5 eCommerce Platforms Tips Every Small Business Needs to Know

The pleasure of running a personal web store isn’t just fun, but when a thoughtful full time investment is put into it, you can possibly earn great incremental returns. Also known as web stores, these eCommerce can easily be combined with other daily jobs and in the end may turn out to be even more successful to replace the daily job.

So far, there are numerous eCommerce platforms that can be used to host a web store or a website. Sometimes they platforms may be so many that it becomes hard to choose the best. This article looks at the 5 best eCommerce platforms available you can rely on for good service of managing your personal website.

Shopify :: eCommerce Platform #1

shopify ecommerce platformShopify is known for its small shops since its aim and objective is to serve a small market. A good example of Shopify is an Eat Boutique Shop. Shopify is among the commonest online shopping cart tools. The success of shopify is because of its amendment and adaptation of APP STORE to magnify the default web store.

It presents a variety of apps as well as a collection of professional themes. In addition, shopify also offers a feature that recovers abandoned cart and it sends a notice to customers who might have not checked out. It’s a feature that is exclusively available on a subscription fee of $79 per month and sometimes more. Shopify comes along with a very rare service of unlimited products and bandwidth.

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BigCommerce :: eCommerce Platform #2

Though its prices are almost same as those in Shopify, BigCommerce’s feature set is a little higher for every single plan. Features such as gift card, real-time shipping quotes as well as 24/7 mail/phone/chart support are offered in a base plan costing $29.95 per month. In order to enjoy the abandoned cart recovery feature, you must advance to a different plan which costs slightly higher.

bigcommerce ecommerce platform
A good example of a BigCommerce eCommerce platform is Cases.com. BigCommerce is one of the most current and common online shopping carts. It is also best known for its small sized online stores. Initially, it used to be a software that had to be installed on the website but later transformed to a hosted shopping cart.

However, the best thing about its pricing plans is that there is no other expensive plan than the Gold which costs $79.95 per month. Gold plan has all the features including storage, unlimited products and bandwidth.

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Yahoo Store :: eCommerce Platform #3

yahoo store ecommerce platformA good example of yahoo store also referred to as yahoo small business eCommerce is POSPaper.com. Yahoo of all the hosted small businesses shopping carts owns the largest share in the market. This is quite remarkable and particularly because it was one of the very first in the market to offer eCommerce platform after purchasing via web. Though its usage is tending to decline, it’s trusted and known for cross selling to its customers.

Yahoo Store do not look expensive or complex, but offers a very exciting feature set. It is comprised of shipping carriers, inventory control systems and back-office systems among others. Yahoo is best in case you wish to link up a little more of in house systems. Yahoo comes with bandwidth, storage as well as unlimited products.

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Volusion :: eCommerce Platform #4

volusion ecommerce platformSo far, it’s the most cheaply online shopping cart offering abandoned cart recovery feature at a plan costing only $15 per month. It is the best plan you can ever wish for if you want take a trial. Volusion has limited 100 products as well as 1GB data usage, but the rest of most essential features are available.

An example of a Volusion eCommerce platform is StickWraps. Volusion comes second after yahoo store in the most commonly used online shopping carts. Volusion is popular in almost all the ranges on internet.

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Wix :: eCommerce Platform #5

wix ecommerce platformThe best examples of Wix eCommerce platform can be checked from the range of Wix eCommerce templates. Wix is a free indispensable website builder which is gaining popularity so fast. What seems new is the fact that Wix also provides eCommerce platform features but only at is premium package plan.

Though it’s not so fancy and impressive, it has enough to get you started and running. Its best known for its brilliant and exceptional visual interface that can be possibly be used to for positioning each and every site element in different colors.

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This article is written by Chirag. He works for GO-Globe Hong Kong, a eCommerce web design company based in Hong Kong where he develops search engine friendly eCommerce sites and helps his clients to take their online businesses to next level.

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