of cutting call cost is to buy a new SIM from the visiting country. SIM cards all over the world usually come at very affordable prices and can be found available easily. Speaking about outlets, most famous and well-established network companies have a store inside airports and train stations. So, if you are traveling aerials, or making domestic commutes, through trains, when in a foreign land, getting hold of an SIM card can be easy for you.

Avoid using the US registered cell phones abroad

This should, rather, come as a warning than a tip: Don’t receive calls, don’t make calls or don’t even message if you are using a US registered phone abroad. The US registered phones have very high roaming costs, which can only entail hefty amounts of billing. Instead, use that phone to make calls, to your dear ones, with local data plans, connecting to the internet and using apps like Viber – that would save a lot in your pocket. Also, do remember, as a little tip, if your US-registered phone calls another US-registered number traveling abroad, you do not have to spend a penny!

Don’t use Skype to make phone calls

While Skype can be very useful, the advice here would be to avoid calling any other VoIP number from Skype with your phone because there can be charges applicable for terminating the call too. Try to avoid making Skype to Phone calls, even if you have enough credit.


Call between two cell phones roaming overseas

If you are calling between two roaming cell phones then you are looking at a very long list of bills! The phone companies charge higher since you are connecting to the voice network, instead of any local charging package.

Use Skype with another Skype user

But Skype has its’ perks. Do remember to use Skype if you are to call another Skype ID. If you and your dear one you are about to call, both, are in a WiFi zone, then Skype can be a very good alternative to international calls – rather, cut down expenses to almost zero! You can use Skype to call mobile to mobile, mobile to a PC, PC to PC or through any gadget you want. If you have the app installed, you are ready to go!


Technology has made it really easy for us to stay connected even if we are thousands of miles away. But most importantly, technology has made it convenient to stay connected. While buying new SIM cards or calling card packages can be beyond the realms of affordability for some, and can be so if you are a frequent traveler or you are traveling to multiple places at once, but then you have WiFi to save you, and multiple smartphone apps like Skype or Viber to hold you through a WiFi zone and get you connected – technology has really made it easy, comfortable, affordable and convenient. Hope these tips help you to cut your call costs significantly.

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