5 Best Professional Digital SLR (DSLR) Cameras

Professional photography is characterized by high quality images, fast burst rates, extreme weather resistance and high storage capacity. While buying a Professional Digital SLR (DSLR), a photographer will therefore have to go for a brand which will serve them appropriately. The cost of the camera is indispensable. The increased growth of media, research and entertainment industries have led to the dire need for large scale production of high quality Professional Digital SLR (DSLR) cameras there these are features to consider before settling for a specified brand.

Image & Video Quality of Professional Digital SLRs:

Professional-Digital-SLR-Image-Video-QualityImage quality produced by a camera is determined by its resolution. The standard units for resolution are megapixels. The higher the megapixels rating the higher the quality of the images. The quality of the videos should also be considered. High definition videos are the most preferable.

Design of Professional Digital SLRs:

Professional-Digital-SLR-DesignAppearance and resistance to weather conditions are major factors to consider. Professional photographers will have to travel to remote places that have adverse weather conditions. They include dust and moisture. The camera should be designed in such a way that it resists these conditions without compromising its beauty and weight. The quality of images taken under adverse weather conditions such as poor lighting and rainy weather should be considered.

Memory and battery life of Professional Digital SLRs:

Professional-Digital-SLR-Battery-LifeProfessionals will need high capacity storage devices. They will also require compatible cameras such as the ability to connect to personal computers. Cameras equipped with WI-FI connectivity, SD storage and long battery life are preferable.

The most famous professional brands are described below:

Nikon D4 :: Professional Digital SLR 1

This is an upgrade of Nikon’s D3S. It is arguably the best professional camera for fast image photography. It has higher resolution, faster burst rate and higher quality videos.



Resolution: This gadget boast an amazing 16.2 MP sensor.

Burst rate: It has a 10 fps rate and a remarkable shutter speed of 1/ 8000 seconds.

Viewfinder: Viewfinder is a 3.2 inch LCD viewfinder the physical appearance is a rugged and sealed covering which makes it weather resistance. It is suitable for all time photography in rugged conditions.

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Nikon D300s :: Professional Digital SLR 2

This camera is highly adapted for travelers who have an interest in wildlife, nature and vegetation photography. This is made possible by its automatic update to time, altitude, longitude and latitude. The rugged appearance is adapted to adverse weather conditions such as moisture and dust.


Resolution: It has a rating of 12.3 MP and an amazing 921,000 dot pixels. It is capable of shooting high definition videos of 720p without compromising the resolution.

Compatibility: It can be connected to an external memory by a compact flash card and SD slot as well as SDHC card.

Burst rate: It has one of the highest ratings of 24 fps. The physical appearance is a rugged water and dust proof capability.

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Canon EOS 5D Mark III :: Professional Digital SLR 3

The EOS 5D Mark III is a popular brand in this category of EOS range of professional DSLR cameras from Canon. The design is meant for professional ample use for lengthy photography. The firm grip offers easy adaptability to adverse conditions such as fast photography and rough terrain rush.



Resolution: It boasts a competitive 22.3 MP sensor and 3.2 inch LCD display and the unbeatable 1,040,000 dot resolution.

Compatibility: It has SDHC, SD and SDXC memory card support. It can also support compact flash card type 1 devices.

Other features: Other outstanding features include face detection, Picture Bridge and self-timer functions. The lithium,-ion rechargeable battery will last long. This gadget is highly customizable to give you the best photography service.

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Sony Alpha A99 :: Professional Digital SLR 4

This is one of the most popular professional caliber cameras from Sony. It is an advanced version of mid range Sony series cameras. It retains its durability and quality of the battery and also incorporates many advanced image quality and storage capacity.


Resolution: 24.3 megapixels sensor beats most in this category. The 3.5cm full-frame CMOS sensor adds to the greatness of this gadget. Pentaprism viewfinder enables the realistic view of the image being captured.

Compatibility: It has connectivity capabilities to most external storage such as SD, and SDHC.

Other features: A magnification of 0.71x is outstanding in this category. The range starts at 100 and it is expandable to 6400. This camera has the ability to record high definition videos rated at 1080p.

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Canon EOS-1D X :: Professional Digital SLR 5

This camera is perfect for lengthy travelers thanks to its light weight. The elegant design and quality capabilities are outstanding.



Its resolution is high as well as HD video recording which goes as high a 1080p. The ISO range is high and 24 x 36 mm image sensor is outstanding.

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