5 Great Gadgets to Make your Summer Memorable

By the title you have already understand that here I am discussing on 5 cool gadgets that can bring some coolness to you even on these hot summer days. For this list, I have selected 5 products from 3 different categories. 2 of those are fitness gears, i.e. one smartwatch and one smart weighing scale. The other 2 are multimedia gadgets to make your summer more entertaining, i.e. one VR Glasses and one headphone. The remaining one is an action video camera for your sports and outdoor activities.

1. K88H Smartwatch:

Summer Gadgets - K88H-Smartwatch

The K88H smartwatch will help you to maintain your health to keep you fit even on these hot summer days. This is a round shaped pure stainless steel watch comes with a dial size of 1.73 x 1.73 x 0.47 inches and a total wearing length of 9.84 x 1.73 x 0.47 inches. I must say, the looking of this smartwatch is quite elegant and classy to be wear in hand.

It comes with an IPS display screen with 240×240 pixel resolution and with a 2.5D arc touch screen. You will get 64 MB of RAM and Bluetooth 4.0 in it. This watch is compatible with both Android 4.4 and iOS 7.0 and above. It is a watch with a water resistance rating of IP54.

You can use this watch in a various way, like, as a call log sync, for dialing phone numbers, remind up your missed phone calls, message checking, message reminder, to operate your phonebook, to use the phone camera with a remote button, and to control the phone music player by its remote button. It comes with a highly professional heart rate monitor, a pedometer, a sedentary reminder, and also a sleep monitor. If you come to know about its price, you will definitely say that it is very reasonable to have such a gadget at such a reasonable price. It is just around $40.

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2. Xiaomi Mi Smart Weight Scale:

Summer Gadgets - Xiaomi-Mi-Smart-Weight-Scale

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Weight Scale is a must for every family. Those who are a little bit extra careful about their body weight, this one will make wonder for them. So go and make this summer more effective for you by reducing some extra kilos from your belly.

This weight machine is made up of very strong materials known as manganese steel, which makes the weight machine more capable of weight anything starting from 5 kg to maximum 150 kg with a 50g of precision measurement. Its ABS bottom material makes it even stronger from the downside. The front side of this weight scaling machine is made up of white glass and so it will reflect more lights from outside. It has 16 LEDs display system, which will automatically adjust the brightness depending on the outer light so that you can read out the data clearly. This machine is compatible with Android and iOS and comes with Bluetooth 4.0. You can install the Mi Fit App in your smartphone and synchronize this weight scale with that to store your measurements directly into that app to keep track of your weight and even your BMI in the long run. So it is a wonderful gift for any family and health conscious persons. The price kept for this scale is around $16.

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3. H9 4K Action Camera:

Summer Gadgets - EKEN H9 Ultra HD 4K Action Camera

The H9 4K Action Camera really looks great and stylish when carried during any event and action. It’s having lots of color options; although I know that color for any camera doesn’t make much difference, but if getting it as a compliment, then definitely it will make someone richer in the sense of selecting something.

The lens of this sports camera is given a wide angle of 170 degrees. Good start up feature. It comes with an LCD screen of 2 inches with a resolution of 320×240 pixels. You can capture 4K videos at 10fps, 2.7K videos at 15fps and 1080P videos at 60/30fps. It comes with a micro SD card slot that can support up to 64 GB.

It comes with a rechargeable 1050mAh lithium battery that can give you 4K video shooting (at 10fps) up to 40 minutes. It is good to hear that this sports camera is water resistant up to 30 meters. This sports camera can be enjoyed in various ways like doing cycling, biking, surfing, and even while doing scuba. So a great summer companion for fun lovers. I know you must be excited to know about the price of this camera. The price kept for this camera is around $40.

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4. Meizu HD50 Headphones:

Summer Gadgets - Meizu HD50 Headphone

The Meizu HD50 Headphones comes with two color options, one is black and the other one is white. Apart from its color, it is good to know that it is comfortable to wear and carry due to its soft leather material quality. The quality is fixed upon keeping into mind about the customer’s comfort zone. The design of this headphone is really very beautiful and elegant to choose. The sound quality is also improved due to its super free edge diaphragm. This is going to be a good decision to have this in your bag while you are going on a vacation or even in your daily recreation time. Concentrating on its price section, it is very good to see that they have kept a very reasonable price for you all guys. It is just around $50.

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5. VR BOX VR02 Virtual Reality Glasses:

Summer Gadgets - VR BOX VR02 3D VR Box Glasses

The VR BOX VR02 VR Glasses can make your boring summer time much more enjoyable. This comes with 3D Glass and built with ABS and a spherical resin lens material of 42mm, which is very much environment-friendly. Due to its resin lens, you will not get tired even using it for a long time. The spherical lens can be adjusted with the help of the button given on the top. It has greatly designed to feel and assume a display of 1000 inches big screen from a distance of 3 meters from you. It can hold any smartphone from 4.7 inches to 6 inches long. This is a super portable 3D VR glass can be your perfect companion when you are alone at your home. The price kept for this 3D glass is just around $17.

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Summer Gadgets - conclusion

The above 5 products are really great in different respective. So I thought of writing about them for you only because I felt that these types of gadgets can really help to improve our life and make it more enjoyable. Do let me know whether you liked my opinion for these above-mentioned products. If you have liked it then it will definitely boost me to write more in future.

Disclosure: Some of our articles may contain affiliate links; this means each time you make a purchase, we get a small commission. However, the input we produce is reliable; we always handpick and review all information before publishing it on our website. We can ensure you will always get genuine as well as valuable knowledge and resources.
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